Brecalus †
r1HqnLc.png "So he's really dead? Damn… Let's get these bastards, for the Lieutenant!"
This character is listed as dead.
It's possible they'll come back, if someone retrieved their brain. If not, there really is no hope.
Name: Brecalus †
Rank: Lieutenant (6)
Class: Combat
Level: ?
Credits 0
Age 28
Gender Male
Energy 3
Durability 0
Maneuverability 0
Hacking 1
Computer -2
PSI Unit -2
Robotics -2
Engine 2
Stat points 0
Charisma 1
Intuition 1
Handiwork -1
Conventional 3
Unconventional -1
Exotic -1
General Knowledge -1
Auxiliary -1
Skill points 0
GK use left
"Nice to see we have some new meat willing to take action." —Brecalus

Player: NPC

Personal Information

Brecalus is described as sporting a steep white-blond haircut.


Brecalus seems amiable and polite, though he is tactless at times and can seem unnecessarily patronizing or narcissistic. He's a good leader, but likes to let his crew do mostly whatever they want, within reason. He also abhors losing anyone under his command - especially if there was something that could be done to stop it.

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Bought Ship Equipment

Infantry Gear


Additional Knowledge


Mission History

  • He has gone on three previous missions, including Taghdara.
  • Mission 2 — Squad 5 (leader):
    • Platoon leader
    • Killed by a Hammer

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