Lore of the REKT Universe

Because I am beside myself with trying to figure out how to collectively group all REKT Universe lore… Welcome to the REKT Universe Lore page!

Brief summary for new players

REKT is set in our universe, in the year 3152. A lot has happened between now and then. We discovered an anomalous material called Veloxium in the year 2032, embedded in the surface of Europa. It was analyzed and found to not fit within the periodic table, and by the year 2086, we were able to utilize it to create the first warp drive. In 2135 we met aliens - the hiltorel - for the first time, and they welcomed us to the galaxy - a galaxy full of hundreds of sentient species that had just been waiting for us to reach interstellar travel. It was a happy time - well, at first. Later, as we started pushing on their borders, they declared war on us. The hiltorel drove us back to Earth, enslaved us, and forbid us to expand - until our most powerful megacorporations, led by United Galactic, rebelled against them in 2591. After a series of monumental battles, we overthrew the hiltorel government, forced them back, and eventually glassed their homeworld.

But we didn't stop there.

In the years between 2658 and 2997, our xenophobic governments, led by United Galactic, waged a massive campaign of revenge against the aliens of the galaxy. The war was long and arduous, but gradually, one step at a time, our zealous forces pushed them back, massacring billions. We carved a bloody path to the center of the galaxy, and there we set up New Earth - a bright, prosperous beacon of hope for all humans - owned, of course, by United Galactic, the new de-facto rulers of the galaxy. The surviving aliens, defeated, were put in reservations or pushed to the galactic rim, where there were too few resources for them to ever attempt an uprising.

The galaxy belongs to mankind… and mankind has not done a very good job of taking care of it. The core of the galaxy is idyllic, rich, and peaceful - for the wealthiest of humans, at least. Unwantables get shipped to the midworlds, which are often deteriorating, ugly, and rife with crime. Prisons are full to bursting, and capital punishment is illegal… or at least, it's illegal if you're on a planet's surface.

Enter Interstellar Prison Corporations - or IPCs - mankind's solution to criminals. They take the chaff that nobody wants and disposes of them for a reasonable price. Of course, being the megacorporations that they are, they often also try to focus on new and exciting ways to earn money - like producing advanced weaponry and selling it to the border planets that are trying to stave off pirates and alien rebellions.

This is where things get a little interesting.

In the year 2943, we discovered an ancient piece of alien ship wreckage in the Northern Exclusion Zone - a piece of wreckage that, when fired upon, would teleport to a new position. It was quickly salvaged and found to be developed from materials that originated from outside our universe, with properties that shouldn't be possible according to our own laws of physics. Further exploration of the surrounding area revealed wreckage capable of producing energy shields, producing gravitational fields, and more. These exciting finds were labeled Anomalous Materials, and a rush began to discover and procure more of them.

Your character begins as a prisoner of the megacorporation Tartarus Incorporated, which selects the best prisoners that it has been donated and inducts them into the REquisitional Knowledge Troops, or REKT for short. Your mission is to travel to the most dangerous areas of the galaxy and procure exciting volatile technology, originally produced by ancient aliens, and return it to Tartarus, dodging horrifying creatures and murderous aliens as you go. If you die, well, no harm done - they'll replace you and try again. If you survive, though, it's rumored that you can earn your freedom after finishing your stint… but few ever last long enough to confirm it.

Helpful links


Peculiarities about technology, culture, and physics in the REKT universe. A good page to look over to quickly and better understand the state of things in REKT.

Galactic Cultural Zones

A description of the different human cultural zones of the galaxy, depicting what different areas of the galaxy are like and what sort of people live there.

Timeline of the Civilized Galaxy

The timeline of the galaxy, starting from roughly when the first alien species developed interstellar travel and extending to today.

The Big Five

The "Big Five" - the five alien species that once controlled the entire galaxy by way of their federation, the Galactic Community. This federation began in 7051 BC and officially ended during the Galactic Cleansing.

Standard Human Schooling

What humans are taught in schools. Does not represent actual galactic history, as it's been distorted by lost information and propaganda.

Timeline of the Distant Past

A timeline of the ancient days of the galaxy, covering the rise and fall of the Antecedent civilization, the invasion and settling of the Quantums, and the Quantum-Alt wars, ending just prior to the completion of their Great Experiment and the beginning of modern civilization.

The Great AI War

Our early colony, Korolyov City on Barnard's Star B, developed true AI in the year 2172. What followed was a war that demonstrated how powerful, treacherous, and deadly true AI is. This devastating war is the reason that true AI is taboo, outlawed, and forbidden even a thousand years later.

Tartarus Incorporated

This is about the megacorporation, Tartarus Inc., and not about the company's 13.5km ship and base of operations, also named Tartarus.

Northern Exclusion Zone

A vast area to the "north" of the galaxy, if the galaxy were to be oriented as if Old Earth was located directly south of the galactic core (the typical orientation in most modern-day maps). This area is extremely dangerous to visit, but it's also where the most interesting Anomalous Materials are to be found.

New Earth

New Earth, the capital of humanity and the headquarters/governmental seat for United Galactic.


A list of commonly-used terms and what they mean.