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Mission 1

Dark Space

An unexplained scientific phenomenon where a large expanse seems to block out or absorb light. Normally these anomalies don't move but this one is accelerating in the direction of the alien base. It has an infrared signature.
It is capable of devouring vast swaths of space.


The turrets were likely built to keep it away.

Metal Walls

The metal walls, floor and control panels of the alien base are made out of a anomalous material that seems to be constantly changing composition. The metal seems to be self-repairing.
The shifting is due to them being multidimensional, we see all versions at once.



Purple Crystals

The purple crystals absorb energy. It looks like the walls of the main alien complex are enveloped by a layer of liquid crystals, the solid crystals seen in the base are most likely the result of the liquid seeping through the walls and crystallizing there.


They most likely absorb the radiation emitted by the pulsar, thus protecting the inhabitants of the base. Next to that it is also possible that the absorbed energy is used as a power source. Maybe they have also something to do with self-repairing materials.

Shifting data panels

They are made out of a material that constantly changes composition. They 'eat' things that touch it.
This is because they are multidimensional and spread out the users hand over multiple dimensions, something our bodies aren't made for.



Where the hell is everyone?

The whole base is deserted, the defenses and mechanical systems of the base still appear to be functional.
In other dimensions the base is still inhabited. The owner's were in stasis pods, but died in there a long time ago.


Maybe a power problem caused the deaths of the aliens in the stasis pods.

Mysterious hacker

There appears to be someone who remotely hacked one of the turrets and started to undo the changes that BFett made.


Possibly related to the dark space

Foreigner's dream





Mission 1: Hiltorel Colony

Nacelle entity

During their foray into the crashed nacelle, squad Beta encounters a mysterious humanoid entity of unknown motives. Though ostensibly human, it's appearance, behavior and mannerisms obviously hint at a far stranger true nature. It does not seem to require any kind of life support to stay alive in the relatively unbreathable atmosphere of Nanyej. Furthermore, it appears to be privy to various kinds of information that it would not be expected to know, such as the names and backgrounds of the inmates, and the Nemesis' purpose at the colony. By it's own admission, it can 'hear' the radio communication within the platoon, but states that physical presence is a superior way of obtaining information, indicating that it may have strong psychic abilities. Apparently, it can somewhat predict future events, but these predictions can be rendered invalid due to 'anomalies'.

The entity admits that the purpose of it's interaction with squad Beta is to gather information, though for what inscrutable ultimate goal remains unknown. It ends up vanishing just as suddenly as it appeared, but not before leaving the squad with a cryptic piece of advice - "the red path is the longest".

Events immediately preceding the mission

Though tidbits of information gradually emerge, it is never completely revealed what events lead to the Nemesis getting attacked and crashing onto Nanyej. Most importantly, no one knows what the ship's original mission was - not even SCAMPS. Only a select few individuals knew the true nature of the mission, but all were apparently killed in the battle preceding mission 1. Additionally, both the Hiltorel and the nacelle entity claim that the Nemesis was initially cooperating with the Hiltorel, but that for unknown reasons Tartarus betrayed them and tried to bomb Huhoba Qitsit before being shot down themselves.

Nemesis mole

It is common knowledge, and was for some time, that a mole is operating on the Nemesis. The nacelle entity was apparently able to determine who it was, but didn't reveal the information to the squad. Currently, it is completely unknown who the mole is and what their next move will be.

Purpose of the Hiltorel colony

Huhoba Qitsit seems to have been established in a completely unremarkable area that isn't even habitable by Hiltorel standards. Furthermore, the colony seems to have been founded only recently, and the Hiltorel for some reason considered the area important enough to found an entire city there. There also appear to be an unusual amount of mercenary groups operating at the colony, most of which appeared to have arrived only recently.


Squad Beta chased away a large human scavenger cargo ship and some fighters, who seemed oddly okay with them, even after they killed one of their fighters. Mentioned residing at the space station. What are humans doing on a Hiltorel colony?

