Active Player Characters

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Tronzoid Alephan

Alephan grew up on the rim with his parents, who escaped from slavery after a worker revolution broke out on a slum world (the moon of Aarak). At 18, they joined a privateer force on Seradel that worked with a local government and stayed there until they were 21, they joined a society that sought to augment the galaxy to a higher level of intelligence, where they were outfitted with augmentations.

Unfortunately, they were shut down when some of the members were discovered to be researching non-biological AI technology by local police forces (it was rumored someone in their ranks grassed on them) and people were executed, some who were close friends, they managed to barely escape execution. Reeling from the incident, they decided to cut all ties and run off into the dark, where they could be safer away from the stigma around heavy augmentation and the association with a desire to develop non-biological AI.
Eventually, they decided that somebody needed to pick up the work that was left behind and started to work on upgrading currently existing AIs… gradually, and over many years.
Feeling responsible for delivering justice to the rotten apples in the rim and making things easier for heavily augmented people, they joined up with the party, understanding that they couldn't do the work entirely on their own.

Tall, 6 foot 5 avian alien that looks like a Cassowary, but slightly more humanoid, they are covered in feathers that are silvery, has a beak with short, sharp teethlike structures and the crest is made of durable carbon allotropes, two large eyes are on the head which are covered in a smart glass that allows them to convey expression, along with some infrared eyes that give them 360 vision around the head in place of the simple eyes baselines of their species has.

SPECIES: Gibson's Cassoid
DESCRIPTION: A race that's new to the galactic scene. Looks like a Cassowary, but more humanoid, slightly taller than a human, lives in multiple climates, sophont, can see in infrared and has simple eyes around their head and has a generally calm demeanour… Just don't say negative stuff about their comb or get into their personal space, they get an urge to kick you! They have very good vocal control, making them good singers.


  • Tall: The creature stands closer to three meters than two. It can reach things most people wouldn't be able to, jump higher, catch higher, etc. also has an extra 1d6 chance to dodge melee attacks from an enemy they recently attacked.
  • Thermal vision: The creature can see in infrared. Does not work through transparent obstructions. Must have functioning eyes.
  • Powerful kick: Kick gets a +2 bonus to strength rolls if used against inanimate objects, or a +1 bonus to attacks used against an enemy.
  • 360 vision: The creature has extra eyes on the back of their head, making it difficult to sneak around them because they see everything. Rolls against stealth have a 1d6+2 chance of being treated as though the character is facing in the enemy's direction. While they can wear normal helmets (unless otherwise specified), these helmets will disrupt this ability.
  • Natural armor: Their skin may be thick, or it may have natural armor plating. Whatever the case, their skin is the equivalent of light armor.


  • Delicate lungs: Thick dust or smoke particles cause them to be stunned for three layers. Continued exposure may cause them to need an endurance roll.
  • Weakness to fire: Any amount of damage that would normally badly harm a human will outright kill the creature. Amounts that would normally lightly wound a human will cause great harm.
  • Strong body odor: You take a -1 penalty to charisma rolls with people not of your species if in the same room with them and they can smell you.
  • Lightweight: All blunt melee blows from heavier enemies (weapon or not) knock them off their feet and stun them for three layers
  • Pain intolerant: An extremely low pain tolerance means you do a 1d6+2 roll prior to any normal endurance roll. Less than a 5 means an instant fail. Can't be paired with Wimpy.
Black--Snow Lilith

Liliya is a traditionally attractive young woman with blue-green eyes and purplish-blue, wavy hair. She's thin but toned, flexible, and agile. She often wears hues of blue or purple eye shadow, though sometimes prefers smokey, dark eye shadow. Her soft features and natural beauty contrast strongly with her outwardly harsh, cold personality.

Liliya is seldom found without a dark hooded cloak, and fashionable but practical clothing, almost always dark in colour, unless special occasion calls for something more extravagent.

Liliya was forced to fend for herself from a young age; relying on occasional goodwill and her own wits she managed to build, steal, or trade for essentials, and equipment. The simple weapons of early humanity became her expertise - swords and bows, silently killing animal and human prey alike. Her childhood left her stronger, and more dextrous than any with a privileged upbringing, and she levereged her abilities to secure a reputation as a deadly, no nonsense, professional problem fixer for those with the money to buy her loyalty. She secured passage from one workplace to the next, mopping up messes or creating them, going wherever the money took her.

Friends were few and far between, but those bonds she made were strong and long lasting. They knew they could rely on her, as she could them to the end of time.

Cornflakes_91 Yuuji Sajaki Sajaki a spindly looking humanoid and heavily augmented. His whole body is covered in black artificial skin not quite shiny, not quite matte, kinda hard to focus on visually. Face is mostly featureless besides the eyes which seem to look out of whats looking like an ancient clichè ninja face mask. Unless he's talking or cracking one of his (mostly disturbing) face splitting grins his mouth is practically impossible to spot without scanning equipment.
Originating from one of the Rimworlds which got cut off from FTL capabilities and thus mainstream humanity. In the three hundred years of isolation the colony built a small empire of a couple of systems, linked by highly relativistic sublight ships. Yuuji spent most of his subjective life on such ships and about 150 years of "real" time while doing so. Time between stops was mostly spent in training sims and in the surgery being stuffed full with specops training and equipment to be used groundside by the highest bidder and for entertainment.
Triggerhappy Marina Sukava

Imprisoned for war crimes, Marina was a renowned torturer, interrogator and military police officer at her peak, before being captured and promptly sentenced. From childhood, this woman liked to skin living rats, perform live autopsy on younger children, and torture classmates into doing her bidding.

By all factors and measures, Marina is a beautiful woman to the eye, keeping long blond hair throughout the war ( despite strict haircut regulations ) and highlighting her form with adjusted cybernetic legs and torso. These looks made the woman all the more dangerous to every man (and some women) surrounding her, drawing them in before they are capable of comprehending the dark, broken, sadistic personality hidden inside.

0111narwhalz Vynkor

Vynkor began her life in a vat. Assembled from biomass grown over two years in dishes across a remote and unknown research station, Vynkor's age is somewhat nebulous, but she's been out of the vat for 28 years. She was trained from "birth" to be a combat engineer. She was kept away from computers, as it was feared that she would become a danger to the station's AI. Instead, she was trained on mechanical systems, with cursory courses in firearms. As a research specimen, the total lack of personal contact hamstrung her social skills.
Vynkor had always had a rebellious streak, though she quickly learned that expressing it openly was… hazardous. Before long, outright defiance became subversive pseudocompliance. As the years went on, she became more subtle, plotting more and more subtle ways of rebellion.
Sometime in her twentieth year out of the vat, this tendency culminated in her escape. Having risen to the position of a genuine engineer on the station, Vynkor had serviced many of the vessels and a large part of the station itself. She had introduced subtle flaws in their systems over the years—nothing big enough to be visible, but the components would fail under peak loads.
Like, for instance, chasing a rogue specimen and a traitor in a corvette.
Leaving the ruined corpses of her captors' ships behind, she and her accomplice fled across many systems before settling down in a pirate-infested mining system and offering their services to the local pirate gang.

Vynkor's physique is lean but strong. She stands about 170cm tall. Her stance is confident and active.

Hema Brom

Brom was born in a town on the heavily forested world of Crius IV.
He has red hair, a pale complexion, is taller than average and has a muscular build.
His father, Conroy, was a weapon merchant, whilst his mother, Shannah, was a gunsmith.
Thanks to his parent's professions, Brom was around guns from a very early age, and they did their best to educate him in their use as he grew.
Though it could be a bit hectic for them at times, the Keegan family was able to live peacefully for the most part and were well-off thanks to the high number of vicious predators that inhabited the planet. Things would not always remain this way, however…

Around the time when Brom was twelve, a rather unpleasant individual showed up at his father's store requesting to buy gauss rifle. Conroy quickly learned that this man was a known criminal by the name of Jaryn Foley, and refused to deal with him. Conroy's refusal angered Jaryn, who began swearing at Conroy and threatening to harm his family. This wasn't the first time that Conroy had dealt with behavior like this, and he thought it was no different than any other time.
He calmly sent Brom out of the room and requested that Mr. Foley leave his shop, and did his best to explain that he wasn't allowed to sell weapons to criminals.
Being told to leave infuriated Jaryn further, who without allowing Conroy to finish, stormed out of the building with a few parting insults. Mr. Keegan thought that was the end of it, and went back to his work.

Unfortunately, it wouldn't be long before things went south.
About two weeks after the incident, Shannah went missing, much to Conroy's dismay.
Fearing the worst, he quickly organized a search party and went looking for her.
Her body was found in a shipping container on the outside of town a couple days later, along with a note from the killer that read "You were warned."
The search was over, though that would not be the end of it.

Conroy, though devastated by his wife's death, could think of nothing but revenge, and so he hired a private investigator to learn of Jaryn's whereabouts.
Within a short time it was revealed that Jaryn had entered a forest nearby, upon learning this, Conroy started packing.
The day after Shannah's funeral, he was ready. He entrusted his business to a close friend, and started off after Foley, taking Brom with him.
Unfortunately for the father/son duo, Jaryn knew he would be followed. He had counted on it, and planned accordingly. He knew the forest and its dangers well, and was no stranger to running.
They would pursue Jaryn Foley for six years before they finally caught him, and though his death would be relieving for the Keegan family, it would split up its two remaining members.

Conroy was satisfied with having avenged his wife, and returned to town to settle back down.
Brom on the other hand found the hunt to be enjoyable, and against his father's wishes, left to pursue a career as a hit man.

Knowing that there would be little need for a hit man on Crius IV, Brom sought out a way to go off-world. After a day or so of searching, Brom came across the Progeny, a trading vessel in a nearby port that was in need of a gunner. He quickly joined their crew, and traveled with them for a couple years, manning the guns when needed and doing odd jobs in his free time.
He eventually left the Progeny when he came to a middle world called Svartalfheim. The world was covered in when cities and slums, and there were many competing business, which Brom saw as perfect for career he wanted.

He based himself in a city called Ermhelm, and tried to find work in the city's underground, only to find that its locals did not trust outsiders. Brom was determined however, and was eventually approached by a local business owner who was hoping to rid himself of some of his competition. Brom accepted, and soon completed the job, earning himself a bit of trust in the process.
He continued to do small jobs for the next year or so, and though he was fine with the small stuff, he was always looking forward to doing a larger, more difficult job. He got his chance when the vice-president of JotunTech -A large electronics manufacturer- came to him asking that he eliminate Honir Jorgenson, the company's CEO, so that he could take his place. After going over the details, and a bit of haggling, Brom agreed to do the job.

