The Tartarus prison ship is the home base of the REKT program, and Tartarus Inc. as a whole.


Tartarus's length is near to 13 kilometers.



Mess hall

Where you are right now, dumbass. Just look around. Tons of seating, grimy food, no privacy. Welcome to the mess hall - one of the galaxy's largest dining rooms. There are no waterfalls - we're not here to make you happy - but if you're hungry, it's a 24 hour cafeteria and perfect meeting place for you to talk to each other and whatever the hell else you dumb shits do while you eat.


For an overview of the available equipment also see Armory.

There are no actual weapons or pieces of equipment of any type at the armory. This is a prison ship, retard. Instead, you can talk to our requisition officers and they'll help you find the equipment you need - and they know a hell of a lot more about this stuff than I do. They're also armed, so if you try anything funny, you'll have a hole in yourself before you can scream.

Sleep Quarters

A little bit better than standard prison cells. We'll give you a room of your own, a bed, and maybe, if you're lucky, a window. There's still no form of entertainment in your room, and all of it's made of carbon fiber. You can hang yourself if you want - we'll just bring you back - but you won't find anything much good for making a useful weapon. Just going to get that out of the way. If anybody tries, I swear I'll fukcing electrocute the floor out from under you, and I am always watching.

Recreation Area

The Rec Area is a fairly large gym-type room featuring pretty metal pillars. If it were up to me, that'd be all that was there, because you pieces of crap sure as hell don't deserve any better. Hell, if it were up to me, you'd all be swept out an airlock as soon as you boarded this ship. Unfortunately, it's not, and there are a number of different physical and mental activities you can do, ranging from volleyball to chess to video games. Try not to break your limbs. Often a good place to go if you're dueling someone - injuries are very real here.


If you think you aren't going to wind up here sometime in the next year, you're fooling yourself. Unlike most infirmaries, we specialize in traditional medicine and robotics. If you lose a limb, we'll fix it. If you try to lose everything up to your brain, we'll replace it. You're not getting out of here that easy. You'll be accompanied by armed guards while you're here; grabbing a scalpel to fight your way out isn't an option, so please don't. You'll just wind up making more work for our doctors. We actually pay them.
It's possible to earn a decent amount of credits by applying to Neural Enhancement Research and Development, but be forewarned that the testing could leave you severely mentally impaired.


The hangars are strictly off-limits except for if you have an immediate mission. We'll keep a close eye on who you are, and if your name hasn't been called, we'll be shipping you back to the infirmary in a little box. Your personal CASKET is kept here, and if you want to upgrade it, you'd better go to the armory. Don't worry, though - when it's your turn to get bisected, charred and decapitated, I'll let you know.

Research Lab

You aren't allowed to research anything here. Sorry, it just doesn't work that way, and I'm so tired of hearing that question that I will summarily keelhaul the next fool that dares ask. You can survey a few random pieces of future technology, though, or perhaps make some suggestions for shit we can attach to your arms or ship. If you want, you can test out prototypes in exchange for credits, but be forewarned - there's a fairly decent chance that you'll wind up injured or suffer brain damage. Test subjects come cheap, and our safety precautions are limited to our scientists.

It's possible to earn a few credits by applying to the Prototypical Understanding and Logistics Program, but be forewarned that the testing could leave you severely physically impaired.

VR Combat Simulator

Here, we let you choose a custom loadout for your CASKET and put you in simulated battle against various enemies. You can come in alone or with friends; each combat simulator cell can support up to five concurrent occupants. It's a perfect place to go to practice your last words. I've heard some fairly good ones in my time, and it's always best if yours are unique - though I doubt any of you shits are competent enough to manage any degree of originality. You can customize the battle location however you want, and we'll set it up for you. Note that while you will not experience G-forces during this exercise, we will still simulate grayout and redout if you pull excessive Gs. For the majority of you: that means if you turn too tight, you lose.

Memorial Hall

A large room we don't really maintain, made to record the deaths of scumbags we don't really care about - like you, for instance. For some bizarre reason, it's often frequented by gang members. Why anyone would bother coming here, I have no idea, but it's the only place in the galaxy that will have any records of this person's death, so I guess if you're trying to work on your family tree or something - sure. Whatever. I don't see the point, but hey - your funeral.

NOTE: If you die, nobody's giving you a funeral, so shove off and leave me alone about it.

Briefing Room

The Briefing Room is where you go when I call your asses in from the Mess Hall, or wherever you happen to be. We'll be calling you in one troop at a time. Remember that it's a first-come first-serve basis. If you don't come, you miss the mission. If you miss three missions, we send you back to the main prison and you'll die within the year. Your choice.

The Briefing Room is actually a pretty posh place - it's a lot better than the rest of this crapfest. Comfy chairs, big screens, large tables for all the squads in the troop to sit at and discuss how you're going to do the mission. There's also some slight amount of better-quality food. If you don't come, you're an idiot - but then, you're all idiots anyway.