List of places

This is a list of all known canon locations in the Milky Way as well as a few of their characteristics.

Current galactic human population: 3.95 trillion across 5773 planets

Core Worlds

Ilpkenore II

A world noted for its enhanced academic structure and expansive, shallow oceans, largely due to a lack of tectonic activity. Cities are built in the water as often as not; this is the case of Hilikpon, the city Clara Lesaille grew up in. While the ruling aristocracy is corrupt, it rarely meddles in the affairs of its citizens.

Karbad III

A thriving police state consisting of multiple cities where cyber crimes such as hacking are punished immediately. BFett grew up on this planet and was later charged and convicted of hacking a bank despite his claims otherwise. Iquilia Naja also came from this planet.

New Earth

Main article: New Earth
A shining beacon to humans, but a hated, evil capital to aliens. Prejudice and racism abounds here, and it is very rare that you will see anyone other than a human walking the streets. New Earth is covered with fauna and flora brought over from the old world in a carefully maintained artificial ecosystem, and has a controlled population of roughly 3.73 billion. Living here is expensive and considered a privilege, but there are still many places in nearby systems that people can live.


The name of a system, the supergiant in it and the superstation orbiting the gas giant. The supergiant is mined for hydrogen. This was the home station of Karlyle Edonboon III.


Shai'lin is a watery world with clusters of mountainous islands, under the soft, cool light of its parent star, and has a penchant for spectacular sunsets and rolling sea-level fogs. The flora is typically short with deciduous flowering, fruit-bearing foliage. It is very picturesque, and a well known tourist destination as such, but the majority of its income is produced by manufacturers of luxury goods. Kai'isha was noted to have come from this planet.


A world vaguely similar to Earth, but with the equator mostly devoid of land masses. The solid land in the world is, by and large, highly mountainous. Named prematurely, in the hopes of its (human) discoverers that it would draw in tourists and visitors. Instead, Valhalla became a world of industry and commerce, thanks largely due to an abundance of ore, somewhat acidic oceans, and narrow green belt. Most famously, it hosts the headquarters of the military company Mimir Corporation - the primary rival of Tartarus Inc.



A cold mining planet and colony, located right on the border of the rimworlds. Inhabitants often deal with various lung defects and diseases resulting from poor atmospheric cleansing filters and a general lack of maintenance. Mining accidents are common and the mortality rate is high, but the citizens are unable to leave. Dissenters are quickly put down and riots are quelled with lethal force. Frank Foster managed to escape, owing only to the fact that he managed to hack into several critical computer systems and was sent to Tartarus for his crimes.


Cissinia, former home of Ama'lia Milson and Cindrina Milson, is a Sanctuary World orbiting a dying star, notable both for being one of the few Sanctuaries both within the border of the Inner Worlds, and for being home to much lush native flora and fauna. Over a hundred years previously, humanity attempted to invade and force the original alien habitants to the edges of the galaxy, but these natives put up fierce and violent opposition to being moved. This was brought up in a sympathetic light in galactic media and protests eventually ended the war prematurely with a truce. It was determined that the Cissinians could stay on four of the planet's eleven continents, while humanity would control the rest.

Crius IV

A very heavily forested world, notable for its heavy exportation of wood. It is also notable for rampant crime and debauchery, resulting from the planet's mildly intoxicating air which gives a fair portion of its inhabitants a light "high". While originally settled (and seeded) for forestry, it eventually became a sort of underground, criminally-focused resort planet, centered especially on the sizable city of Ermhelm, where Brom Keegan hails from.

Ctoba IX

A world notable for its vast swampland and lush native vegetation, it was originally stolen from a species of aliens known as the zlemoids, and a former slave trade hub. Ctoba is a popular headquarters for members of the criminal underworld.
Lugg D lived here for most of his life.


A blackball set along a primary trade route to and from the core worlds, notable for its hospitable, Earth-like ecosystem. The planet supports a light planetary defense force, maintained and ruled by an elite aristocracy - CEOs and high-ranking executives of a major shipping company - or so the rumors go. Home to Caleb Moore.


