Jimmy Triggerhappy
"There is no problem that cannot be solved by the use of high explosives." —Jimmy Triggerhappy

Personal Information

The son of the great Carter Triggerhappy.
Equally crazy compared to his father, but less lucky.
Knows little of engineering, but is a specialist in boarding, shooting and cutting.
Once managed to breached and captured and enemy dreadnought by himself.
Studied in the RA Federal Special Forces Academy and passed with insanely high grades.
Professional in dealing with explosives.
High grades in fleet and infantry strategics.
Failed offensive and defensive computer classes. Can not swim.
Terrifying strong immune system, is barely affected by any type of alcohol.

Every alert and adequate in military situations.


Aggressive responses to threats, otherwise tries to be friendly. Loves cutters and shooter. Hate(not fear) of water.
Will sneak up on you and kill you if you cross him.

Reason your character got REKT

Primary: In the REKT program for capturing and ramming a dreadnought into a city-station after orders from the Admiralty to stand down from attacking an enemy.
Secondary: Deaths of over seventy five thousand people and the destruction of a whole planet (population - 98 Billion) in earlier encounters.


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