Andrew Rice
Name: Andrew Rice
Rank: Airman 1st Class (2)
Class: Combat-Survival
Level: 2
Credits 4
Age 25
Gender Male
Energy 1
Durability 1
Maneuverability 1
Hacking -1
Computer 1
PSI Unit -1
Robotics -1
Engine 0
Stat points 0
Charisma 0
Intuition 1
Handiwork -2
Conventional 2
Unconventional 1
Exotic -2
General Knowledge -1
Auxiliary -1
Skill points 0
GK use left

Player: cuisinart8

Personal Information


Andrew was born into a rich Core World family that owned a small luxury cruiser line. It was always his dream to captain one of the giant vessels owned by his family. However, when his father allowed him to take one for a spin- with passengers- the reactor went critical from lack of maintenance…a situation made worse by Andrew's bumbling attempts to contain the catastrophe. By the end of the day, the liner was a clump of irradiated slag, 500 passengers were dead, and Andrew was on his way to the Outer Rim to escape his family's anger. Unfortunately for him, the Tartarus caught up with him one day…


Easy-going and friendly, once you get to know him. He is very quiet otherwise. He seems to genuinely feel bad for his actions and wants to atone.

Mission 2 did little to endear REKT to him, given that he lost his leg practically the second he left his ship, but it has shown him that most of his comrades aren't the bloodthirsty, backstabbing cowards everyone in the Core made people like them out to be.

Reason your character got REKT

Feels something of a kinship with Fallen, since they were the only two survivors of their squad.
Likes Kai'isha quite a lot thanks to her saving his life- her personality helps in this.



Bought Ship Equipment

Infantry Gear

Additional Knowledge


Mission History

  • Mission 2 — Squad 5
    • 3 HAMMER assists
    • 1 infantry soldier assist
    • damaged science vessel engines
    • 4 HAMMER kills + unknown number of infantry & AP turrets (nuked)
    • 1 HAMMER kill
    • missing a leg
    • touched the orb, has AlienVision

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