Name: Brom Keegan
Rank: Airman 1st Class (1210)
Class: Combat-Survival
Level: 2
Credits 3150
Age 23 (30 years in cryo)
Gender Male
Energy 2
Durability 1
Maneuverability 1
Hacking -2
Computer 0
PSI Unit 0
Robotics -1
Engine 0
Stat points 101
Charisma 1
Intuition 0
Handiwork 0
Conventional 2
Unconventional 0
Exotic -2
General Knowledge -1
Auxiliary 0
Skill points 601
GK use left Yes
"May you walk always on the path of Brom!" —Brom Keegan

Player: Hema

Personal Information

Brom was born in a town on the heavily forested world of Crius IV.
He has red hair, a pale complexion, is taller than average and has a muscular build.
His father, Conroy, was a weapon merchant, whilst his mother, Shannah, was a gunsmith.
Thanks to his parent's professions, Brom was around guns from a very early age, and they did their best to educate him in their use as he grew.
Though it could be a bit hectic for them at times, the Keegan family was able to live peacefully for the most part and were well-off thanks to the high number of vicious predators that inhabited the planet. Things would not always remain this way, however…

Around the time when Brom was twelve, a rather unpleasant individual showed up at his father's store requesting to buy gauss rifle. Conroy quickly learned that this man was a known criminal by the name of Jaryn Foley, and refused to deal with him. Conroy's refusal angered Jaryn, who began swearing at Conroy and threatening to harm his family. This wasn't the first time that Conroy had dealt with behavior like this, and he thought it was no different than any other time.
He calmly sent Brom out of the room and requested that Mr. Foley leave his shop, and did his best to explain that he wasn't allowed to sell weapons to criminals.
Being told to leave infuriated Jaryn further, who without allowing Conroy to finish, stormed out of the building with a few parting insults. Mr. Keegan thought that was the end of it, and went back to his work.

Unfortunately, it wouldn't be long before things went south.
About two weeks after the incident, Shannah went missing, much to Conroy's dismay.
Fearing the worst, he quickly organized a search party and went looking for her.
Her body was found in a shipping container on the outside of town a couple days later, along with a note from the killer that read "You were warned."
The search was over, though that would not be the end of it.

Conroy, though devastated by his wife's death, could think of nothing but revenge, and so he hired a private investigator to learn of Jaryn's whereabouts.
Within a short time it was revealed that Jaryn had entered a forest nearby, upon learning this, Conroy started packing.
The day after Shannah's funeral, he was ready. He entrusted his business to a close friend, and started off after Foley, taking Brom with him.
Unfortunately for the father/son duo, Jaryn knew he would be followed. He had counted on it, and planned accordingly. He knew the forest and its dangers well, and was no stranger to running.
They would pursue Jaryn Foley for six years before they finally caught him, and though his death would be relieving for the Keegan family, it would split up its two remaining members.

Conroy was satisfied with having avenged his wife, and returned to town to settle back down.
Brom on the other hand found the hunt to be enjoyable, and against his father's wishes, left to pursue a career as a hit man.

Knowing that there would be little need for a hit man on Crius IV, Brom sought out a way to go off-world. After a day or so of searching, Brom came across the Progeny, a trading vessel in a nearby port that was in need of a gunner. He quickly joined their crew, and traveled with them for a couple years, manning the guns when needed and doing odd jobs in his free time.
He eventually left the Progeny when he came to a middle world called Svartalfheim. The world was covered in when cities and slums, and there were many competing business, which Brom saw as perfect for career he wanted.

He based himself in a city called Ermhelm, and tried to find work in the city's underground, only to find that its locals did not trust outsiders. Brom was determined however, and was eventually approached by a local business owner who was hoping to rid himself of some of his competition. Brom accepted, and soon completed the job, earning himself a bit of trust in the process.
He continued to do small jobs for the next year or so, and though he was fine with the small stuff, he was always looking forward to doing a larger, more difficult job. He got his chance when the vice-president of JotunTech -A large electronics manufacturer- came to him asking that he eliminate Honir Jorgenson, the company's CEO, so that he could take his place. After going over the details, and a bit of haggling, Brom agreed to do the job.

Brom's plan was to attack Jorgenson in his home, assumedly because his work place was too heavily populated. After a few days of studying, he felt that he knew enough about his target and his house to act. He made his move at night, expecting Honir to be asleep. Luck was not on his side, however, as not only was Honir awake, but he had been expecting an attack, and had a number of guards with him.
Brom was shot in the leg, which prevented him from escaping, allowing him to be captured.
Things may have turned out differently for Brom had he not been afraid of heights, as there would have been a few opportunities to shoot Honir through a window from a nearby rooftop.
After being put through the local court process, he was sentenced to life imprisonment for his various murders, and handed over to Tartarus.


On the outside, Brom is somewhat hammy. He is friendly, cheerful, and often tries to make others laugh.
When focused on work or alone however, that kind attitude melts away revealing a cold, bitter individual.
During this state, he can be easily irritated by those that aren't careful.
He dislikes discussing himself and his past, as that tends to bring up bad memories.
Brom avoids showing his true feelings when possible, believing that it makes him appear weak.

Brom regrets having become a hit man, as by making that choice, he has turned into thing he originally despised and hunted.
He continues now only to survive, with thee hope that he can one day return to his home on Crius IV, though he knows there is little chance of that.

Reason your character got REKT

He became an assassin and killed an undetermined number of people, and was eventually caught and sent to the Tartarus after sentencing.
Brom spent 30 years in cryo.



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