Felicity "Felix" Walker
Name: Felicity Walker
Rank: Airman (0)
Class: Combat-Survival
Level: 1
Credits 1000
Age 19
Gender Female
Energy 1
Durability -1
Maneuverability 1
Hacking 0
Computer 0
PSI Unit -1
Robotics -1
Engine 0
Stat points 0
Charisma 1
Intuition 0
Handiwork -2
Conventional 1
Unconventional 1
Exotic -2
General Knowledge 0
Auxiliary -2
Skill points 0
GK use left
"" —Felicity Walker

Player: Vivacia

Personal Information


Twelve cold years ago, the little girl tiptoed around her house, wrapped in a blanket awoken by a nightmare. The air was still but peaceful; everything except her dream seemed to be in place. She proceeded to her parent's room, pushing the creaking door a little, just to take a peek. And there he stood, tall and strong, his bare muscles illuminated by the pale moonlight. He held an old dagger, creeping up behind her mother. With a dozen stabs he rendered her lifeless, feeling her crimson blood on the blade's edge. The girl dropped her blanket, just staring at her father. His dark eyes stared back at her. He reached out to his daughter but she just stepped back, not shifting her gaze from him. She kept backing away, unaware of the flight of stairs behind her. A little slip and she fell hard on her head. A scar through her right eyebrow split her beautiful skin. Her memory vanished as quickly as her father.

She was sent to an orphanage, her memory wiped out a second time so that she would not remember the slightest fragments of her dark past. Growing up over there for the next three years, rumours spread about the incident. Her temper was uncontrollable and curiosity out of hand. She broke out to see the world and discover her true identity.

Felicity adopted the name "Felix" to keep her identity as a girl a secret so that she could get along with any bounty hunters along the way, whom she could help and in return seek vengeance for her mother's death.

Shoulder-length (could say medium height) black hair with red and pink highlights. Golden brown skin with many cuts and bruises, most notably the scar through her right eyebrow; alright looking, not anything spectacular. Short-ish at 5'6". Has a bit of muscle due to the fact that she has been running around, falling in trouble, trying to figure out her past.


Aggressive but has a soft side for the people she likes. Usually has enough patience to be tolerant towards you but if you make her angry, she'll turn into a demon. Tends to be diplomatic and persuasive to get her way if necessary. Will go out of the way to get what she wants. Usually tries to keep her identity a secret because many want to get rid of her. She is also very fickle. What empowers her is her desire to know more and to be loved.

Reason your character got REKT

A bounty hunter, annoyed by the competition with her and her boss decides to capture her and send her away. Enough money to do the job.



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