Name: Zorathex
Rank: Airman (0.5)
Class: Recon
Level: 2
Credits 6
Age 23
Gender Male
Energy -1
Durability -1
Maneuverability 1
Hacking -2
Computer 0
PSI Unit -2
Robotics 1
Engine 1
Stat points 10
Charisma 0
Intuition 0
Handiwork 1
Conventional 0
Unconventional 1
Exotic -2
General Knowledge 0
Auxiliary -1
Skill points 10
GK use left
"This is a quote for your character." —Zorathex

Player: Zorathex

Personal Information

From the age of 3 it was clear Zorathex was a mechanical genius, already making simple levers with toys. At the age of nine he could disassemble and reassemble anything he got his hands on. Starting at the age of 17 he began training to be a captain of a one man freighter. At the age of 23 his parents died in an massive explosion caused by a malfunctioning invention that he had been working on, that along with a hundred others that where killed by the fire that followed, tens of thousands of credits worth of property damage, got him thrown in jail.


shy, smart and mechanically minded, but not very good in stressful situations.

Reason your character got REKT

Zorathex caused the death of over a hundred innocent civilians and tens of thousands of credits worth of property damage.



Bought Ship Equipment

Infantry Gear

Additional Knowledge


Mission History

  • Mission 2 — Squad 3
    • lost right robotic arm
    • saved Clara
    • fixed Clara's ship
    • 1 HAMMER assist
    • has the objective

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