Badih 'Badeye' Lahoud
Name: Badih 'Badeye' Lahoud
Rank: ?
Class: ?
Level: ?
Credits 5
Age 22
Gender Male
Energy 2
Durability 0
Maneuverability 0
Hacking -2
Computer 0
PSI Unit 0
Robotics -1
Engine 0
Stat points ?
Charisma -2
Intuition 0
Handiwork -2
Conventional 2
Unconventional 0
Exotic -2
General Knowledge 1
Auxiliary 0
Skill points ?
GK use left
"This is a quote for your character." —Badih 'Badeye' Lahoud

Player: Black—Snow

Personal Information


Lived on the original planet Earth, was cryogenically frozen when he was captured from a terrorist organisation by the 'American' forces. He claims that he did not know they were terrorists and was just there because "My cousin Moey told me to come and hang with his boys bro".

Prior to this he lived in Sydney, Australia and worked as a tradie for many different people. Eventually, he gave up on having a proper job and sat at a strip club all day everyday, drank booze, smoked and called it his 'job'.

He recently escaped through the power of Allah and got REKT.

Just over 6 foot with black hair and a large scruffy beard. Averagely built with tattoos on his arms. Wears a gucci hat and a bumbag that he cannot be separated from (Many have tried, you literally can't get it off for some reason).
Speaks in a deep, stereotypical Lebo accent.


Self-centered, better(holier) than thou with the attitude of a rowdy teenager (Just the bad attitude, doesn't whine or anything like that). Sounds and looks like an adult but has the grammatical prowess of a ten year old. (Eg. "bro, I did it good" "I brang the arghileh cuz")

Excessive use of "Bro" and "Cuz".
Has a tendency to yell "Allah guide my bullets!" whenever he fires projectile based weapons.

Reason your character got REKT

Left a bag lying around in a shopping center and when confronted pretended he had a bomb. When the police captured him, he attempted to get out of it by saying the constable was his cousin and he'd "get all of yous arrested".



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