Brom's plan was to attack Jorgenson in his home, assumedly because his work place was too heavily populated. After a few days of studying, he felt that he knew enough about his target and his house to act. He made his move at night, expecting Honir to be asleep. Luck was not on his side, however, as not only was Honir awake, but he had been expecting an attack, and had a number of guards with him.
Brom was shot in the leg, which prevented him from escaping, allowing him to be captured.
Things may have turned out differently for Brom had he not been afraid of heights, as there would have been a few opportunities to shoot Honir through a window from a nearby rooftop.
After being put through the local court process, he was sentenced to life imprisonment for his various murders, and handed over to Tartarus.

cuisinart8 Caleb Moore

Caleb Moore was born on the world of Dashta, a small, sparsely-populated planet only remarkable due to its Earth-like ecosystem and position on a moderately well-traveled trade route to the Core Worlds. He had a typical childhood for one of the middle-class inhabitants of the planet, living in a small apartment in the capital with his parents. His father was a member of the planetary defense force, and his mother an employee of a major shipping company. He decided early on that he wanted to follow in his father's footsteps, and enlisted in the PDF as soon as he was eligible. Apparently, the brass thought he showed some promise, and within a few years he managed to ascend to the rank of Corporal. Everything was going well, it seemed.
One day, however, everything went wrong. A major terrorist attack rocked the capital, and the perpetrators were able to escape. The PDF, enraged at the audacity of the attackers, put all their resources towards stopping them before they could lose their pursuers. Eventually, the terrorists were cornered at one of their forward bases, on a barren, airless rock a few systems away called Anba. Caleb's platoon was one of the units sent to attack them. When they entered the compound, their communications cut out and they were ambushed. Caleb and his comrades fought hard, but one by one they died. Caleb was one of the only survivors.
The entire mission was a complete failure, and High Command needed someone to take the blame. Unfortunately for Caleb, he was one of the handful of survivors of the battle, and he, along with a few others, was made into a scapegoat. Eager to put the defeat behind them and forget it ever happened, High Command decided to send the "traitors" to Tartarus instead of imprisoning them planetside.

Caleb is a short, somewhat stocky man at about 5'3", and if Dashta had possessed a large armored force he likely would have joined it instead of the infantry. His hair is dark brown, almost black, and cut in a military-style buzzcut.. He wears a short, neatly trimmed beard now that he is no longer subject to military regulations. He still has a scar running along his forehead that was caused by a grazing hit from shrapnel during the Battle of Anba.

Hapchazzard Buck Roberts

Grew up on the arid world of Arskosha IV as the youngest of 6 siblings.

Though nominally controlled by a democratic government, the planet's 'president' was merely the leader of a loose confederation of regional warlords and corporations whose allegiances would constantly shift and whose loyalty to the central government was always dubious at best. Perpetual low-level warfare and lack of effective law enforcement across the surface of the world meant that martial prowess was valued highly.

Like many others, Buck was pushed from an early age to pursue a military career in one of the regional state's forces, but despite genuinely trying his best, he lacked the discipline, endurance, respect for authority and interest in conventional warfare to successfully join. As he came from a long line of successful army-people, this was met with much disappointment by his family. As his siblings earnestly began advancing in the military hierarchy, Buck became the underachieving black sheep among his kin. Due to this and several other reasons, he was soon practically disowned and left to fend for himself. When he was 17, joined one of the many local gangs in order to both secure a livelihood and to be a part of a group that accepted him.

Though he started out as a minor street enforcer, he soon became one of the group's technicians and hackers, as his education on cyberwarfare was one of the few things that still stuck with him from his failed stint at the army. Though certainly crude by inner-world standards, his then-scant knowledge of computers was more than sufficient to break through most parts of Arskosha's incredibly outdated and poorly secured network of regional computing clusters that had seen little maintanance or upgrade since the days of the Great Cleansing. As he successfully breached system upon system, his skill kept increasing and he eventually graduated to being able to outsmart even the modern, high-tech military and corporate hardware that the planet's elite used. He became quite renown in the organization, and was present in several high-profile operations.

Thus he found a stable position to hold in life, and for a time, it would seem that this wouldn't change in the near future. After all, he held no lofty amibitions of rising to the top of the pile, so he had little to fear from his superiors, and the authorities normally couldn't care less about him, his gang, or their criminal activities, as that was but the norm on the chaotic planet. By the time he was 26, however, his gang had done something that would prove to be their undoing. It is known to few people what this was - some say they simply pushed too many buttons of someone very powerful, yet others claim that it was a crime so great that not even the normally apathetic authorities of the planet could ignore. Almost overnight, various regional powers came together in unusual unity and brutally cracked down on the group. Buck managed to flee to another part of the planet, but he found that there was little refuge for him there either. Every major faction on the planet was now aware of who the notable members of the gang were and pursued them relentlessly. Seeing no other options, he covertly left the planet and headed for the outer worlds. For the next 5 years, he worked for various criminal factions throughout the outer planets, until he received an offer from his homeworld. Allegedly, one of his brothers had risen to one of the top political-military roles of one of the planet's most influential warlord-states. In a letter, his brother claimed that Buck had disgraced the family name due to his actions and association with the now long-destroyed criminal organization, and that he was seeking to remedy this - Buck would get a chance to clear the dirt from his(and his family's) name and, though pardon was a debatable proposition, it was in the cards as well. If he wished to follow this path, he would have to join the REKT program.

Appearance: Shorter than most, and a tad bit chubby. Has an obvious southern accent.

F4wk35 Elena White

[[Elena White was born, originally as Christine Carter, to a happy, upper-middle class family of businesspeople on the modern, well-populated world of Tuon IV, city of Charbes, with the addition of a little brother, Marcus, when she was 2 years old.
She was a smart kid, polite and happy. People said she'd have a great future ahead.

Not long after her 6. birthday Christine and her parents visited a less busy subsidiary of the local bank chain when their lives took a sharp turn.
Two low-key criminals entered the bank, demanding credits and accessories. To aid in their escape, they also took the girl, too young to really comprehend what happened and why, hostage.
Because of a big, coordinated heist in the center that bound most of the local authorities and created chaos on the streets, help couldn't arrive in time. Still, Christine was dragged along to their ship and brought a few low-warp jumps away to Daseb X, a backwater planet with slightly higher-than-normal gravity where they had a rundown shack.

The kidnappers didn’t actually plan that far ahead and couldn’t decide what to do with their hostage at this point. After a drunken argument, they kicked her into an unused room and locked it up. Then they abandoned her and left to get further away to safety.
In the dark, with very little food and water, Christine slowly snapped.

After nearly three days she was freed by a band of street rats roaming the area, looking for useful things. She then fled into the streets.

Over the next two years Christine repeatedly spiraled down into a despairing mindset followed by short lived times of panicked confusion. Between these two states, she slowly developed a personality split off of her, a mask that didn’t have the painful memories and emotions that still drove her to the brink. Over the time, this mask developed further until it didn’t have conscious access to the memories of home, family and other things anymore as well as a sharply stunted emotional range. The mask then took on the name of Elena White.]]

After 14 months of investigative action, Christine Carter was officially declared dead.

Caught at the age of 17, Elena was committed to a mental correctional facility after she was caught on the streets as part of an effort to re-socialize and rehabilitate her for integration into society. After numerous escape attempts by Elena, she was put into an isolation cell to cool down where she suffered a psychotic break, leading to deaths and injuries amongst staff and civilians. Her caretakers came to the conclusion that their efforts hadn’t gotten them any progress and coupled with her violent outburst she was stamped off as a hopeless case and handed off to Tartarus.

DISCLAIMER: The things in [[brackets]] are information that is not known to Tartarus, the characters or…pretty much most people, simply because Elena can't actually give that information. It is there for completeness and can be seen as metagaming if used without getting that information in-game beforehand.

Elena has a body height of about 4’5” (~135cm) and looks notably malnourished. The long, brown hair shows a clear lack of care and the green eyes lack luster. Her upper arms are notably scarred and she wears a permanent smile that is usually described as creepy.

Dinosawer Saoirse

Saoirse Fri'leth (more or less pronounced seer-sha) was born on the planet of New Dublin, but moved with her parents to Poesis I-96-O when she was 7 years old, because her dad got a job offer he couldn't refuse, which required him to move there.
When she was 8, she was run over by a hover car, driven by a drunken guy who had somehow managed to override the autopilot. She barely survived, but lost her right arm, leg and eye. Now, in most places this would pose little problems, but Poesis had very traditionalistic (religion-driven) views about modifying the human body - cloned limbs were unheard of and robotic ones rare and primitive. Still, through moving heaven, earth and a variety of other celestial objects Saoirse's parents managed to get her a robotic eye, arm and leg.
Though primitive compared even to the cheap stuff Tartarus gives its inmates (imagine something you'd see in a cheap retro-scifi series), for little Saoirse it meant she could see, run and play again.

In school, kids tended to make fun of "the weird robot girl", and she never had any real friends. Their loss, they missed out on a loyal and friendly though eccentric friend.
Saoirse didn't understand why people found her robotics so unsettling - it wasn't hard to find articles on the hypernet about robotic implants that make you run faster than the wind, lift cars, even hypermodern PSI implants that let you manipulate electricity with your mind.
Frustrated by the lack of anything like that on Poesis, and by the backward view of the people, she decided to make them herself.
She went to study engineering, and joined an illegal lab researching robotic limbs and Psi-amps. Though it occasionally meant dealing with shady people, she only ever experimented on herself and never did anything ethically wrong.
However, one day the lab was ratted out, everyone got arrested, and Saoirse got sent to Tartarus.
She aspires to become part of Tartarus' research division when she gets through REKT, as they do exactly what she was doing, but with better equipment.

Physically dark-haired and attractive, an effect somewhat undone by the mechanical right arm, leg and eye. (Mechanical eye functionally identical to normal eye)
Fairly tall at 1.78 m (5' 10"). Scar running over her right eye from hairline to cheek, long black hair with a white streak sprouting from where the scar ends, bright green eyes.


Inactive Player Characters

Player Character Description Image
Skyfligher Welkin Welkins life was spent moving between ships working various jobs, mostly very low level maintenance and cleaning. Despite all the ships he has served on and stations he has worked at his life is extremely uneventful. He was rejected from every technical position he ever trained or applied for possessing no apparent skills or technical ability. Welkin is a short portly man with a generally dazed appearance and glazed over look in his eyes. Aem2YjT.jpg
TheMainMethod Gaius Magnus

Gaius stands at 6’3” and weighs in at 190 lbs with a lean athletic build. He has short cropped auburn hair and green eyes.

Taken at the age of 6 during a slaver raid on a small town, Gaius was raised in captivity to a particular vicious band of slavers called the Gauls. On his 10th birthday the planets special forces, the Legios, stormed the slaver fortress and rescued those imprisoned there. Due to his age and lack of family, Gaius was taken in and trained until his 16th birthday, at which point he enlisted. Over the next 7 years, Gaius did multiple tours across the system, eventually commanding a company at the rank of Centurion.
At the end of his contract, Gaius decided to make his own way and became a mercenary, with a penchant for taking on contracts involving slavers or corrupt politicians. One contract ended poorly however, and Gaius ended up with the blood of a prominent politician on his hands. He was shortly convicted of capital murder and sentenced for pickup by Tartarus.

