0 Creds - Labcoat

A standard issue labcoat. It looks used and has some stains on it.

0 Creds - Scottish Wool Scarf

A scottish scarf made out of wool.

0 Creds - Tweed Coat

A tweed coat.

0 Creds - Uilleann Pipes

Irish bagpipes.

1 Cred - Horn

Makes sound when you blow in it.

1 Cred - Goat Skull Helmet

A helmet made out of a goat's skull.

1 Cred - Waste Holding Bag

A bag to hold waste generated by ^kö's.

1 Cred - Translation Device

A Jugjugmleep specific translation device that enables him to communicate with other beings.

1 Cred - Swiss Army Knife

A standard Swiss Army Knife.

2 Creds - Cargo Pod stuffed with C4

A cargo pod stuffed with C4 explosives.

2 Creds - Barium Anion Stick

A stick made out of Barium anions.

2 Creds - Portable Heating System

An Infra-Red heating system connected to a solar collector.