James Goodman
Name: James Goodman
Rank: Imperial Grand General, First Class
Class: Everything when you least expect it
Level: 100 at least
Credits None, he donated them to charity
Age 85
Gender Male
Energy -2
Durability 2
Maneuverability 0
Hacking -2
Computer -2
PSI Unit 2
Robotics -2
Engine -2
Stat points
Charisma 2
Intuition 0
Handiwork -2
Conventional -2
Unconventional -2
Exotic -2
General Knowledge 2
Auxiliary -2
Skill points
GK use left
"Have no fear: I've got your back." —James Goodman

Player: Talvieno

Personal Information


James Goodman grew up in a loving family on a forest-covered planet, until the age of 14, when his family was ripped away from him by a giant attacking monster. He slew it with his incredible strength, but could not manage to kill it until it had already taken away everything he loved. For the next thirty years, he angsted in the desert, eating little and drinking even less, relying on his pocket computer to sense the way to the next oasis and lead him there.

Eventually he came upon an unhappy man who had crashed his ship by accident (not on purpose) and James Goodman, always the hero, fixed the man's ship, and the two flew away together. Unfortunately, the man died from Syphilis, which he had contracted on the planet's surface. James Goodman grieved for his death, agonizing over how everyone that came his way must inevitably die.

James Goodman sold himself into the service of the God Empress of the Universe, who instantly recognized his incredible talent at diverse styles of weaponry. For the next twenty years, he alternately grieved the death of that one guy that died from syphilis, and fought at the God Empress's side. Eventually he won her heart, and the two were married, but it was not to be. An angry beast - a horrible creature known only as The Gee'em - destroyed the God Empress in a mighty battle simply because its foul mind believed that the Empress did not belong in the universe. Although James Goodman did everything in his power to save his wife, and the battle went on for days without end, James Goodman was forced to flee, easily outdistancing the Gee'em in his self-built Intergalactic Superspeeder.

Broken, James Goodman took shelter in a monastery in Andromeda, utilizing the Jump Gate Travel he had invented to get there and back in only a matter of days. Eventually, in his old age, he overcame his grief and decided that others must learn from his experiences. Putting his woe and agony aside for just a moment, he ventured to Tartarus and had himself taken in, so he might enrich the lives of those that lived there.


James Goodman is selfless, righteous, and believes in the greater good. He also believes that the glorious empire of mankind and the lesser species of the galaxy were created as equals. He's always happy, but frequently angsts about his past to anyone that will listen - and everyone wants to listen. Anyone that doesn't listen is at a severe disadvantage and will probably die.

Reason your character got REKT

He made them take him by convincing them that it would be worth it. Tartarus would never capture James Goodman on their own, unless he wanted them to. He's just too fast and intuitive, and he could hack their ship anyway and make it turn around and fly back home.



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