TotallyNotHuman Gene Weber

Gene was born into a prominent family of military men on New Earth. While his parents wanted him to enroll in military school and eventually enlist in the United Galactic Military, like most young men of the Weber family had, Gene began to take a liking to computer science at an early age - much to the dismay of his parents. He turned out to have quite a knack for it, and under pressure from his family, he decided to enlist in the Galactic Military as an electronic warfare specialist.
Gene's training career in the Galactic Military was an otherwise unremarkable one; his superiors and instructors, however, did not view him highly, as he was quite introverted and thus not a 'team player' in any sense of the phrase.
His career came to an end when he was court-martialed shortly after a failed operation in the field, killing everybody in his squad but himself. It was later revealed that he had failed to communicate with the rest of his squad, and they walked into a trap that he was supposed to disarm.

Gene stands about 178 centimeters (5' 10") tall; he is quite strong, has well-toned muscles from his service in the Galactic Military, but he is not very bulky. He sports brown hair and light blue eyes. A scar runs down the upper part of his left arm, from an accident during his military career involving a frag grenade.


Deceased Player Characters

Player Character Description Image
TheMainMethod Nilo Arcterius †

Height 6’2” A lean build with close cropped auburn hair and green eyes (160 lbs). Strong Jawline and Prominent Nose with 2 scars: one starting above left eye leading through it to his cheek and one on the back of his head from PSI experiments.

Subjected to illegal PSI experiments as a child, Nilo was cast to the streets after failing to become the next step in human psionics. After some time wandering aimlessly on the endless streets of Priscilla, Nilo found a group of rejects similar to himself. Tired of being exiles even among the homeless, they formed a gang called the “Magisters”. After a few years of brutal gang wars and assassinations, the Magisters emerged at the top and established themselves as rulers. After hearing rumors of military PSI tech being transported through their domain, Nilo put together a plan to heist the goods. The plan went awry very quickly as the Magisters vastly under estimated the amount of guards and were summarily captured or executed.

Detritus Miles †

Justin Miles grew up on a desert-like planet, though trees and grasses were not uncommon. His father died of animal venom when Justin was young, which led him to leave his home in order to earn money to support his family, but later learned that they had all died during a harsh sand storm.

Justin Miles is a 6'2" caucasian male, with dark brown hair clipped short but not spiky, with pale blue eyes.

Black--Snow Miranda †

Miranda is a Caucasian woman of average height. Her skin is not pale, though not particularly tanned either. She has long deep brown hair, often tied in a messy bun. Her face is traditionally quite beautiful, enhanced by the obvious burning passion within her deep hazel eyes. She is relatively toned and muscular from her years of tinkering and building while still considered strongly feminine in appearance.
She prefers pants over skirts for practicality and can always be found with a set of bronze coloured (Steampunk inspired) welding goggles on her head and gloves hanging out her back pocket, just in case.

Miranda grew up on a cold, harsh planet with her family. She completed the 11th year of schooling then left to study mechanics, choosing the specialisation of a trade over the final year of school. Her teachers and family both came to realise her innate ability to solve difficult problems unconventionally and arrive at solutions others had not thought of. This and her passion for mechanics led her to finishing the course a year early with a historic perfect score. She was sought after by the top corporate entities to work for them, however she declined or postponed the offers and elected to begin various engineering courses to further her knowledge. On her 21st birthday, she finished her courses and began working at a private arms manufacturer, leading the R&D on some of their most important projects. There, she gained some experience with firearms and field doctoring before she was shipped off to REKT.

Cornflakes_91 Gearhead † Born on the out-of-the-way world of Endpoint, a world which had harsh climate conditions and harsher flora and fauna at the time of its first settling. Its inhabitants turned towards heavy cybernetic augmentation to survive their harsh environment. Even after the world was "pacified" from the point of view of its inhabitants, it is still a harsh planet too hostile for baseline humans to live on comfortably.
The ability to live somewhat comfortably on most human settled worlds combined with the heavy augmentation thats necessary to live on their homeworld led the Endpointers to think of unaugmented, baseline humans as weak and inferior and to look down on baseliners with contempt. Gearhead is a typical Endpointer besides the lack of most of the actual survivability implants like strengthened bones and cybernetic muscles. Lots of middling cybernetic replacements, digestion adapted to get nutrition out of everything short of a rock, mildly toxic blood to discourage the Endpointian parasites and so on.
The most obvious augmentations are his artificial left arm and the big chunk of interface hardware covering most of the left half of his head and neck. Both of those fashioned in a brassy, "steampunk" like fashion, with fine chasings inlaid with some blue semi precious stones. The other augmentations are well disguised under artificial skin and not really visible unless someone knows what to look after. Usually dressed in some old Earth napoleionic era inspired uniform colored the same blue as the stones in his visible augmentations, rimmed with gold braid and adorned with two rows of bright golden buttons down the front.
The dress leaves out the brass arm.
Triggerhappy Lemons †

Born on a poor urban world, Alex grew up as somewhat of a bookworm and nerd, spending days in simulations or in the library. His low social standing and lack of official education got him drafted at the age of 16, and he spent three years in the local militia where he was trained as a gunman and a light mech pilot. He developed a love for powered armor and heavy weapons, specifically tinkering with said equipment, as well as proved himself a decent tactician on the field. Still, he remained a shut-in and introvert, avoiding human contact, and keeping to his own studies and hobbies. Said hobbies include movies (specifically anime) and sometimes weapon-focused engineering. His commander referred to him as the 'Lemons that life gave him', in reference to Alex's social uselessness.

165 centimeters tall, blond, blue eyes. Decently built. Quick reflexes. Knows his way around a basic computer and is a quick learner. Has a lot of reading and study hours on record due to his self-sufficiency and abundance of free time.

F4wk35 Frank Foster †

Frank was born to a poor family on the outer systems where they worked in a small mining-outpost on Atraxis. While he was comparatively weak, he proved his worth with a good understanding of machines, their working and the necessary systems to keep them running. His parents died when he was 17, in a big mining accident. From his experiences on site stems his crippling fear of natural caves and underground locations up to a certain technological level. He used the little savings they've made and the payout from the insurance to travel to the inner planets where he tried to get into a number of educational facilities. But due to a lack of normal schooling he was rejected everywhere. As his money slowly began to run out, he had to take an underpaid job as a janitor at a prestigious university (Planetary University of Science and Robotics on the planet Tress).
As he was enjoying his free time after cleaning duties, he was approached by some people who got to talk to him. After a while of talking (and drinking) he let himself get convinced to snatch some information from the universities servers. His skills with computers got him handy there and he received quite a good payment from his new acquaintances. After a few more such activities, he was actively scouted and pretty much pressed into service by Cerb Robotics as a Spy. On his jobs, he often used the disguise of the "Invisible Janitor" to get in and out without being remembered. Until he was caught just as he tried to crack into the local Governments Mainframe. After some Interrogations he was shipped of to Tartarus.
His testimony vanished the same day without any consequences.

Frank is ~1.80m tall, of moderately thin build without much muscle. His face is mostly without memorizable features. His short, brown hair starts graying out a bit already. Hazel eyes and a short, but well trimmed chin-beard complete his look.
He talks with a slightly wheezy voice as if out of breath. Otherwise his calm voice is pleasant to the ears.
His chosen deity to-go is the great, eternal Dustbunny.

outlander Ishmael †

Ishmael is an old, overweight man clad in simple grey clothes and wearing an eypatch - but he is also a Doctor of Theology with FSM Holy Church - a fact he'll make known on every suitable and unsuitable occasion. Unlike most other inmates, he claims that he joined REKT on his own volition, intending to be a missionary and bring light, piety and salvation to all lost and deceived souls on Tartarus, and purge the heathens and heretics who refuse to accept his teachings.

His eyepatch is an article of faith. He really, really prefers to be called 'Doctor Ishmael'.

Cha0zz Bob †

Bob wasn't always Bob. Before Bob was Bob, he was Joachim Karther, a casual student at a good university. During his time at uni Joachim made a lot of friends, one of those friends asked him if it would be ok to conduct some experiments on him, as always Joachim was happy to help a fellow student in his research. The experiments turned out to be a combination of gene therapy and hormone cocktails. The result of the experiment was a vastly increased muscle mass, unfortunately it also meant a vastly decreased brain size, it was as if Joachim's brain had developed backwards, his mental capacity reduced to that of a sixyear old child. But of all this, Bob remembers nothing, the first thing he remembers is waking up in an alley with a group of shady looking people around him, although they didn't look shady in the eyes of Bob, he is too dumb for that. The people turned out to be members of a large gangster group, the leader of the group ('boss' for Bob) 'adopted' Bob and exploited him as dumb muscle. During his time with "boss", Bob learned to use a wide assortment of guns. It was however unfortunate that he stupidly enough forgot to use them when the police decided to raid the place of his boss, instead he just looked at the officers with a dumb smile on his face while uttering "meh Bob, Bob no hurt you". The officers couldn't bring himself to shoot poor Bob and instead decided to send him to the REKT program.

Doctors report: The subject seems to be totally unaware of his age and only answers with 'meh Bob!' when asked. A quick medical analysis points out that the subject is physically at his best and has exceptional strength but his mental age seems to be equal to that of a six year old child. Under normal conditions the subject appears to be able of coherent speech but under emotional duress the subject's grammar and vocabulary seems to reduce to that of a child.

Mysticica Ursula 'Watt' Schöner †

Watt’s world had been turned upside down when she discovered that she was a bioandroid indistinguishable from the real thing, and had been created, along with all her memories, last Thursday in a drug-assisted rush of a mad scientist. Or at least, that’s her side of the story and she's sticking with it. The official reports note heavy consumption of illegal substances and an inherent mental instability, but are left wondering at the point where a lone human could do so much damage simply out of spite.

Looking at her, Watt is anything but conventionally attractive, and nobody really worried about shacking her together with the male associates. She’s towering at 220 cm, weights enough to discourage anyone from asking for an exact figure, and suffers a permanent case of ’resting bitch face’ (exact quote from the medical records).

