Name: Kalla
Rank: Lieutenant (6)
Class: Non-support
Level: ?
Credits 0
Age 29
Gender Female
Energy 2
Durability -1
Maneuverability 1
Hacking -1
Computer -1
PSI Unit 2
Robotics -2
Engine 1
Stat points 10
Charisma 0
Intuition 2
Handiwork -1
Conventional 2
Unconventional -2
Exotic 1
General Knowledge -2
Auxiliary 2
Skill points 5
GK use left
"These people are my family!" —Kalla

Player: NPC

Personal Information


Kalla is described as a "skinny, bedraggled woman". She is noted to have thin, corkscrew chestnut hair that she keeps tied behind her in a loose bun.

Kalla, born Kalllamine Gherzi, grew up on Elbacrow 8, commonly known as "Highwood" for its native forests. The highwoods - the tall mountaintop forests that gave the planet its nickname - happened to be where Kalla grew up. Life was never easy for her. Even as a child, she learned to make herself useful, hunting small native game such as caem'inds and korvie to support herself and her family… even after hunting the caem'inds was banned by the local government. This would count as a felony and would normally have placed her in prison, but she continued anyway. It was a source of free food - the only costs she had to pay were to buy more bullets for her Elkwitz-style rifle. Kalla grew accustomed to the land. She loved its gorgeous sunsets, the breathtaking vistas, and the great plateaus where the high-altitude forests thrived. She loved relaxing under the towering trees with a book in hand, listening to the rare sound of birds. Highwood was a peaceful place, even if flora and fauna were sparse. She grew to cherish that peace.

Highwood's government, the Elbacrow Sentinels (or simply "the Sentinels"), had long been corrupt, and it soon came to light that the caem'ind were not actually endangered. The aristocratic leaders of the despotic monarchy simply wanted them to be set aside for their own hunting pleasure. When this story leaked out, the authorities quickly set about removing the small plateau-top villages such as Kalla's completely, forcing her and her down into the cancerous slum-ridden valleys. Kalla's father died of "air sickness" the following year; none of her family members could afford the expensive treatments. This hardened Kalla's heart, and she vowed that she would retake her home someday.

Young Kalla soon joined an underground group that was supposed to be comprised of rebels, hoping to make a difference, but the rebels she found were revealed to be useless teenagers that just wanted to seem edgy and different, and weren't interested in activism at all. She left them and created her own group, the Highwood Homelanders, aimed at exposing the corruption in the government at any cost. During these adventures, she met a man she would cherish for the rest of her life - Albryn Karadorn. The two soon married, and Kalla was soon thereafter found to be with child. Nine months later she gave birth to a healthy baby girl: Aedeline. Kalla stepped back as leader of the Homelanders, allowing others to take her stead. She was a mother now, and she wanted to focus on that first and foremost.

It took several years for the government to take any notice of the Homelanders - or anyone else. It wasn't until Kalla's group began distributing newspapers detailing some of the horrific aspects of the government, such as the "right-to-rape" laws that were put in place for the ruling class, that people began to pay attention. Kalla kept working to expose corruption, looking to gather more to her cause. She was bold and fearless. During this time she helped initiate several gunfights against local law enforcement, all of which were won. She spoke out loudly at conventions and tried to rally the populace to work together, and the populace listened. One night in 3149, a great army of citizens marched against the capital, Woodstock, up on the highwood plateaus… with a disastrous outcome. Armed forces quickly gunned down many of them, and the remainder fled for their lives. The government finally took note of the Homelanders and set up laws saying anyone that associated with them would be arrested and put to death.

One night only two months after, a police force raided her home without warning, forcefully capturing her and her small family. She had recently given birth to twins - a boy and a girl - the governement took them as well, and her husband, and brought her to Woodstock. She was home again… but had no cause to celebrate.

For the next few months, the government tortured Kalla and Albryn, demanding they give up the names and locations of the rest of the Homelanders, but neither gave any ground. Albryn lied to protect his wife, stating that he was in a higher position than she - and as a result, they focused on him instead. For over a year, the young couple lay in a dark, grimy cell in the depths of the building, brought out only for interrogations and torture. These grew increasingly brutal as time went on. The interrogators murdered and cut Kalla's twins to pieces in front of them, and then tortured and murdered Aedeline. Her husband grew very ill from an infection in his leg, which soon led to necrosis. Kalla held Albryn in her arms, all alone in a dark, grimy cell, as he died. She cried inconsolably.

Several months later the interrogator brought news that another one of their captives had given out the names of the Homelander leaders, and that a raid had utterly wiped them out. Rather than be free to go, they were sending her to Tartarus. She would never see her beloved highwoods again… or any of her family.


Kalla is calm and cool in some situations and very strong-willed, though prone to emotional outbursts at times. Sometimes she wakes up in the middle of the night, crying or screaming until she realizes where she is. She's a very broken woman, but she'll still do anything it takes to protect those around her. Brecalus, another inmate, recognized this latter quality in her and kept her as his second-in-command while trying to gradually ease her pain. The two of them became very close.

Kalla isn't much of one to joke around. She can be melancholy at times, but is always very serious about whatever matter happens to be at hand, whether it be survival on a mission, or what meal she'll eat next. She's never been very good at hiding her emotions behind a veil, and tends to speak her mind. She is loyal to a fault.

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Started a rebellion against a local government.



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