There are no actual weapons or pieces of equipment of any type at the armory. This is a prison ship, retard. Instead, you can talk to our requisition officers and they'll help you find the equipment you need - and they know a hell of a lot more about this stuff than I do. They're also armed, so if you try anything funny, you'll have a hole in yourself before you can scream.

For an overview of available equipment also see Armory.


  • Buy new equipment
  • Exchange old equipment
  • Sell old equipment
  • Refill your ammo, grenades, etc.

Ingame description

The armory isn't actually that large of a place - it's a row of somewhere between one and two dozen bulletproof windows on the back wall of an alcove, each with people behind them. Call them quartermasters, call them requisition officers - it really doesn't matter. Their job is the same either way: They give you what you need, provided you have the creds for it. All around you are screens with REKT propaganda and images of expensive trinkets, while holograms of various pieces of equipment and weaponry float in the center of the room, at various kiosks.