Happchazzard Tulius † Born a world locked into an arms race, Tulius showed an exceptional inclination towards explosives, particularly those on the nuclear scale. One of the few people that survived the nuclear holocaust which engulfed his home planet of U-235, it later came to light that Tulius had, in fact, instigated said holocaust in his endless quest for destructive power. He was later captured in possession of enough materials to create several small-scale nuclear devices, with presumed intent to continue his "success" on U-235. Silhouette-question-mark.jpeg
Silverware Paul "Goatman" Wan † Sanity is not really Paul's strong suit, no his strong suit has muscles (taken from an entirely willing subject) mostly because he does not. Tall, lanky, grey, good words to describe Paul they are. As for how he got his name, perhaps it's the Goat Hat, perhaps it's the smell, perhaps it's his tendency to eat things he shouldn't. Silhouette-question-mark.jpeg
Jetison Karthus † He was born on a outlier planet. As a child he always wanted to explore the stars. After turning 22 he finally decided to make that dream a reality and pirate a ship. It would have worked except he actually didn't know how to pilot the ship. So, as you can imagine, he got caught. Silhouette-question-mark.jpeg

Pending Player Characters

Player Character Description Image
Cha0zz Alex Alex is a 106 year old senior. He has gray hair and a wrinkled, friendly looking face.
At 16 he joined the interstellar navy.
while most of his military career was not noteworthy, at this time drugs and addiction were common in the navy. Like everyone else Alex got hooked.
His military career ended when he tried to smuggle a large amount of drugs into the base, he got caught and got a dishonorable discharge at the age of 23.
That's when the street life started for Alex, he lived in the streets of his dirty home planet, begging money together to get from fix to fix.
At 27, after living on the streets for 4 years, he almost died on an overdose. That's when he decided to fix his life and to go into rehab.
In total Alex was 10 years in rehab, relapsing several times.
At 37 he officially considered himself clean and managed to get himself a simple office job as a clerk in a bank.
He worked for 23 years in the bank until a planet-wide economical crisis forced the bank to lay of some personnel, including Alex.
At 60 years old, Alex was back on the streets, with no job and little money.
He lived from his savings for 2 years, finally finding a job off-planet.
He moved to a nearby asteroid mining station to work as a bookkeeper.
Over the years, Alex got promoted a couple of times, allowing him more access to the companies books.
This allowed him to embezzle money from the company.
At 90, Alex was allowed to retire.
He manged to live a good live for 16 years, making good use from the money he embezzled.
However, this is when his world collapsed underneath him, an inspection of the companies books brought the embezzlement to light and Alex was send of to REKT as a punishment.
Talvieno James Goodman

James Goodman grew up in a loving family on a forest-covered planet, until the age of 14, when his family was ripped away from him by a giant attacking monster. He slew it with his incredible strength, but could not manage to kill it until it had already taken away everything he loved. For the next thirty years, he angsted in the desert, eating little and drinking even less, relying on his pocket computer to sense the way to the next oasis and lead him there.

Eventually he came upon an unhappy man who had crashed his ship by accident (not on purpose) and James Goodman, always the hero, fixed the man's ship, and the two flew away together. Unfortunately, the man died from Syphilis, which he had contracted on the planet's surface. James Goodman grieved for his death, agonizing over how everyone that came his way must inevitably die.

James Goodman sold himself into the service of the God Empress of the Universe, who instantly recognized his incredible talent at diverse styles of weaponry. For the next twenty years, he alternately grieved the death of that one guy that died from syphilis, and fought at the God Empress's side. Eventually he won her heart, and the two were married, but it was not to be. An angry beast - a horrible creature known only as The Gee'em - destroyed the God Empress in a mighty battle simply because its foul mind believed that the Empress did not belong in the universe. Although James Goodman did everything in his power to save his wife, and the battle went on for days without end, James Goodman was forced to flee, easily outdistancing the Gee'em in his self-built Intergalactic Superspeeder.

Broken, James Goodman took shelter in a monastery in Andromeda, utilizing the Jump Gate Travel he had invented to get there and back in only a matter of days. Eventually, in his old age, he overcame his grief and decided that others must learn from his experiences. Putting his woe and agony aside for just a moment, he ventured to Tartarus and had himself taken in, so he might enrich the lives of those that lived there.

Grimm Mia Killian

History: Mia grew up on the small backwater colony of Vex-9 where it was quickly established that she was unsuitable for any job that involved her staying in one place for too long. Her wanderlust led her to joining the Archangels Private Security Company at the age of 16, this was first done to get a free ride around the galaxy doing contracts, but Mia found her niche as the company's support unit and never thought of leaving since.

She had a mildly successful career until her early twenties, where she was promoted into a squad medic despite the fact that she was just as good as putting holes in people as fixing her patients up. At the age of 27, things went straight to hell as a diplomat she was supposed to protect was ambushed and shot. Her promising career came to an end when the Vox republic demanded blood for the death of an important political figure in their ranks. Mia, incidentally, was the perfect scapegoat. Not that it stopped them.

Mia stands at 5'11 with a lean athlete's build, long black hair and dark eyes which contrasts vividly with her pale skin.

Vivacia Felicity "Felix" Walker

Twelve cold years ago, the little girl tiptoed around her house, wrapped in a blanket awoken by a nightmare. The air was still but peaceful; everything except her dream seemed to be in place. She proceeded to her parent's room, pushing the creaking door a little, just to take a peek. And there he stood, tall and strong, his bare muscles illuminated by the pale moonlight. He held an old dagger, creeping up behind her mother. With a dozen stabs he rendered her lifeless, feeling her crimson blood on the blade's edge. The girl dropped her blanket, just staring at her father. His dark eyes stared back at her. He reached out to his daughter but she just stepped back, not shifting her gaze from him. She kept backing away, unaware of the flight of stairs behind her. A little slip and she fell hard on her head. A scar through her right eyebrow split her beautiful skin. Her memory vanished as quickly as her father.

She was sent to an orphanage, her memory wiped out a second time so that she would not remember the slightest fragments of her dark past. Growing up over there for the next three years, rumours spread about the incident. Her temper was uncontrollable and curiosity out of hand. She broke out to see the world and discover her true identity.

Felicity adopted the name "Felix" to keep her identity as a girl a secret so that she could get along with any bounty hunters along the way, whom she could help and in return seek vengeance for her mother's death.

Shoulder-length (could say medium height) black hair with red and pink highlights. Golden brown skin with many cuts and bruises, most notably the scar through her right eyebrow; alright looking, not anything spectacular. Short-ish at 5'6". Has a bit of muscle due to the fact that she has been running around, falling in trouble, trying to figure out her past.

EmpressLexi Evie Evie is around 4'11, has quite smooth facial features, almost always has dirt and ash somewhere on them. Evie grew up on a pristine world, Her father one of the richest people her home city, high tech innovations and beautiful art were common and on display everywhere. Evie always had a fascination with art and the potential of the galaxy.. In her eyes her home world, the entire galaxy in fact, had such a great potential for chaos and destruction. In her early teen years she had already stolen some of her father's fortune and had destroyed various landmarks and facilities all around her home system. The authorities had assumed that all the atrocities she had committed were caused by a large and well funded terrorist organization, however they learnt of who was really behind it when at the age of 15, Evie was arrested for the first time. However Evie escaped 10 days later, having blown a hole in the side of her father's high security prison complex. She continued to cause chaos in her home system. 3dee2d0866.jpg
firedude1218 Sparky Slightly above average height, eyebrows perpetually in the cycle of regrowning and being burnt off, and hair that is never completely tidy. Sparky was always a tinkerer, taking things apart, blowing them up, burning down the neighbor's house, and so on. This progressed through school, alternately blowing and burning things, until the inexcusable destruction of a large amount of the city, with unlicenced usage of antimatter. Get REKT, son. Aem2YjT.jpg
Silverware Ron LXVII Ronson

Ron LXVII's mother, Tasha, died in childbirth and left Ron to be raised by his father, Ron LXVI, he is the second son of a very minor noble house. His older brother, Tim, is more than a little retarded and was cut from the line of succession.
Ron LXVII is a tinkerer, and spent most of his time growing up attempting to build various devices. I say attempting, because Ron was never really successful at anything but creating explosives, accidentally.

Ron is a short (5'3") man, with no exceptional features. He has short cropped, light brown hair, and a short scraggly beard.

BFett Trontos

In Trontos' early years he did physically demanding agriculture work. One day when working on a new plot of land something metallic caught his eye. What he found changed his life forever; An ancient orb shaped artifact from a powerful ancient race known as the Syth. After studying the artifact he carefully activated it and was mesmerized by the teachings it held. It hinted of other such devices scattered throughout the galaxy which strengthened his desire to seek them out. So with the artifact in hand he packed his things and took a transport off world in search of the other relics.

Over the years he managed to acquire several other artifacts, though his methods of acquiring the items were less than noble. His own personal desires for knowledge and power spurred him into becoming a proficient silent killer.

With a muscular and tall build, Trontos originated from one of the lesser known worlds within the galactic plain. In his late teens he took a transport off world in order to fully understand the mysteries of the ancient order known as the Syth. Over the years he became immersed within Syth teaching. He soon became proficient in the art of assassination until he was betrayed by a client. He has since been in cryo for 50 years.

Cha0zz Boris Avdeyev Who and why is Boris Avdeyev?? ~Tal jaZPKT9.png
Black—Snow Badih 'Badeye' Lahoud

Lived on the original planet Earth, was cryogenically frozen when he was captured from a terrorist organisation by the 'American' forces. He claims that he did not know they were terrorists and was just there because "My cousin Moey told me to come and hang with his boys bro".

Prior to this he lived in Sydney, Australia and worked as a tradie for many different people. Eventually, he gave up on having a proper job and sat at a strip club all day everyday, drank booze, smoked and called it his 'job'.

He recently escaped through the power of Allah and got REKT.

Just over 6 foot with black hair and a large scruffy beard. Averagely built with tattoos on his arms. Wears a gucci hat and a bumbag that he cannot be separated from (Many have tried, you literally can't get it off for some reason).
Speaks in a deep, stereotypical Lebo accent.

outlander Beary A sentient genetically modified bear from the planet Arctos. Just like all other bear-folk, he served in the army, specialising in explosives and engineering. After finishing his military service, he went into Weapon Research, but had to join a company of mercenaries after failing to obtain a research grant. He was having quite a good life before getting into an unfortunate incident that got him shipped to Tartarus. He speaks main Common languages with a harsh, guttural accent and some rather exotic - but highly amusing - vocabulary. Aem2YjT.jpg

Active Non-Player Characters

Character Description Image
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Kendall style="max-width:200px;
Mekkin style="max-width:200px;

Retired Player Characters

Player Character Description Image
Zorathex Zorathex From the age of 3 it was clear Zorathex was a mechanical genius, already making simple levers with toys. At the age of nine he could disassemble and reassemble anything he got his hands on. Starting at the age of 17 he began training to be a captain of a one man freighter. At the age of 23 his parents died in an massive explosion caused by a malfunctioning invention that he had been working on, that along with a hundred others that where killed by the fire that followed, tens of thousands of credits worth of property damage, got him thrown in jail. Aem2YjT.jpg
Slymodi Tonon "BoneZone" Murk Born into money Tonon always had a good life. When he turned 20 his parents died under mysterious circumstances and he inherited all of their fortunes. He spent quite a while as a playboy sapping away at a tiny fraction of his parents massive funds. He would throw parties every Friday that would last until early in the morning on Monday. After years passed he found no pleasure in his hedonistic behaviour so he turned to violence. It started with animals, then moved to people. He loved it so much he went to TE-34 and slaughtered everyone on it only weilding a knife as a challenge. Aem2YjT.jpg
CommanderDJ Rosh Korant In his youth, Rosh initially embarked on a promising career as a surgeon, but over the years drifted into research in biotechnology. In collaboration with an expert in cybernetics, Rosh made (what he thought were) advances of the utmost importance in the theory of cybernetic implants and the human-machine divide. He wanted to test his theories. Consumed by their work, he and his partner became con artists. They located people with terminal illnesses and promised to test "experimental treatments" on them, but would instead use them as test subjects for their twisted experiments, painfully and irreversibly damaging both their minds and bodies, and sometimes outright killing them. Eventually the authorities caught up with them. Rosh's partner committed suicide, but Rosh handed himself over willingly. After all, his work wasn't finished. Aem2YjT.jpg
Hyperion Karen

A relic of an ancient and powerful race, the colony ship was sent out to take over a distant system. On the way, a rogue star passed close by and completely changed its trajectory. It has been drifting ever since. The Galaxy has rotated over 6 times since then, it's civilization has collapsed, and the homeworld is now over 6489 ly away. Lovely. Does this pile of garbage even have warp drives?

