Name: Ysavva
Rank: Airman 1st Class (2)
Class: Combat
Level: 2
Credits 0
Age 34
Gender Female
Energy 2
Durability 1
Maneuverability 1
Hacking -2
Computer -1
PSI Unit 0
Robotics -2
Engine 0
Stat points 0
Charisma -2
Intuition 1
Handiwork -1
Conventional 2
Unconventional 1
Exotic 0
General Knowledge -2
Auxiliary -1
Skill points 0
"This is a fukcing mess. Let's kill something." —Ysavva

Player: DeusVorpal

Personal Information

Ysavva grew up on a crime-ridden mid-system planet with little law-enforcement. It was run by various cartels that exploited people for labour and profited a little from everything on the planet, although made their main money from shipping goods off-planet. She doesn't remember much of the finer details, but if she ever saw it again, she's probably say "Oh, that shithole again."

Once a precocious child, she spent her childhood being an adept terrorist to the cartels and into her teens etched her own little territory where their goons feared to go. It came about through sheer determination to fight them, trap them, kill them, and cost them as much as possible while she herself spent every day fighting to survive. She was good at what she did and eventually roles changed. As she entered adulthood she also entered the force of the dominant cartel on the planet. At first as a mere soldier, but she soon proved her worth and advanced. Over time she served many roles: mercenary, enforcer, executioner, bouncer, bodyguard, right-hand-man…

Eventually she found her roles to be beneath her. While brokering a deal with an off-world merchant on behalf of the cartel, the deal went bad. Most people on both sides died. She took her chance, ended some lives, stole some goods and some money, and took the ship somewhere safe. Months passed, her supplies dwindled in her new environment, she had no contacts of her own and most of the merchant's old contacts she could dig up were either unavailable to her or uncooperative. She visited some, brokered some deals by force and laid down some new rules, but it was still just a small start for her.

Not knowing the galaxy outside of her own planet very well, she thrived remarkably well – but eventually she made the wrong deal in the wrong place, killed the wrong person at the wrong time, and landed herself in Tartarus.

Physical description:
Having spent so many years fighting so aggressively, Ysavva has definitely grown into her role. She's tall and stocky for a woman, and it's made it easier to disguise herself in many situations.

Apart from the scars across her body, she's very attractive.

Her right hand is completely scarred over. It's been broken and crushed more than once, as well as brutally cut open before. All of the bones in this hand and wrist have been replaced with highly precise and biologically correct ceramic prosthetics. Apart from the scars the hand is completely usable and not deformed. The nerves, although they feel no pain and are numbed from extreme temperatures, are still mildly responsive to touch and react quickly and accurately when she uses that hand.
The highly advanced ceramics are supremely hard, and extremely durable. They wouldn't stop any big bullets, or protect the hand from being crushed again, but their heft adds noticeably to her punch. Sometimes when she cracks the knuckles in this hand, in addition to the usual cracking sound, you can hear a dozen or so eerie little ceramic tinks as the knuckles fall together.

She has a little black skull tattoo on her left forearm just near the elbow. it's only four centimeters at it's largest point but it's extremely detailed. There are two short phrases at the top and bottom in diminutive font, too small to read without a magnifying glass. The eyes are each full of fire and diamonds. Not many people see this tattoo.

Ysavva traditionally decorates her helmet with her "Teeth of the Beast" design, in white, red, or black paint, depending on what's available. The design consists of a thick jawline along the entire jawline of her helmet, with big sharp bottom teeth all along that length, and a top jawline going from somewhere behind her ears all the way to the front of the helmet meeting at the bridge of her nose, likewise with big sharp teeth along its length.
The basic design is always the same. Sometimes she excludes the jawlines if it wouldn't look good, but the teeth are always there and vicious. She often scratches the outlines of the teeth into the paint of her helmet so that the shiny metal underneath is exposed and the viciousness is emphasized. She never diminishes the functionality or protection of her helmet by covering sensors or obscuring her vision, or scraping off protective coatings.

When you first see her, you see that her armour is already damaged. There's a mean, charred acid burn on the left side of her helmet and upper torso, and the right side of her armour is covered in dozens of shallow scratches and some chipped paint where bullets hit. Her entire front is stained sick shades of red and green blood where it flowed down. The Teeth of the Beast etched into her helmet are still shiny and voracious, although the paint on the left side has almost completely disintegrated under the burdens of acid and fire.

Prior to Mission Two, Ysavva was sent on a little side-job for the heads of Tartarus. It was a simple off-the-books pickup-dropoff mission for something. It involved a lot of cash and secrecy, and the expectation was that with everything pre-arranged, this one wouldn't be to difficult.

She came back to the mothership with damaged armour, the cash, the goods, and a smoking gun


Aggressive, slightly abrasive, obscene, vindictive, highly capable, ultraviolent, and slightly psychopathic.
She doesn't take shit from anyone, but doesn't compromise missions over petty squabbles or fights among her crew. That kind of thing usually waits til the end of the mission to be resolved.

Reason your character got REKT

Pissed off slightly too many of the wrong people.
Thinks she's the biggest badass on Tartarus.


Bought Ship Equipment

Infantry Gear

Additional Knowledge

Additional Knowledge

Mission History

  • Mission 2 — Squad 1
    • 1 gunship turret kill
    • 1 HAMMER assist
    • Took out some missiles targetting Francis
    • 7 infantry soldier kills
    • 1 murderous surgeon bot kill
    • unleashed the boarbear
    • has Marcson's head
    • has a first aid kit
    • saved Hema from the boarbear
    • touched the orb, got AlienVision™
    • Has a flask with an alien liquid
    • exosuitguy assist
    • broken elbow
    • took down the shield of the rear hangar
    • has Rikke's and Teapilus' bodies

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