Rosh Korant
Name: 0
Rank: Airman (0)
Class: Survival-Support
Level: 1
Credits 0
Age 41
Gender Male
Energy 0
Durability 1
Maneuverability 1
Hacking -2
Computer -1
PSI Unit 0
Robotics 0
Engine 0
Stat points 0
Charisma 1
Intuition 0
Handiwork 2
Conventional 0
Unconventional -2
Exotic -2
General Knowledge -2
Auxiliary 0
Skill points 0
GK use left
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Player: CommanderDJ

Personal Information

In his youth, Rosh initially embarked on a promising career as a surgeon, but over the years drifted into research in biotechnology. In collaboration with an expert in cybernetics, Rosh made (what he thought were) advances of the utmost importance in the theory of cybernetic implants and the human-machine divide. He wanted to test his theories. Consumed by their work, he and his partner became con artists. They located people with terminal illnesses and promised to test "experimental treatments" on them, but would instead use them as test subjects for their twisted experiments, painfully and irreversibly damaging both their minds and bodies, and sometimes outright killing them. Eventually the authorities caught up with them. Rosh's partner committed suicide, but Rosh handed himself over willingly. After all, his work wasn't finished.


Rosh just wants to get back to work. He's a smooth talker (how do you think he convinced people to basically sign their lives away?) and recognises that the best way out of this mess is by working together. He'll patch up his teammates if they need it and support them in any way he can, giving advice whenever possible or useful. He doesn't know much about firefights though, and hopes that others will do the heavily lifting for him. He's definitely not about to risk certain death for anyone else. Who's going to prove his theories if he dies?

Reason your character got REKT

He performed experiments on unwilling people and tried to turn them into horrible human-machine hybrids.



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