The colony-ship, though only about the size of a hamster, is incredibly advanced and contains hundreds of uploaded minds. It is built and powered by physics that even the galactic domain of mankind cannot come close to understanding. Unfortunately it's so advanced that the most advanced technology on the Tartarus is barely medieval in comparison, so it's pretty much impossible to repair itself or recharge. Luckily, it's pretty much indestructable with such simple technology, maybe a couple strong nukes detonated next to it could do some damage, but what's the phrase "This will hurt you more than it will hurt us". The ship can ooze around like an amoeba, but it's slow and moving like that uses hundreds of thousands of times more energy than it does just staying still, it wasn't designed to move around a ship, it IS a ship. Luckily there are plenty of organics and simple machines to hijack and be made useful.

Seryth Nortra Jugjugmleep Name: 7677112_orig.jpg, But you can call him Jugjugmleep, because that's a sound he makes. The only sound he makes.
The result of a genetic experiment gone wrong, Jugjugmleep was designed to be an incredibly strong war machine!
Instead he became a relatively weak, small cephalopod-ey thing.
Jugjugmleep was designed to be smarter than an entire army of humans combined!
Instead he became a human-equivalent somewhat intelligent shelled thing with pincers, crab legs and too many tentacles.
Jugjugmleep was designed to be a ruthless killer, with mercy for no one!
Instead he became a bonsai artist with a thing for kinky romance novels.
Jugjugmleep was designed to be damn near indestructible, with the ability to see all radiation across all spectrums, hear all sound across all possible wavelengths, and sense electricity and magnetic fields with extreme sensitivity and accuracy!
Instead, he became damn near indestructible, with the ability to see all radiation across all spectrums, hear all sound across all possible wavelengths, and sense electricity and magnetic fields with extreme sensitivity and accuracy.
When he's one hundred years of age or older.
Which he isn't yet. He's either ten or twenty; which one is a matter for debate. That's the only thing his designers got even slightly right.
In general, he's a worthless, illegal experiment that got caught along with isssss-hh (^kö) n'klß when he went with him on that ship. Jugjugmleep now considers isssss-hh (^kö) n'klß a mortal enemy, Jugjugmleep believing that isssss-hh (^kö) n'klß got them caught. He will delight in insulting isssss-hh (^kö) n'klß on missions, though how he communicates when all he says is Jugjugmleep is unknown. It's apparent that isssss-hh (^kö) n'klß has better hearing than the rest of us.
CSE isssss-hh (^kö) n'klß isssss-hh (can be pronounced coincidently in many humanoid languages as "Bob") was meiosis-multiplied on the orbital k'Ryn. As a member of the ^kö species, he generates his timeline out of sync of other sentients, therefore he seems sometime (but very rarely) hyper active and fast, while usually he seems barely aware of his environment and to act only by instinct of conservation, which involves usually avoiding sweet drinks and licking sources of Barium anions, and sleeping close to a source of heat. At the relative age of 433, isssss-hh left the orbital to - quote - go forward in life. Issssss-hh simply wanted to upgrade to Lanthanium anions! His meiosis-cousins did not understand and isssss-hh knows that he will henceforth always be a stranger in his own ^kœ-culture. But he does not mind. He is different. During more than 400 relative periods, he was browsing the Galaxy (by sleeping on board of an illegally boarded garbage barge of those funny aliens that came from far away to take all the organic waste of transmuted Barium anions (the digestive system of the ^kö fuse two anions of Barium and obtain the energy by transmuting and absorbing 20 protons) ) until he was found by the captain…. Aem2YjT.jpg
Alcazabedabra Bod Pol Bod Pol is an experienced xenolinguist, roboticist and mechanical engineer from the planet Bax. He doesn't know where Bax is, and neither do any human astronomers. He was exiled from his home planet by cryo-cruise missile, as he was an accessory to a scandal involving a minor prince and his concubine. Once in human space, Bod spent years learning Human Galactic Standard Language and going into business for himself, before he was eventually REKT. Aem2YjT.jpg
Silverware Aegagrus The Horned

In an attempt to escape the wrath of a large corporation on the core worlds, Aegagrus went to extremes.
He had a cosmetic surgeon replace his face entirely, however the operation was botched and his brain was extracted and placed inside the body of a Goat.
The operation left his mind a mess, and he lost almost all his memories. However this gave him the clean slate he required, and after brutally murdering the cosmetic surgeon with his bare hooves, he boarded a colony ship headed to the outer rim of civilisation, intent upon starting a new life as a goat.
Unfortunately he had a minor disagreement with the crew of the colony ship, who seemed to think he was some kind of devil creature.
The colony ship was found three years later, crew pulverised to death, and a lone goat grazing in the biodomes.

The crew of the "Aetherium", the science vessel that found the colony ship, adopted the goat as a kind of pet.
Aegagrus traveled with the Aetherium, investigating scientific oddities and anomalies for another two years, as slowly the crew died, one by one, to strange events, unexpected accidents, and occasional explosive decompression.

Years later the Aetherium was found entering Imperial territory, after many attempts by salvagers to "acquire" the Aetherium that were met with grisly deaths, the Aetherium was noted as a Ghost Ship, and left alone while in civilized space, it was this very reputation that drew the attention of REKT. A crew of REKT morons was dispatched to capture the ship.

All they found was death, and a goat with metal arms, and a universal-goat translator strapped around his neck.

DeusVorpal Ysavva

Ysavva grew up on a crime-ridden mid-system planet with little law-enforcement. It was run by various cartels that exploited people for labour and profited a little from everything on the planet, although made their main money from shipping goods off-planet. She doesn't remember much of the finer details, but if she ever saw it again, she's probably say "Oh, that shithole again."

Once a precocious child, she spent her childhood being an adept terrorist to the cartels and into her teens etched her own little territory where their goons feared to go. It came about through sheer determination to fight them, trap them, kill them, and cost them as much as possible while she herself spent every day fighting to survive. She was good at what she did and eventually roles changed. As she entered adulthood she also entered the force of the dominant cartel on the planet. At first as a mere soldier, but she soon proved her worth and advanced. Over time she served many roles: mercenary, enforcer, executioner, bouncer, bodyguard, right-hand-man…

Eventually she found her roles to be beneath her. While brokering a deal with an off-world merchant on behalf of the cartel, the deal went bad. Most people on both sides died. She took her chance, ended some lives, stole some goods and some money, and took the ship somewhere safe. Months passed, her supplies dwindled in her new environment, she had no contacts of her own and most of the merchant's old contacts she could dig up were either unavailable to her or uncooperative. She visited some, brokered some deals by force and laid down some new rules, but it was still just a small start for her.

Not knowing the galaxy outside of her own planet very well, she thrived remarkably well – but eventually she made the wrong deal in the wrong place, killed the wrong person at the wrong time, and landed herself in Tartarus.

Physical description:
Having spent so many years fighting so aggressively, Ysavva has definitely grown into her role. She's tall and stocky for a woman, and it's made it easier to disguise herself in many situations.

Apart from the scars across her body, she's very attractive.

Her right hand is completely scarred over. It's been broken and crushed more than once, as well as brutally cut open before. All of the bones in this hand and wrist have been replaced with highly precise and biologically correct ceramic prosthetics. Apart from the scars the hand is completely usable and not deformed. The nerves, although they feel no pain and are numbed from extreme temperatures, are still mildly responsive to touch and react quickly and accurately when she uses that hand.
The highly advanced ceramics are supremely hard, and extremely durable. They wouldn't stop any big bullets, or protect the hand from being crushed again, but their heft adds noticeably to her punch. Sometimes when she cracks the knuckles in this hand, in addition to the usual cracking sound, you can hear a dozen or so eerie little ceramic tinks as the knuckles fall together.

She has a little black skull tattoo on her left forearm just near the elbow. it's only four centimeters at it's largest point but it's extremely detailed. There are two short phrases at the top and bottom in diminutive font, too small to read without a magnifying glass. The eyes are each full of fire and diamonds. Not many people see this tattoo.

Ysavva traditionally decorates her helmet with her "Teeth of the Beast" design, in white, red, or black paint, depending on what's available. The design consists of a thick jawline along the entire jawline of her helmet, with big sharp bottom teeth all along that length, and a top jawline going from somewhere behind her ears all the way to the front of the helmet meeting at the bridge of her nose, likewise with big sharp teeth along its length.
The basic design is always the same. Sometimes she excludes the jawlines if it wouldn't look good, but the teeth are always there and vicious. She often scratches the outlines of the teeth into the paint of her helmet so that the shiny metal underneath is exposed and the viciousness is emphasized. She never diminishes the functionality or protection of her helmet by covering sensors or obscuring her vision, or scraping off protective coatings.

When you first see her, you see that her armour is already damaged. There's a mean, charred acid burn on the left side of her helmet and upper torso, and the right side of her armour is covered in dozens of shallow scratches and some chipped paint where bullets hit. Her entire front is stained sick shades of red and green blood where it flowed down. The Teeth of the Beast etched into her helmet are still shiny and voracious, although the paint on the left side has almost completely disintegrated under the burdens of acid and fire.

Prior to Mission Two, Ysavva was sent on a little side-job for the heads of Tartarus. It was a simple off-the-books pickup-dropoff mission for something. It involved a lot of cash and secrecy, and the expectation was that with everything pre-arranged, this one wouldn't be to difficult.

She came back to the mothership with damaged armour, the cash, the goods, and a smoking gun.