Also known as "Highwood", Elbacrow VIII is best known for its incredibly tall plateau-top forests and native fauna, and less well known for its corrupt aristocratic government or the slumlike living conditions its valley-bound citizens are privy to. Kalla was born on the plateaus in the forests before they were designated as off-limits, and Trig led a rebellion against the government here. Elbacrow has a hotter sister planet which is mostly deserts and caves; only the poles are considered to be livable conditions, but bands of smugglers, pirates and rebels make their homes further south near the equator.


An out-of-the-way world notable for its very harsh climate, as well as its particularly inhospitable native flora and fauna. Originally hoped to be settled as a garden planet, the fauna and flora were such that only a few sparse settlements of humans remained, trading captured specimens for illegal tech which the inhabitants soon began augmenting themselves with, to give themselves enough of an edge to survive. It is notable for being the homeworld of the REKT inmate Gearhead.


This planet was selected for terraforming purposes, and would have become a planet suitable for humanoids. However, Foreigner killed off the small colony's population with the terraforming machinery and the project was shut down.

New Dublin

A water-rich Earthlike planet originally colonised by a group of people supposedly originating from Old Earth's Ireland. Most colonisation happened on the moderately-climated ‘central’ continent.
Its populace is fairly poor, makes ends meet most of the time but not much left for luxury or comfort. It however has a decent educational system (externally sponsored), and gifted individuals are regularly given work off-planet (since they’ll work for less than equally gifted locals, of course)
Most people either provide cheap labour for off-world companies, are farmers, or the other basic jobs that society needs (teachers, doctors etc).
Saoirse was born in and lived her first few years in the town Falainey, in the New Galway district.

Poesis I-96-O

An earthlike planet rich due to lots of natural resources, the planet is home to a lot of powerful corporations that keep the conservative government firmly in place, because they make laws convenient for the industry magnates. That the government is also deeply religious is a minor side effect they don’t care about much.
Decades upon decades of a vicious cycle of government propaganda and political cementation of views due to voter pressure has solidly extremized the views of the population. Personal gain is seen as positive, since if someone manages to get successful it is surely meant to be that way. Any modification of the human body is messing with god’s work and seen as despicable.
The planet is 6.7 ly away from New Dublin and uses it for cheap manual and mental labour.


A planet in a fairly quiet system at the root of the Orion arm, at the outer part of the inner rim. The galactic equivalent of the suburbs, not as rich as New Earth, but a very nice place to live. Or, according to Proioxian teenagers, incredibly boring, which might be a reason for its well-known and plentiful space flight academies. Dinosawer grew up there.


An earthlike planet where the human colonists all died mysterious deaths over the course of a few months. Tonon Murk claims to have been behind it, but this is unconfirmed, and it is rumored he was actually arrested for stealing a pig.


A world ravaged by war, locked in a destructive nuclear arms race. Eventually a nuclear holocaust wiped out all the life on the surface. Humans Tulius and Rikke were held responsible for this atrocity, and later sent to REKT.

Outer Worlds


Bax is a world only vaguely referred to by the Baxian species. This frail, hyperintelligent race has managed to hide their homeworld from humanity for over five hundred years; it is uncertain where exactly it is, or what it looks like. This is an incredible feat, as it is presumed that some sort of technology may be involved in actively cloaking the entire star system from detection.


Chilendorn is a star system near the very edge of the Milky Way galaxy consisting of an irregular gamma ray pulsar and a thick asteroid belt. It was the site of Mission-1, and the site of a Quantum base, which was subsequently consumed or destroyed by Dark Space.


The homeworld of the ^kö species. Little is known about it except that it may be heavily irradiated, as is the preference of the species.


