Fuhodo Station

Fuhodo Station is a space station that orbits Nanyej's moon.
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Major areas

Greater mines

Convoluted and abandoned. Air may be stagnant. Used by gangs, never frequented by security. A dangerous place to visit.

The docks

Where all larger ships dock. A large percentage of stationdwellers work here. Usually relatively safe, but often a free-for-all.

Main hangars

The politically correct place to park a smaller ship. Lots of through traffic, even today. The station's window to the universe.

Old palaces

Lavish housing for the station's elite. Only retains a shadow of its former beauty. Currently controlled by gangs.

The hole

Originally the mines that made Fuhodo prosperous. Now mostly used as impoverished living areas. Often dangerous to outsiders.


A conglomeration of stores, eateries and hotels. The typical destination of visitors. Mostly serves the Nanyej colonies.

The forges

Once a mighty powerhouse of industry. Now abandoned, looted, and used as a dump. Smaller gangs and exiles roam where it hasn't breached.

Merc central

The former security hub for PT Enterprises. Now serves as a mercenary meeting ground. If you need a merc or a hitman, just visit the pubs.

The markets

An underground bazaar of shops and stalls. Cheap prices, cheaper goods. Lots of local flavor. Typically serves residents of The Hole.


Fuhodo Station was originally founded when an asteroid in the Nanyej system was discovered to possess large deposits of platinum. A mining base was soon established, called "Fuhodo Station". While initially owned by P.T. Enterprises, the megacorporation eventually decided that the population was too vast to handle without a system of laws. They established a form of privatized government and set up a police force to manage the rapidly-growing population, by then already over 100,000. As the station grew, eventually becoming known as "Fuhodo City" and even "Fuhodo Colony" over the following decade, it became the economic hub of the surrounding star cluster, boasting beautiful parks and verandas and stylish housing for the upper and middle class. Poverty was fairly low, and this attracted ever more inhabitants - many of which, instead of working in the mines, set up a conglomeration of different businesses and fostered a strong market.

All good things eventually come to an end, and so it was for Fuhodo Station. After some time, the mine's supply of platinum seemed to become scarcer, and so P.T. Enterprises ran a deepscan of the entire asteroid. When it was determined that there were no other pockets, they pulled out of the operation, handing the entire station over to an undisclosed second party at a fair sum. Soon following, the station suffered a dramatic societal collapse caused by a combination of poor politics, a collapsing market, abruptly-raised taxes and mass hysteria from the mine's situation being leaked publicly. The government countered the outrage of its citizens with mercenary troops to supplement its police forces. These still failed to keep the massive population in check, resulting in the Fuhodo Massacre when the citizens attempted to storm the government complex, in which over 25,000 people died (primarily plodii, fysar, and hiltorel), many of whom died from lack of oxygen when the corridors were vented.

Today Fuhodo station is a mere shadow of what it once was. The government was later successfully deposed and replaced, but taxes are still quite high. Unfortunately, with the asteroid containing little but the already-abundant iron, there is little of great value to export, and thus little in the way of traffic. It especially doesn't help matters that the Nanyej system is situated at the outer edge of its small star cluster.

The gap between the poor and wealthy is higher at Fuhodo station than in most places. The upper and middle-class residential homes have mostly been filled with government figures and the particularly wealthy, with walls between former condos knocked down to make much larger, grander living areas. The middle class hardly exist, and the poverty-stricken lower class typically live in either low-class living areas or, most commonly, the mines themselves, which have been re-fitted with cheap air filtration systems and enough walls to create "homes", if they could even be called that.

The former commercial sector is mostly gone, with only a few shops remaining - the market has migrated in that direction, and the old market is mostly abandoned. The industrial sector has been abandoned entirely. The station only continues to function largely due to the influx of gas miners working at the nearby gas giants, and the colonies on nearby Nanyej.


Poverty is high, materials are scarce. Food is the primary import, and the primary export is gas from the gas mining trade. Trade is what has kept the station alive for so long - and, in particular, the burgeoning Hsilkorian Rebirth Movement has created a new colony on the nearby planet of Nanyej. Some farming attempts have been made, but with little success. It is hoped that eventually the colony on the surface of Nanyej will be able to provide enough food for the colony, giving a sort of symbiosis between them, and the station, where they protect each other and rely on each other. Unfortunately, this still seems quite far off.

The primary export, gas mining, has seen a decline in recent years - not because a lack of resources, but rather because the market is oversaturated. Gas has become quite cheap. This export is now failing. As a result, the merchants of Fuhodo have started extorting the Nanyejian colony when they attempt to purchase supplies, which, while it keeps the station afloat and the population somewhat fed, greatly increases tension.


The true "ruler" of Fuhodo Station is supposedly the Fuhodo Mercenary Union. The laws officially in place are the same that were always there; however, few of them are strictly enforced. There is no longer any central police unit; peace is kept purely through a "live and let live" culture that has developed over the decades. The place is split into a delicate balance of three factions: the Fuhodo Mercenary Union, affiliated primarily with the Outer World League (OWL), the merchants, mostly unaffiliated, and those affiliated with the Hsilkorian Rebirth Movement (HRM). The merchants pay taxes, the Fuhodo Mercenary Union leaves them alone and protects them, and the HRM mostly tries to keep out of the way. Diplomatic relations between OWL and HRM have grown tense and strained. OWL is built primarily on the desire to destroy humanity and take revenge for the genocide they enacted, while HRM is built on a desire to forgive, forget, and work alongside the others.

The relations between HRM and OWL on Fuhodo Station have lately reached a "tipping" or "breaking point". Many have fled the station, fearing future hostilities. Others have chosen sides and made ready for a short but bloody civil war that they see as inevitable.


Available to purchase

Item Price
Cheap construction materials 33 hi-plat
Food and supplies 35 hi-plat
Standard biomaterial generator 42 hi-plat
Flawed AM-0013: Veloxium 44 hi-plat
Flawed AM-0036 46 hi-plat
Flawed AM-0043 47 hi-plat
Flawed AM-0004 50 hi-plat
Flawed AM-0041 50 hi-plat
Flawed AM-0054 58 hi-plat
Flawed AM-0025: Stellaplex 63 hi-plat
Crew: Cheap labor 71 hi-plat
Standard construction materials 74 hi-plat
Refined AM-0036 100 hi-plat
Advanced construction materials 110 hi-plat
Crew: Specialists 136 hi-plat
Advanced biomaterial generator 140 hi-plat