IronDuke William "Quackshot"

Formerly a commander of an entire platoon in the military of a god-forsaken dust ball in the middle of nowhere, William is not the person he used to be. He was ordered to abandon the civilian convoy he was escorting to protect a military base that was under attack by a rival system, but refused. Almost single-handedly he saved the convoy and it’s 20,000 people, but the military base was destroyed. Fellow-soldiers, angry at his disobedience that cost them many comrades, chose not to assassinate him. Instead, they tortured and killed his family, his girlfriend, and several other friends, then got him put on the Tartarus, which was the only official bit. They figured, quite correctly, that living with that much loss due to his decision would be much more painful than death. Now he is no longer a friendly, charismatic figure. Angered that trying to protect civilians – what he views as the military’s duty – got so many people he loved killed, he has vowed never to grow attached to anyone ever again. He completely lost his faith in humanity, and has contemplated suicide several times, but deemed it not worth ridding other people of his annoying presence. He is an excellent pilot, and agile, strong, and accurate on the ground. His main weakness is a complete ineptitude around all things robotic psi or unusual. He mainly likes simple he can understand. Anything he can’t understand frustrates him, which is like frustrating a rattlesnake wrapped around your neck while hanging upside down from a tree. He was nicknamed “Quackshot” by the instructors at the training facility, who were charmed by both his accurate shooting and flying, and his obsession with anseriform poultry.

Biological information: Standing 5 feet 6 inches, William is built very stockily and has been known to bend crowbars with his bare hands out of sheer boredom. He is capable of fast, accurate movements. He has developed a permanent glaring scowl calculated to annoy people. His clenched muscles and tight, choppy movements denote his contained rage.

Idunno Unit 000000004965 Unit 4965 is a Humanoid Construction Chassis. It was built way the hell back. So far back that it sorta remembers the first extra-solar voyage. It's done its job since then. It's designed for construction, so it builds. And does the occasional demolitions work. When it's line of Chassis components went out of business, it didn't quietly go to a nearby recycling plant. It instead quietly manufactured 'accidents' in order to requisition parts that it would need to continue functioning. It upgraded itself when it could, never getting caught, no one knowing that the strange Chassis on the side of a nearby ship was anything more then an oddly designed Construction Chassis. And they still didn't think anything was off about its design when it de orbited a military space station with a creatively applied modular torch. Silhouette-question-mark.jpeg
Hapchazzard Taepilus Tæpilus was raised in a relatively well-off family and had a decent childhood. He was among the top-performing students throughout his education, and, after finishing a prestigious university, managed to land a job at a government weapon-research institution. Although he had a satisfying career there, he always dreamed of more. More influence, more power, more money - all of this couldn't be achieved by conventional means, he thought. So in his 24th year, he made a deal with the devil - he approached a local underground manufacturer of weapons, and agreed to start selling the design blueprints of the secret government projects he has been working on during his regular job. Although this was profitable and safe, it wasn't enough. Soon, he began working for the manufacturer - not only selling the secret government blueprints, but actually designing new models to counter the government-made ones. As time passed, he became the lead engineer in the organization. From this position, he attempted to overthrow the organization's command and seize it for itself. Although he succeeded, the operation drew too much attention from the local authorities and resulted in the organization's disbandment and his imprisonment. Silhouette-question-mark.jpeg
Cornflakes_91 Squidhead Squidhead has been around for a very long time, and spent most of that time with cybernetic experiments on himself and on others up to the point that he isn't recognisable as human anymore. Instead he looks more like a block of hardware with something that looks like a heavily modified old style brain tank in the middle of it and a couple of tentacles with omniports on their ends.
The tentacles aren't exceptionally strong on their own, so he is quite slow and unmaneuverable in gravity, in zero-gee hes not that much faster, but handles himself much better than standard humans.
The main body is a sphere of about one metre of diameter, it is pocked with empty module slots, heavy power sockets and structural connectors where the military grade hardware used to be mounted
the arms are about 150cm long, armthick at the base, and taper down to about 2cm diameter fingers which are arranged in a five pronged star around an omniport in the middle of them.
when standing in base gravity he stands to a bit less than 2 metres, with the respective lower tentacles work as legs, bowed and partially coiled to provide support
with all that augmentations and the accompanying hardware changes in his cybernetic body and his cerebral interface hardware over his lifetime, he forgot quite a lot about his life, such as his initial name, gender, date of birth etc.
questions about that are usually met with defensive behaviour.
though, he forgot more than most people know in their life, and he still remembers a lot of things (especially on how to replace arms with industrial robotic systems)
Through all his work on cybernetics he got quite a profound knowledge about surgery.
He's no replacement for a trained doctor, but he can stitch you together if no alternative is available.
Before he got REKT he had quite extensive military hardware on himself, plate armor, integrated weaponry, military grade hacking tools, the list goes on and on.
His answer to the question of why he had all that hardware on him was "why not?"
(Got a bit of basic weapon knowledge while mounting that stuff)
Equipment got confiscated, which caused a bit of skill loss compared to his "former self" as some of "him" was in his hardware.
A New Challenger Servius Recently made Praetor on Res Publica on his homeworld of U-235. His older brother, now deceased inmate Tulius, was one of the top scientists, who would inadvertently cause the planets destruction. He happened to be space-bound for a final covert ops mission with his team when U-235 was consumed by nuclear fire. Servius is one the best warriors U-235 ever produced, though in his current state is severely diminished. Silhouette-question-mark.jpeg
outlander4 Foreigner

Scott claims to be born and educated on Earth; he speaks calmly and slowly, with a soft European accent. He's neither short nor tall, neither slender nor fat - in fact, there's absolutely nothing worth mentioning about his appearance. Scott studied Terraforming and Planetary Ecology, and was one of the best students of his year. He worked for several years as a terraforming consultant before moving into the Rapid Terraforming Program on Kepler-438b.

Unrevealed info:
Kepler-438b had only the terraforming team living on it, consisting of 29 people (including Foreigner). Foreigner had discovered that the team had overlooked the presence of native bacterial life on the planet, and was planning on telling people about it so they would have to leave. The rest of the team didn't want to leave, though. They had even already officially formed a sovereign nation, and tried to convince Foreigner to drop it, but he wouldn't. It wasn't long before he overheard them planning to murder him, with his ex-girlfriend playing the primary role. This is why Foreigner killed off the population. The subsequent investigation also meant the bacterial life was discovered, and the planet was put into protected status.

BMRX Payback-13 Payback-13 suffers from amnesia, with no real knowledge of how he got here or where he came from. He knows his name and how to fight, CQC and small firearms use is so familiar it's comparable to knowing how to breath when organics are born…. Breathing, what is that anyway? A useless function, that's what. wcRWZm7.png
vector67 Nequeba I had a rough childhood if you could call it that. I sort of just got abandoned by my parents, I think they died. I was really young. I was found by a guy who took kids and sort of abused them as a labor force. Not really sure what happened there, I ran away pretty quickly and realized that the best way to survive on the world I lived on was just to slip into the shadows and do whatever came naturally. For me of course that just so happened to be eyeing valuable artifacts and acquiring them in whatever way happened to be available at the time. A couple of assisted suicides happened that way. Of course the last time didn't go so well, I was just sort of trying to do a job for a friend, he wanted another "friend" taken care of. I didn't know that the plant fertilizer that was stored with the food was highly explosive. Silhouette-question-mark.jpeg
Grimm Kalah Grimm Kalah grew up in a busy Mid-Rim Metropolis that was plagued by an unprecedented crime rate. It was inevitable, then, that she ran afoul of a powerful mafia. Deciding that she rather enjoyed breathing, and life in general, Kalah cut a deal with the police. Their protection for her information. It sparked a street war that lasted well over a year, only blind luck and street-smarts kept Kalah from meeting her creators. Eventually she decided to join the police and had all the makings of a stunning police officer. Her career came to an abrupt and screeching end after a night of heavy drinking. She has sworn off alcohol since. Silhouette-question-mark.jpeg
F4wk35 John Fletcher Born as the son of a close friend to the CEO of a manufacturer of high-tech weaponry and mobile, ground-based weapon-platforms, John had early contact with machines and showed that he was able to repair and pilot machines and robots to a great extend at the age of 12. With 16 he started working at his father´s friend´s manufacture as an mechanic. After 5 years, he got a job as a test pilot for new systems, where he then lost his left leg. After that he joined a mercenary squad, arranging mainly defense- and control-contracts from his former employer. During this time he lost his remaining leg and the left arm. Has yet to fly a spacecraft by himself. His mechanical limbs are not constructed to enhance his physical abilities, but to provide a better handling of the machines, he was working with. The feet consist of 3 15cm long dull claws, fixed to a central, rotatable hub. The fingers of the artificial hand can each split into 2 thinner fingers to increase the number of controls he could use. Other than that, the hand is extremely useful to peel fruit with only one hand. All limbs are 100% connected to his nervous system and offer several sensors and ports to connect to machines which then provide haptic sensation and an equivalent to pain (kind of a dull pressure). Silhouette-question-mark.jpeg
Triggerhappy Jimmy Triggerhappy

The son of the great Admiral Carter Triggerhappy of the Confederation.
Equally crazy compared to his father, but less lucky.
Knows little of engineering, but is a specialist in boarding, shooting and cutting.
Once managed to breached and captured an enemy dreadnought by himself.
Studied in the RA Federal Special Forces Academy and passed with insanely high grades.
Professional in dealing with explosives.
High grades in fleet and infantry strategics.
Failed offensive and defensive computer classes. Can not swim.
Terrifying strong immune system, is barely affected by any type of alcohol.

Every alert and adequate in military situations.

Hema Hema A Human from Omicron 8, Hema abducted by a group of scientists at the age of 10, to be used in lab experiments. By the time he was 16, he had gained the trust of the people working there, and the sympathy of one of the guards, named Oro. With Oro's help, he was able to escape the facility, though the whole experience left him with occasional nightmares, and the experiments left him permanently disfigured. He hungered for revenge, and began to train for the purpose of destroying the team of deranged scientists. He got his revenge, at the age of 20, when he returned to the labs, and hacked into which he vented large quantities of airborne, flesh-eating bacteria, killing everyone inside.He was captured by the police soon after, due to the strange scarring on his face, that was the results of experimentation. AiwySni.png
DigitalDuck Francis

A musical prodigy growing up, Francis loves nothing more than to toot his own horn. At the age of 17, he joined the Staccato City Ensemble full time until a certain incident one day. Despite not being French, people often assume him as such.

Cha0zz Dr. Cha0zz

Grew up in a poor family and was beaten by his parents. Bullied at age 6-12 until he took revenge by electrifying the bullies brain. Went to university at the age of 16 and proved to be one of the best students, during his time at university, different mysterieus disappearings and explosions happened, but this could not be linked back to him. After graduation he started a drugs lab to sell his self invented drugs. Because just selling drugs is boring, he also started making powerfull explosives and sold them to terrorists.

Dr. Cha0zz likes classical music, preferably from german composers (Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, etc).
He also likes science and thus tries to approach situations from a scientific and strategic point of view.

Dr. Cha0zz is a slender 42 year old male.
He has brown hair, when he's not wearing his lab coat, he can be seen in a classic brown tailor made suit with a tie.