Nanyej is a planet outside of humanity's domain. It's a reservation world, populated by a few hiltorel colonies. As to terrain, it's dusty, dry, and barren, with slightly below earth gravity. The atmosphere is too thin to support life and contains only trace amounts of oxygen to begin with, making it an undesirable place to live for humans. Huhoba Qitsit, one of the colonies, is the main location for REKT: BTE Mission 1.

In its far distant past, it was covered with various native plants and some small quantity of oceanic life. Scientists speculate that a particularly large meteor struck the surface at that time, nearly shattering the young world. This killed off most geological activity, particularly in the core and mantle, leaving the planet without a magnetic field. With this gone, the atmosphere was soon stripped away, and the surface water evaporated. The antipode of this collision caused chaotic effects on the terrain, centered primarily in the vicinity of the hiltorel colony of Huhoba Qitsit.

Old Earth

Once a beautiful world, Earth has become soiled and ruined by centuries of pollution and neglect. Most of the planet is slum-ridden and in poverty, while a select few, smaller countries such as Japan and the United Kingdom remain something close to what they once were. Due to global warming, dikes are a common sight, and line the coasts of countries that could afford to build them. In other less fortunate countries, they have simply abandoned the former coastline and moved further inland.

Omicron 8

A human planet with slumlike conditions and heavy rains. The inhabitants are often abducted by scientists to be used as lab rats. Inmate Hema was born in one of the settlements here and abducted in a similar manner.

Rii'shak V

Rii'shak V is for the most part a barren world with rocky peaks and dry, cracked plains rich with iron oxide. Its designation of V suggests that there are four more planets nearer to its host star. It is the home of the Rii'shians, a group of large, sentient alien species that have evolved to survive on their homeworld. It is also the site of an invasion from the Daxx, a species from a neighboring world, who attempted to forcibly claim a site full of anomalous materials, and the site of an early, successful REKT mission predating Platoon 56. CHIARA gave Jimmy Triggerhappy a VR mission that emulated this mission.


Sedirmar is a young star system near the galaxy's edge, and still has many of its thick, protoplanetary clouds. It is thought to have been in formation for billions of years, suggesting that there may be something there keeping planets from forming. A group of scientists and their guardian mercenaries have taken up residence closer to the parent star; the mercenaries fiercely defend their system from outside intervention while they work to discover the source of the anomalous behavior. Sedirmar is also the site of Mission 2.


A moon around a gas giant named Aerevoh, which in its turn orbits a Class K star. Strangely, Sitatha is inside the Roche limit of its mother planet (the Roche limit is the border inside which satellites get ripped apart by tidal forces) and thus shouldn't exist at all. Even stranger, the moon is host of signals seemingly of Quantum origin, and several strange domes. Part of this moon was the location of mission 3.


Taghdara is a moon in a star system in close proximity to Earth. It was the site of one of the first battles between humanity and neighboring alien species. Humanity was ultimately defeated, and 800-year-old wreckage - much of it in the form of dangerous nuclear reactors - still litters the surface, making it almost uninhabitable. Notable for being a pre-game mission site for Platoon 56, although their work was performed in orbit.


Tyrpaxia is noted as a planet with particularly dangerous flora, in SCAMPS' words: "Squad 239 and 241 are doing a joint mission on Tyrpaxia, and they're having a little trouble with the local flora. We're going to try to shell the shits from orbit, but we'll need to be careful not to get too close to the planet lest they grab hold of the Tartarus." Little else is known about it.
When Andrew Rice looked at it through the mess hall window, he saw:
Before you stretches a mountainous planet with an unimaginable amount of greenery - only the poles lack the color, and are instead a dry, yellowish color. As you stare at the planet, you begin to se shapes moving around - small shapes, but shapes nonetheless - curves that look like gigantic, twisting vines. It's only then that you realize - you aren't looking at mountains. Those are creatures. The immense scale of their bodies stuns you into silence.


Staccato City

It is unknown what planet this city is on, or whether it's even a city. However, it is implied that this is where the Staccato City Ensemble originated, and where Francis originally hails from. It can be assumed that the city is renowned for its musicality.