Chilendorn System

This is the Chilendorn system, a tiny little speck of dust right at the edge of the galaxy. There's no planet here - whatever planets were here got blasted into molten spacedust when the star went supernova a few million years ago. All that's left is a belt of whatever shit could manage to pull the mass together to form something resembling boulders. And it's almost pitch-black. But all that is unimportant.

I'd like to bring your attention to the star in the upper-right corner of the image. As I'm sure none of you have figured out by now, that's a pulsar - and not just any run-of-the-mill pulsar, but a motherfukcing irregular gamma ray pulsar. Something weird going on in its core causes it to spin off its axis fairly rapidly, making a thorough sweep of all points in the system once every five minutes. We're talking about enough gamma rays to deep-fry an elephant's insides in ten seconds - nothing can survive that.

And yet, at some point, something did.


What you're looking at now is an image the Zilean Research Division's scout drones sent back of one of the asteroids - with clearly recognizable structures. Most of them seem to be covered over in some kind of crystalline substance - we can only guess that it was artificially created. As to why, or what it does, we don't have a fukcing clue. Even better, there's some kind of functional anti-spacecraft towers down there - the drones got blown to bits soon after taking that last image. None of them escaped.

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Tartarus Inc. is currently hoping to recover whatever artifacts are at the base. One of their new platoons is working on the operation to clear the path for the safety of the scientists. Once the platoon finishes the job, the plan is to have a second platoon move in and maintain security while the scientists work. Later on, after the place is picked clean, the Tartarus will swing back by and pick everyone up.