Charley_Deallus Dak Perkins Dak Perkins grew up having a rough start to life. Abandoned by his parents, he was raised by a mercenary group as one of their own. He was raised to handle firearms and taught tactics so that he could join them when he became old enough. When Dak turned 18, he was cleared to go on missions, and when he turned 20, he began leading them. It seemed as if he was destined to rule the group one day until he made a grave error. While in the middle of a civil war conflict, Dak was caught by a grenade blast and left disoriented. Several government soldiers and fellow mercenaries came to assist him but he gunned them down while still concussed, acting on adrenaline and instinct. Despite many in the group seeing both sides of the situation, there were too many negatives against him and the allied government was planning on having him executed in accordance to their…'just' laws. Rather than risk the group coming into conflict with the government, Dak was handed over to the Tartarus. xPDp3KA.jpg
Black--Snow Blake Lowe

Optimistic yet cautious young space pilot, has seen a lot of ups and downs for his relatively young age including being uncloaked by a retreating ally and then destroyed. It didn't help that said ally was under his control either… He was born on a small colony in a core system and spent three years learning and gradually gaining enough skill and knowledge to make it on his own, which didn't end up working out anyway.

Blake died at the end of the second REKT mission. Through all of his near-death experiences he never once actually died, and it has affected him for the better. Realising the severity of his situation, he has resolved to become stronger and more willful. He will survive and if he is to be killed or captured he sure as hell won't let them get away unscathed.

BFett BFett

A hacker by trade, he attempted to slice into one too many banks and was caught before he could complete a funds transfer of 250,000 credits. He claims that he was framed and that he only used his knowledge about hacking to further the REKT program. Officials didn't buy the story when they discovered that the funds were being used to buy and sell stocks and happened to crash several small businesses.

Additional Background
(The below conversation is from a bugged ship which recorded BFett's voice while transporting him to the Tartarus. BFett was sitting right next to the microphone so it only picked up his voice.)

"They say I hacked into some bank and tried to steal a quarter of a million credits or something like that. They also accused me of using the funds to crash some small businesses. I played the stock market alright? It's not illegal, but they throw me away anyways. Yeah I failed… I never attempted the hack in the first place! I told them I was framed. I couldn't have used that money to do anything since I didn't have it. Would they listen… nooo.
(A moment of silence)
Unfortunately there aren't any lawyers available to cyber crooks on Karbad III. They busted their way into my house and I had no time to act. The rest is history."

Later After BFett had completed his first two missions he was asked by one of his squad mates to share his story as to how he got into REKT. This is what he said:

So you want to hear my story. Alright, here's my tale.

Three years ago I was working for a security software company that had ties to the REKT program. While the job was often challenging it didn't pay all that well. I started researching how the stock market worked and even made some trades here and there. I eventually found a few good trade opportunities and jumped on them. I ended up earning several thousand dollars and decided that I wanted to withdraw the money into my private account. The transfer took a few seconds to completes but I didn't suspect anything. I then logged off of the computer and went to bed. I awoke the next morning and while I was getting ready for work the door of my home got busted down by a squad of police in full body armor. The next thing I knew, I was sentenced to the REKT program for stealing a quarter of a million credits from a local bank.

If I can get through these ten missions in one piece I may take some time to find out who framed me into this mess. If I discover who it was, they can be sure, the skills I've learned through this program have made me a far more deadly adversary than I previously was.

cuisinart8 Andrew Rice

Andrew was born into a rich Core World family that owned a small luxury cruiser line. It was always his dream to captain one of the giant vessels owned by his family. However, when his father allowed him to take one for a spin- with passengers- the reactor went critical from lack of maintenance…a situation made worse by Andrew's bumbling attempts to contain the catastrophe. By the end of the day, the liner was a clump of irradiated slag, 500 passengers were dead, and Andrew was on his way to the Outer Rim to escape his family's anger. Unfortunately for him, the Tartarus caught up with him one day…

Dinosawer Dinosawer

Born and grew up on Proioxis. Fascinated by things that go fast from an early age after an infamous gocarting race. Signed up for pilot academy, graduated with high marks, with professors marking "Yes, yes, you pass! Now let me out of this flying death machine!"
Became a stunt pilot after being refused for the military due to "dangerous flying behaviour".


Inactive and deceased Non-Player Characters

Character Description Image
Aliss Maroon

Aliss is described as having unnaturally red hair (in all probability dyed) and a tendency to stand in the shadows. She mentions to Kalla after mission 2 that she lost her home and family at an early age, and found herself a slave during her younger teenage years.

Aliss grew up in a quiet colony home on As'karra, an arid outer world with an ecosystem dominated by a mix of terrestrial and alien flora. When she was 8, slavers raided her settlement, murdered the rest of her family in front of her, and took her captive. They transported her to their headquarters - a repurposed asteroid in an unfamiliar system. Over the next four years they taught her a variety of common (and uncommon) household tasks. She was malnourished and hungry for much of the time, with little more to her name than a few scraps of cheap linen she called a dress, and a spot on the cold stone floor where she could sleep. After she turned 11, the slavers began giving her better meals and a nicer place to sleep. Aliss initially assumed it was because they were pleased with her progress, and worked harder to make her masters happy. Unfortunately, it was nothing like this at all: they were merely fattening her up so they could sell her, and sell her they did after she'd turned 12 - to a rich, corrupt outer world merchant named Naisos.

Her life under Naisos was nothing short of a nightmare for young Aliss. Naisos treated her brutally - enough to make her wish she was back with the Slavers on the asteroid world. Naisos alternately beat and raped the young girl when he was displeased with her, leaving her with PTSD and an intense dislike of physical contact. Her life under him was a blur, and she was sincerely grateful on the day that pirates raided Naisos's trading barge. She was 15 at the time. Bound and gagged, she was hauled onto the pirate ship just as any of the other goods.

Fortunately for Aliss, she was to see better days from then on. The pirate leader, Captain Liskerio, took a liking to Aliss and, while she was still treated as a slave, took much better care of her than her previous captors. He taught her various forms of fighting, training her in stealth and many varieties of weaponry. Two years later, Liskerio decided that the 17-year-old Aliss was ready, and began employing her as a spy.

While this went well for a while, all good things must come to an end… no matter how little good exists in the rest of one's life.

Ama'lia Milson † She is described as having blonde hair. Is the sister to Cindrina Milson. Died in a mission predating Platoon 56; Cindrina got herself taken aboard the Tartarus to find her. Silhouette-question-mark.jpeg
Annalea Brision ? Silhouette-question-mark.jpeg
Brecalus † Brecalus is described as sporting a steep white-blond haircut. Silhouette-question-mark.jpeg
Chavez Bastira † Chavez is described as a tall, heavily-tattooed man with an unsavory demeanor. Silhouette-question-mark.jpeg
Cindrina Milson Cindrina is described as having long, dark hair that she brushes in front of her eyes as if she's trying to hide. She carries a photo album with her. Formerly a nurse on Cissinia, sister to a herbalist, Ama'lia Milson. Cindrina had a very happy, peaceful, normal life until her sister Ama'lia Milson was arrested and sent to Tartarus for reasons unknown to her. She saved up money, paid Tartarus's fee, and shipped herself to Tartarus as well. Upon learning her sister had joined REKT, Cindrina followed suit. Silhouette-question-mark.jpeg
Clara Lesaille Clara is described as having "glasses concealing dark brown eyes, beneath even darker hair", with bangs that hang over her left eye. She was a student at at university on Ilpkenore II, studying for a physics degree. She took part in a group research project to study warp fields with a number of her colleagues, but it proved to be more dangerous than they had anticipated. The project went awry; one of her colleagues, a male named Orireth Asiphoth, ironically saved her life after a containment breach and subsequent explosion. The death of the man prompted his father, the local regional governor, to pay to have Clara and the other surviving students shipped aboard the Tartarus. Clara's colleagues joined her in Platoon 56 but later died both during the Taghdara misison and earlier Elensis mission. Clara is noted to be something of a bookworm, and enjoys playing arcade games to pass the time when she's troubled. Silhouette-question-mark.jpeg
Fallen Fallen is bald; the top of his head is scarred and disfigured from an accident he had when he was younger. Silhouette-question-mark.jpeg
Haedal Ackz

Haedal Ackz was trained in planetary defense for a human outpost planet in the outer rim. Much of this involved sitting at a desk, doing nothing and waiting for orders. Human labor was considered more desirable than AI replacements, as the operation was on a strict budget. Unfortunately, all this sitting gave Haedal a lot of time to think, and he subsequently grew depressed, fat, and lazy from sitting in a chair all day with nothing to do.

On a fateful day, the outpost was attacked. Haedal was given the order to raise shields, but denied the order, attempting to argue with his superior that such an act would likely be futile. The shields were raised, and Haedal was reprimanded and deemed unfit for duty. It was heavily debated whether or not he was actually a traitor, and he ended up getting shipped to Tartarus anyway, just to be safe.

Iquilia Naja Iquilia Naja grew up on a midworld planet called Karbad III. Originally trained as a combination military pilot and ground trooper, Iquilia was granted an early discharge when she became pregnant with her daughter. Her husband died soon thereafter, and she was left a single mother raising her child for the next two decades, always struggling to make ends meet but finding comfort in her daughter's presence. Unfortunately, this didn't last long; in a strange incident, her daughter was raped and murdered by some of the campaign crew for an government official shortly before an election. This tore Iquilia's world apart and broke her, and she sought justice for her daughter. Unfortunately, before it could make it to press, the governor had the matter quietly swept under the table and the death was instead listed as a suicide. He then proceeded to threaten Iquilia with the same fate if she caused any further trouble. While outwardly agreeing to silence, Iquilia pulled some strings with her contacts and assassinated the governor before he could be re-elected. This quickly landed her on the Tartarus. Silhouette-question-mark.jpeg

Kai'isha grew up on Shai'lin, a watery Inner World planet renowned both for its production of luxury goods and its gorgeous sunsets and vistas. Her life was mostly uneventful and "average" - she went to school like all her other peers, and was neither excessively rich, nor excessively poor. She was essentially "normal" - or as normal as it could get. In college she took courses for advanced database manipulation, consumer handling and emergency medical aid. Her ideal job was a receptionist; she wanted to become the lead receptionist of Tawe'ii's Setting Suns Resort - a beautiful multi-island tourist destination set in the Shai'lin midlands. It was a long and difficult path for her, but she eventually managed obtaining a position as the head receptionist for one of the smaller branches. Unfortunately, she gained many enemies along the way - specifically for her bubbly attitude. A common and accepted practice on Shai'lin was to sleep with your superiors in order to raise your chances of a promotion; Kai'isha disliked this and refused to participate, even at the advances of those above her.

During Kai'isha's fourth year, a Magistrate from one of the other inner worlds came to personally inspect the Setting Suns resort to be sure it would be an appropriate location for his daughter's imminent wedding. Normally this would be an event that would pass all but unnoticed. However, this particular magistrate - Magistrate Kong Sim Wu VII, had a very large following on interstellar media in relation to tourist sites, and a nasty disposition. Due to uncertain circumstances, however, he came upon the defecation of a young child on his island's pool, that had gone unnoticed by pool staff (or had been planted there by outside agencies). Upon discovering it, he became irate and swore he would make sure that Setting Suns was closed within a year.

