Name: David "Sparky" Gavilan
Rank: 0
Class: Combat
Level: 1
Credits 0
Age 21
Gender Male
Energy 2
Durability -1
Maneuverability 1
Hacking -2
Computer 0
PSI Unit -1
Robotics -2
Engine 0
Stat points 0
Charisma -1
Intuition 0
Handiwork 0
Conventional 0
Unconventional 1
Exotic -2
General Knowledge 1
Auxiliary 0
Skill points 0
GK use left
"Quote goes here" David "Sparky" Gavilan

Player: firedude1218

Personal Information


Slightly above average height, eyebrows perpetually in the cycle of regrowning and being burnt off, and hair that is never completely tidy. Sparky was always a tinkerer, taking things apart, blowing them up, burning down the neighbor's house, and so on. This progressed through school, alternately blowing and burning things, until the inexcusable destruction of a large amount of the city, with unlicenced usage of antimatter. Get REKT, son.


Somewhat intense, and more than a little crazy. Despite that, he often seems well grounded, and right when you've been fooled, he does something completely out of left field.

Reason your character got REKT

In order to make a more awesome firecracker, Sparky experimented with antimatter to make a bigger and more beautiful boom. To keep these awesome devices of awesomeness safe, Sparky sealed them in a special container, designed to vent an explosion, should one occur, away from the person opening the container. Sparky sadly forgot the password to the container, then used his considerable hacking expertise to fail horrifically at opening it, causing the fireworks to explode, destroying a sizable chunk of the city with it. Oops.



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Infantry Gear

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