Name: Karenisti Colony Ship
Rank: Airman (0) (for the avatar)
Class: Support
Level: 1
Credits 5
Age 1,500,602,017
Gender Astronine
Energy 0
Durability 0
Maneuverability 0
Hacking 2
Computer 1
PSI Unit -2
Robotics -2
Engine -2
Stat points 0
Charisma -2
Intuition 0
Handiwork 2
Conventional -2
Unconventional -2
Exotic 1
General Knowledge 0
Auxiliary 0
Skill points 0
GK use left
"This is a quote for your character." —Karenisti Colony Ship

Player: Hyperion

Personal Information

A relic of an ancient and powerful race, the colony ship was sent out to take over a distant system. On the way, a rogue star passed close by and completely changed its trajectory. It has been drifting ever since. The Galaxy has rotated over 6 times since then, it's civilization has collapsed, and the homeworld is now over 6489 ly away. Lovely. Does this pile of garbage even have warp drives?

The colony-ship, though only about the size of a hamster, is incredibly advanced and contains hundreds of uploaded minds. It is built and powered by physics that even the galactic domain of mankind cannot come close to understanding. Unfortunately it's so advanced that the most advanced technology on the Tartarus is barely medieval in comparison, so it's pretty much impossible to repair itself or recharge. Luckily, it's pretty much indestructable with such simple technology, maybe a couple strong nukes detonated next to it could do some damage, but what's the phrase "This will hurt you more than it will hurt us". The ship can ooze around like an amoeba, but it's slow and moving like that uses hundreds of thousands of times more energy than it does just staying still, it wasn't designed to move around a ship, it IS a ship. Luckily there are plenty of organics and simple machines to hijack and be made useful.


There are many of us in here, and we each have a different opinion on pretty much everything, some aggressive, others diplomatic, some sadistic, others altruistic. Really the only thing we share is a sense of disdain and contempt for being stuck on such a primitive piece of garbage. Seriously, it doesn't even have synthetic fusion, you only use 200 elements? That you..mine? :problem: God, we miss civilization.

Reason your character got REKT

Your damn Tartarus slammed into us in deep space. After over a billion years adrift in space, we were bound to hit something. But a garbage heap like this? What rotten luck. Even worse, the ships collided at a substantial fraction of the speed of light, causing damage to even a nigh indestructible ship. The power core could have kept us in a perfectly sustainable stasis for the next trillion years, but the collision damaged it, and now we're losing power at an astonishing rate, and the Tartarus might as well be made of sticks and leaves for trying to repair it. We're also wondering how the hell your piece of garbage survived such an impact, you must have found some half decent shielding among the ruins of our empire. This ship needs to return to some remnant of civilization to see if anything remains that can fix it, or else we will all die.



Bought Ship Equipment

You expect us to trade with animals and garbage cans for toys and trinkets?

Infantry Gear


Additional Knowledge

Power core: 78% (this will go down when Karen has to crawl around. when it hits 0, we die)

Mission History


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