Normally this would have happened. The Magistrate would go back to his own world, give a terribly negative report, and Setting Suns would lose. However, some of Kong Sim Wu's rivals took the opportunity to make a deal with the now-desperate heads of Setting Suns: they would poison Kong Sim Wu, and all Setting Suns had to do would be to provide someone to take the fall.


Kalla is described as a "skinny, bedraggled woman". She is noted to have thin, corkscrew chestnut hair that she keeps tied behind her in a loose bun.

Kalla, born Kalllamine Gherzi, grew up on Elbacrow 8, commonly known as "Highwood" for its native forests. The highwoods - the tall mountaintop forests that gave the planet its nickname - happened to be where Kalla grew up. Life was never easy for her. Even as a child, she learned to make herself useful, hunting small native game such as caem'inds and korvie to support herself and her family… even after hunting the caem'inds was banned by the local government. This would count as a felony and would normally have placed her in prison, but she continued anyway. It was a source of free food - the only costs she had to pay were to buy more bullets for her Elkwitz-style rifle. Kalla grew accustomed to the land. She loved its gorgeous sunsets, the breathtaking vistas, and the great plateaus where the high-altitude forests thrived. She loved relaxing under the towering trees with a book in hand, listening to the rare sound of birds. Highwood was a peaceful place, even if flora and fauna were sparse. She grew to cherish that peace.

Highwood's government, the Elbacrow Sentinels (or simply "the Sentinels"), had long been corrupt, and it soon came to light that the caem'ind were not actually endangered. The aristocratic leaders of the despotic monarchy simply wanted them to be set aside for their own hunting pleasure. When this story leaked out, the authorities quickly set about removing the small plateau-top villages such as Kalla's completely, forcing her and her down into the cancerous slum-ridden valleys. Kalla's father died of "air sickness" the following year; none of her family members could afford the expensive treatments. This hardened Kalla's heart, and she vowed that she would retake her home someday.

Young Kalla soon joined an underground group that was supposed to be comprised of rebels, hoping to make a difference, but the rebels she found were revealed to be useless teenagers that just wanted to seem edgy and different, and weren't interested in activism at all. She left them and created her own group, the Highwood Homelanders, aimed at exposing the corruption in the government at any cost. During these adventures, she met a man she would cherish for the rest of her life - Albryn Karadorn. The two soon married, and Kalla was soon thereafter found to be with child. Nine months later she gave birth to a healthy baby girl: Aedeline. Kalla stepped back as leader of the Homelanders, allowing others to take her stead. She was a mother now, and she wanted to focus on that first and foremost.

It took several years for the government to take any notice of the Homelanders - or anyone else. It wasn't until Kalla's group began distributing newspapers detailing some of the horrific aspects of the government, such as the "right-to-rape" laws that were put in place for the ruling class, that people began to pay attention. Kalla kept working to expose corruption, looking to gather more to her cause. She was bold and fearless. During this time she helped initiate several gunfights against local law enforcement, all of which were won. She spoke out loudly at conventions and tried to rally the populace to work together, and the populace listened. One night in 3149, a great army of citizens marched against the capital, Woodstock, up on the highwood plateaus… with a disastrous outcome. Armed forces quickly gunned down many of them, and the remainder fled for their lives. The government finally took note of the Homelanders and set up laws saying anyone that associated with them would be arrested and put to death.

One night only two months after, a police force raided her home without warning, forcefully capturing her and her small family. She had recently given birth to twins - a boy and a girl - the governement took them as well, and her husband, and brought her to Woodstock. She was home again… but had no cause to celebrate.

For the next few months, the government tortured Kalla and Albryn, demanding they give up the names and locations of the rest of the Homelanders, but neither gave any ground. Albryn lied to protect his wife, stating that he was in a higher position than she - and as a result, they focused on him instead. For over a year, the young couple lay in a dark, grimy cell in the depths of the building, brought out only for interrogations and torture. These grew increasingly brutal as time went on. The interrogators murdered and cut Kalla's twins to pieces in front of them, and then tortured and murdered Aedeline. Her husband grew very ill from an infection in his leg, which soon led to necrosis. Kalla held Albryn in her arms, all alone in a dark, grimy cell, as he died. She cried inconsolably.

Several months later the interrogator brought news that another one of their captives had given out the names of the Homelander leaders, and that a raid had utterly wiped them out. Rather than be free to go, they were sending her to Tartarus. She would never see her beloved highwoods again… or any of her family.

Karlyle Edonboon III Grew up the son of a powerful businessman on Rakkaati Station, a superstation orbiting a gas supergiant (Rakkaati) in an inner system (also Rakkaati). Karlyle grew up under his father's careful hand, but during his teenage years grew wary of his father's dealings. His father was truthful and honest in his work, but from Edonboon's perspective, lacked the spine to properly manage the company. He backstabbed his father by marooning him on a desolate planet to die during a family vacation. Edonboon returned to Rakkaati, claimed his father's fortune, and continued to mine hydrogen from Rakkaati, this time selling it to illegals on the black market for incredible amounts of cash. His father eventually returned, but by that time Edonboon had enough power to keep him silent, and his father remained in the background… until he secretly arranged to have his son kidnapped and held for ransom. Of course, nobody would pay the ransom, and the kidnappers (after being paid for the deed by Edonboon's father) sold Edonboon to Tartarus - although his father was unaware of this proceeding. Silhouette-question-mark.jpeg
Lugg D Lugg was born on New Earth and moved to Ctoba IX early in his life. He abandoned his last name in his childhood and simply went by "Lugg", or "Lugg D" if necessary. During the next couple of decades, he made a living in a drug dealership that manufactured and sold a highly addictive version of Whiff to buyers on the inner worlds. After that particular business venture failed, Lugg set himself up as a mercenary. For the next decade, he served as a combination hitman, bodyguard, and bouncer. If you were going to sell drugs in a shady locale, he was the kind of man you'd want to hire. If someone didn't pay their debts, Lugg was who you would send to collect. If someone showed up at your doorstep and you didn't want them around, Lugg was there to take them out. Silhouette-question-mark.jpeg
Marcson Tobar Marcson is described as a little overweight, with a beard and a balding head. Silhouette-question-mark.jpeg
Rikke Former citizen of U235, and an accomplice of Tulius by extension. She taught Tulius almost everything she knew, and he blew up the planet. Silhouette-question-mark.jpeg
Snakesilk † Silksnake is described as having long, thin white hair (possibly bleached) and one blind eye. Silhouette-question-mark.jpeg
Taniya Aljahnar

Taniya is described as heavily tattooed, with dark skin and hair. She's stated that she's been on at least two missions before; it is hinted that she may have gone on the Taghdara mission. It's possible she's been on more than two missions as well. She has also stated that she doesn't like to talk about her past.

Taniya grew up on the planet Hiltor, former home of the Hiltorel alien species. The population of Hiltor is heavily militarized, being thought of as an outpost against alien invasions toward Earth. It had been several centuries since any aliens actually attempted to attack Earth, however, so the ruling military junta decided on some rather drastic measures to stimulate the economy.

During her term in the military, Taniya rose quickly through the ranks, becoming granted the position of Third Seat Bomber of the First Colonial Stealth Force. A popular military strategy of the time was to bomb "problematic" alien colonies to slow their development, and Taniya ran more missions than most. The practice was supposedly discontinued at the time, but the actions of the Stealth Force were undercover and not actually revealed to the galactic population. Instead the incidents were branded "terrorist attacks" and frowned on in the media to save face.

Taniya's squadron flew in old, generic fighter ships that couldn't be traced back to the military, but trained extensively. In combat, forces several times their size could hardly scratch them. For her first few undercover bombing raids, she felt a deep sense of guilt for killing so many alien civilians, but over time, she became more accustomed to it - and then actually started to enjoy it a little.

Of course, someone eventually discovered the government's corruption. The military junta distanced themselves from it, saying that they had no part in the matter and didn't even know it was going on. The court believed it, and tried Taniya and her squadmates as war criminals, subsequently ordering them to death by Mimir execution. Her squad was shipped off for Valhalla… except her. She managed to escape prison before the transports arrived, underwent some medical transformations to conceal her identity, and fled.

When finally away from the squad, her past started catching up with her in the form of guilt. Taniya began having trouble with insomnia, and sank into a dark depression. It was almost a year before she recovered, when she was 28. She decided to migrate to one of the Hiltorel worlds she had bombed - Siskl - and play the part of a Hiltorel monk. While obviously not Hiltorel herself, the Hiltorel welcomed her into their ranks, teaching her their profession: to enrich the lives of the less fortunate members of the population in exchange for donations.

For two years, Taniya's guilt was dulled, if not removed in whole or part, as she gave her time to menial tasks such as cleaning roadways and building shelters. She became accustomed to this quiet life, and found it much more to her liking than the excitement of her previous… but all things come to an end. The other monks eventually discovered her true identity. They shunned her for her misdeeds and sentenced her to death, shipping her to Tartarus on the next available flight.


Described as tall, strong, and rather square, with a wide chin, small eyes and short brown hair. Trig has the unusual problem that he remembers very little about his life - but he suspects that his past self ("Old Trig", as he calls it") erased his memory intentionally, likely through an illegal procedure. What he does know follows below.

Trig grew up on an undisclosed inner world with his family - a mother, a father, and a younger brother named Tierce. He remembers little about this. Before his capture and sentencing to REKT, he managed to obtain a copy of a mail to a relative offworld - a cleverly coded message. From what he can tell, his homeworld was under constant police surveillance. No one was allowed to enter, or leave. He watched police attack his girlfriend of four years, a bystander at a protest caught in the crossfire, killing both her and her unborn child. Trig doesn't even remember her name.

His trail disappears for a time, and reappears on Elbacrow 7, a little known middle-world with a harsh atmosphere and near-constant storms over much of its surface. He was apparently the leader of a rebellion there. The way he escaped his homeworld is unknown, but it is known that Tierce accompanied him. A neighboring planet, Elbacrow 8 (or "Highwood", as it was better known) tracks a certain rebellion leader "Girth" as being one of the most wanted criminals during this time; the dates match up with the known records of Elbacrow 7, leading authorities to believe that "Trig" and "Girth" were the same person. The rebellion then simply disappeared later on, and any traces of him vanishes for almost the next fifteen years.

The next known report on Trig is from his trial on Highwood. At this point in time, the location of Tierce was unknown (presumed fled). He was named a murderer, but pleaded innocent, stating he had no recollection of the events. He claimed that one of the corporations on Highwood tortured and murdered his brother, but that he had no firsthand memory of these events either.

The Highwood Trial found Trig guilty of a great number of charges, sentencing him to death. The Tartarus acquired him five months later.

It is possible, but unknown, whether Highwood was also his birthplace. The conditions described in the letter his private investigator uncovered do not quite match those on Elbacrow 8.