((The cargo ship was not human, only the fighters))

Mysterious Maps

Buck managed to hack one of the fallen mercenary fighters and access it's database. Inside a hidden folder were several high-resolution images, presumably maps, with no name or description, only numeric designations, and were almost assuredly not from Huhoba Qitsit itself. The background of the ship itself was mundane and provided little clue to the maps' origin or purpose. Before he could gather more information, the Hiltorel ship mysteriously went completely dead, potentially as a result of an inbuilt kill-switch.

Mission 2: Fuhodo Station


Cavern Signal

Shortly after the Fuhodo Cavern Event, an unsettling signal resembling a scream was received by the entire platoon on their comms. Eventual decipherement revealed it to be an audio version of the scrambled message received by the group shortly before. (See Anomalous PDA Behavior for further information)

Partially Explained

Anomalous PDA Behavior

Throughout the mission, Alpha (and later, the entire platoon) had been on the receiving end of PDA intrusions of unknown source or purpose. The intrusions are seemingly random in nature, and at least initially do not appear malicious. Chronologically, they were:

  • In Turn 11, Yuuji's PDA had, extremely briefly, detected an intrusion when he attempted to respond to a message from Buck.
  • Some time afterwards, Buck's PDA itself was the target of an (at that moment, unnoticed) intrusion, whereupon an empty message was sent to every other available contact in the Nemesis.
  • In Turn 26, shortly after witnessing the Fuhodo Cavern Event, the entire present platoon received a strange text message on their PDA's. Seemingly written in an unknown language and script (with some letters being unrecognizable by the PDA itself), it was likely encrypted or heavily scrambled by forces unknown. Analysis of the source only yielded evidence of it being either very weak or very distant.

It should be noted that it is possible that the first two events might not actually be related to the third one. While the first two instances of the anomalous behavior display the hallmarks of an attempted tracking and triangulation of positions, the final instance appears somewhat different in nature and is, almost certainly related to the Fuhodo Cavern Event.

Decipherment of the message from Event #3 revealed it to be an encoded broadcast from the Nemesis' SCAMPS core, warning any REKT crewmembers that the ship had been overrun by forces unknown and that the entire crew had disappeared. The origins and purpose of the first two anomalous PDA behavior events is still unresolved.


The Twilight

After the shootout at the Minas Maniri HQ, the platoon comes into contact with a mysterious squad of cybersuit warriors, likely of Bhezian origin, working for an organization known as 'the Twilight'. Their aims and reason for cooperation with Big Daneelo's faction is unknown.

Epalesh / Fuhodo Cavern Event

Shortly after their rendezvous with Almina in the deep caverns of Fuhodo, the platoon witnesses a 'portal' violently opening in the middle of the cavern's chamber. Inside the portal was a woman in a science lab setting, who appeared to be just as confused by the event as the platoon itself. Though she attempted to communicate with the group and spoke modern English, she was cut short by Sukava and Buck disrupting the portal using a knife and rock, leaving only a bisected PDA and finger. Several characteristics of the 'portal' should be noted:

  • Its opening was preceded by a powerful EMP-like buildup of electrostatic energy, which was audibly heard and had a visible effect on PDAs.
  • The woman (or entity) inside the portal referred to the platoon as "dustwalkers".
  • Later remarks by the cybersuits indicate that the event was not an isolated incident, and that such "Epalesh" events usually turn far more violent than the incident itself in question.
  • Through a complicated series of analyses and deductions, Saoirse managed to determine that the portal was a temporary gap into an alternate universe, something not thought possible.
  • Matter is able to pass through the anomaly, as evidenced by Sukava's knife, Buck's rock and the enigmatic woman's finger and PDA, though it seemingly disrupts its stability.
  • Analysis by Saoirse determined an exceedingly faint "afterglow" of anomalous gases in the vicinity, mainly nitrogen and oxygen.
  • The PDA dropped by the portal woman was of a standardized Tartarus make, though not a design that the platoon is familiar with.
  • The event is very likely connected in some way with incident #3 (and possibly, #1 and #2 as well) of the anomalous PDA behavior present throughout the mission, due to it's chronological proximity.
  • Conjecturally, it might also be related to the earlier Nacelle entity in Mission 1.
  • It is also very likely to be related to the strange radio signal heard shortly in its aftermath.