Elena White
Name: Elena White
Rank: Airman (0)
Class: PSI-Survival
Level: 2
Credits 500
Age 25
Gender Female
Energy 0
Durability -2
Maneuverability 2
Hacking -2
Computer 0
PSI Unit 2
Robotics -2
Engine 0
Stat points 0
Charisma -1
Intuition 2
Handiwork -2
Conventional -2
Unconventional 0
Exotic 1
General Knowledge -1
Auxiliary 1
Skill points 500
GK use left No
"This is a quote for your character." —Elena White

Player: F4wk35

Personal Information

[[Elena White was born, originally as Christine Carter, to a happy, upper-middle class family of businesspeople on the modern, well-populated world of Tuon IV, city of Charbes, with the addition of a little brother, Marcus, when she was 2 years old.
She was a smart kid, polite and happy. People said she'd have a great future ahead.

Not long after her 6. birthday Christine and her parents visited a less busy subsidiary of the local bank chain when their lives took a sharp turn.
Two low-key criminals entered the bank, demanding credits and accessories. To aid in their escape, they also took the girl, too young to really comprehend what happened and why, hostage.
Because of a big, coordinated heist in the center that bound most of the local authorities and created chaos on the streets, help couldn't arrive in time. Still, Christine was dragged along to their ship and brought a few low-warp jumps away to Daseb X, a backwater planet with slightly higher-than-normal gravity where they had a rundown shack.

The kidnappers didn’t actually plan that far ahead and couldn’t decide what to do with their hostage at this point. After a drunken argument, they kicked her into an unused room and locked it up. Then they abandoned her and left to get further away to safety.
In the dark, with very little food and water, Christine slowly snapped.

After nearly three days she was freed by a band of street rats roaming the area, looking for useful things. She then fled into the streets.

Over the next two years Christine repeatedly spiraled down into a despairing mindset followed by short lived times of panicked confusion. Between these two states, she slowly developed a personality split off of her, a mask that didn’t have the painful memories and emotions that still drove her to the brink. Over the time, this mask developed further until it didn’t have conscious access to the memories of home, family and other things anymore as well as a sharply stunted emotional range. The mask then took on the name of Elena White.]]

After 14 months of investigative action, Christine Carter was officially declared dead.

Caught at the age of 17, Elena was committed to a mental correctional facility after she was caught on the streets as part of an effort to re-socialize and rehabilitate her for integration into society. After numerous escape attempts by Elena, she was put into an isolation cell to cool down where she suffered a psychotic break, leading to deaths and injuries amongst staff and civilians. Her caretakers came to the conclusion that their efforts hadn’t gotten them any progress and coupled with her violent outburst she was stamped off as a hopeless case and handed off to Tartarus.

DISCLAIMER: The things in [[brackets]] are information that is not known to Tartarus, the characters or…pretty much most people, simply because Elena can't actually give that information. It is there for completeness and can be seen as metagaming if used without getting that information in-game beforehand.

Elena has a body height of about 4’5” (~135cm) and looks notably malnourished. The long, brown hair shows a clear lack of care and the green eyes lack luster. Her upper arms are notably scarred and she wears a permanent smile that is usually described as creepy.


Elena is easily distracted, usually unfocused and seemingly confused at times because she’ll try hard to find happy interpretations of situations. Elena is constantly happy but unable to work out relationships and lacking a moral compass.

[[Elena is a personality specifically to be happy and to keep away from certain memories. While Elena is present most of the time, Christine still 'listens in'. If confronted with certain triggers, Elena will (more or less, depending on emotional severity) slowly recede until Christine emerges in a state of panic, trying to get away from where she is and getting home. She is extremely umtrusting and will see people in the way as trying to obstruct her path. She will try to evade people, yes. But she will see them as obstructions very fast.
Elena's job, and subconscious goal, is to keep that from happening. If confronted with a trigger, she will try to get away from it. Either by running, distraction or what amounts to mental censoring. Being cornered, she'll slowly changes away from happy to a state of growing nervousness and distress, violent behaviour can also appear. Depending on severity and subtlety of the trigger, Elena will go dormant completely for a time.]]

Reason your character got REKT

Found to be a hopeless case for rehabilitation after numerous years of psychological treatment coupled with a rampage that claimed lives and injured a number of people, Elena was handed off to Tartarus.flailing the "Jewelry" around and demanding to talk to the one who planned all this.



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