Buck Roberts
Name: Buck Roberts
Rank: Airman 1st Class (1060)
Class: Support-Survival
Level: 2
Credits 1149
Age 31
Gender Male
Energy 0
Durability 1
Maneuverability -2
Hacking 1
Computer 2
PSI Unit 1
Robotics -2
Engine -2
Stat points 84
Charisma 1
Intuition 1
Handiwork 0
Conventional -2
Unconventional 2
Exotic -1
General Knowledge 0
Auxiliary 0
Skill points 84
GK use left No

Player: Hapchazzard

Personal Information

Grew up on the arid world of Arskosha IV as the youngest of 6 siblings.

Though nominally controlled by a democratic government, the planet's 'president' was merely the leader of a loose confederation of regional warlords and corporations whose allegiances would constantly shift and whose loyalty to the central government was always dubious at best. Perpetual low-level warfare and lack of effective law enforcement across the surface of the world meant that martial prowess was valued highly.

Like many others, Buck was pushed from an early age to pursue a military career in one of the regional state's forces, but despite genuinely trying his best, he lacked the discipline, endurance, respect for authority and interest in conventional warfare to successfully join. As he came from a long line of successful army-people, this was met with much disappointment by his family. As his siblings earnestly began advancing in the military hierarchy, Buck became the underachieving black sheep among his kin. Due to this and several other reasons, he was soon practically disowned and left to fend for himself. When he was 17, joined one of the many local gangs in order to both secure a livelihood and to be a part of a group that accepted him.

Though he started out as a minor street enforcer, he soon became one of the group's technicians and hackers, as his education on cyberwarfare was one of the few things that still stuck with him from his failed stint at the army. Though certainly crude by inner-world standards, his then-scant knowledge of computers was more than sufficient to break through most parts of Arskosha's incredibly outdated and poorly secured network of regional computing clusters that had seen little maintanance or upgrade since the days of the Great Cleansing. As he successfully breached system upon system, his skill kept increasing and he eventually graduated to being able to outsmart even the modern, high-tech military and corporate hardware that the planet's elite used. He became quite renown in the organization, and was present in several high-profile operations.

Thus he found a stable position to hold in life, and for a time, it would seem that this wouldn't change in the near future. After all, he held no lofty amibitions of rising to the top of the pile, so he had little to fear from his superiors, and the authorities normally couldn't care less about him, his gang, or their criminal activities, as that was but the norm on the chaotic planet. By the time he was 26, however, his gang had done something that would prove to be their undoing. It is known to few people what this was - some say they simply pushed too many buttons of someone very powerful, yet others claim that it was a crime so great that not even the normally apathetic authorities of the planet could ignore. Almost overnight, various regional powers came together in unusual unity and brutally cracked down on the group. Buck managed to flee to another part of the planet, but he found that there was little refuge for him there either. Every major faction on the planet was now aware of who the notable members of the gang were and pursued them relentlessly. Seeing no other options, he covertly left the planet and headed for the outer worlds. For the next 5 years, he worked for various criminal factions throughout the outer planets, until he received an offer from his homeworld. Allegedly, one of his brothers had risen to one of the top political-military roles of one of the planet's most influential warlord-states. In a letter, his brother claimed that Buck had disgraced the family name due to his actions and association with the now long-destroyed criminal organization, and that he was seeking to remedy this - Buck would get a chance to clear the dirt from his(and his family's) name and, though pardon was a debatable proposition, it was in the cards as well. If he wished to follow this path, he would have to join the REKT program.

Appearance: Shorter than most, and a tad bit chubby. Has an obvious southern accent.


Usually quite friendly, cheerful and outgoing. Will go a long way to try and impress others, and doesn't shy from lying or taking credit for other's work if it boosts his 'rep'. Can be quite stubborn at times, and almost never admits to him or his views being wrong. Enjoys working with computers. Dislikes guns, and anyone overly zealous about liking guns. More often slightly drunk than sober, claiming that alcohol boosts his concentration. Has an ingrained xenophobia and finds it almost natural to dislike and distrust aliens. Independent and only bows to authority figures if they are either worthy of respect or it is absolutely necessary.

Reason your character got REKT

Willingly joined



Bought Ship Equipment

Infantry Gear

Additional Knowledge

  • Knows the basics about Hiltorel infantry equipment, gun emplacements and fighters

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