Taniya Aljahnar
Name: Taniya
Rank: Airman First Class; refused promotion (4)
Class: Combat-Support
Credits 0
Age 31
Gender Female
Energy -2
Durability -1
Maneuverability -2
Hacking -2
Computer 0
PSI Unit 3
Robotics 0
Engine 2
Stat points 10
Charisma 0
Intuition 0
Handiwork -1
Conventional 0
Unconventional 1
Exotic 3
General Knowledge -1
Auxiliary 0
Skill points 10
"Anybody who'd try to force you to be something you don't want to be isn't anybody you oughta be around." —Taniya


Personal Information

Taniya is described as heavily tattooed, with dark skin and hair. She's stated that she's been on at least two missions before; it is hinted that she may have gone on the Taghdara mission. It's possible she's been on more than two missions as well. She has also stated that she doesn't like to talk about her past.


While usually calm, she has a quick temper and is easily startled. She likes meditation and menial, repetitive activities like cleaning to keep her mind off missions.

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Additional Knowledge

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