Quantum Abilities
Fk4Bqy8.png "….Well doc, you could say that, yes. No bloody clue what it's supposed to be."
The following is Forbidden Knowledge: Almost no one within the REKT universe knows these things.
Player characters do not know any of it unless specifically told about it ingame.


Disclaimer: info on this page is incomplete and in flux, is partly incorrect
It is possible to gain certain abilities from touching alien equipment (at the moment we only know of the orbs, but this might change in the future).
These abilities do not require rolls (not the ones we currently know of, at least) but can only be activated occasionally; practically speaking, don't spam them, use them on special occasions a few times per mission and they will work when you need them to.
There are different tiers of abilities, gained with each consequent touching of an orb. Meaning, you get tier 2 after you've already gained tier 1, etc.
Which ability you get is partly random and partly based on your character stats and skills, according to the three above. You can get an ability if you have one of the lower tier abilities it is linked to.
The colours indicate which starting abilities give you possible eventual access to each power.
Here is a list of currently known abilities:

Tier 1

1. QuantumVision (Red) (qz)

Allows the user to see a glowing halo around anomalous materials or objects/people containing them. (probably)

2. MultiverseVision (Green) (qu)

Allows the user to see the different dimensions of the multiverse separately. Useful when interacting with the four dimensional quantum tech.

3. FutureVision (Blue) (future)

Allows the user to look forward into a projected future for about a minute. This knowledge can then be used to their advantage: the user can choose to attack enemies first who would otherwise kill them or allies, or take another route that is less dangerous, put up a shield to block an otherwise successful hit, scout an area without physical danger etc.

Tier 2

1. QZ-edit

Player has the ability to use buttons in Quantum zones without getting their hands chopped to bits.

2. QZ-far

Player can sense Quantum zones through walls and at great distances.

3. QU-far

(? Dunno what it is, but Squidhead has it now) Player has the ability to see into other universes as though he was standing in them.

4. QU-remove

Player has the ability to remove things from other universes.

5. QU-edit

Player has the ability to reach into alternate universes and physically interact with them.

6. Interdimensional Kleptomania (future-remove)

Allows the user to take objects from timelines projected by FutureVision into theirs, also removing them from the real timeline at the moment of theft. (Real moment, not moment of theft in the projected timeline - there are never 2 copies of the object or something.)

7. future-far

Player can see far into the future, essentially making them something of an oracle.

Tier 3

1. QZ-disable

Has the ability to disable quantum multi-universal zones (the flickering keyboards, for instance)

2. QZ-enable

Can create quantum multi-universal zones. This can, for instance, serve as a temporary shield or a weapon.

3. QU-explore

Has the ability to project their consciousness into a neighboring universe and explore from within. They are not physically there.

4. QU-talk-far

Has the ability to understand and read Quanum speech. You can in fact see Quantum written in other universes, and read it.

5. QU-speak

Has the ability to talk to and understand Quantums immediately present, as well as read their text.

6. QU-remove-talk

Can remove items from quantum universes, and can read Quantum text in that universe.

7. QU-remove-explore

Player can project their consciousness into other universes and explore them, returning at their leisure and desired location. Optionally, they can bring things back with them as well.

8. QU-edit-remove

Player can physically interact with other universes and remove things from them.

9. QU-edit-explore

Player can enter other universes and physically explore them, returning at their leisure. They physically leave REKT's universe as they do so.

10. QU-edit-talk

Has the ability to physically enter alternate universes and speak with Quantums.

11. future-disable

Has the ability to prevent future events from happening by altering the present timeline's probability.

12. future-enable

Has the ability to make previously impossible things possible in the future by altering the present timeline's probability.

Tier 4

1. QZ-edit-disable

Has the ability to physically interact with alternate universes through pre-existing Quantum zones, and can disable them at will without any harm to themselves.

2. QZ-edit-enable

Has the ability to create quantum zones and then interact with them, without getting your fingers chopped off.

3. QU-explore-talk

The ability to project your consciousness into other universes and talk to Quantums residing there.

4. QU-switch

…I don't remember. :D

5. QU-remove-switch

6. QU-edit-switch

7. QU-edit-talk-far

8. future-remove-disable

9. future-remove-enable

Tier 5

1. QZ-enable-disable (Red)

2. QU-explore-switch (Green)

3. QU-talk-switch (Green)

4. future-disable-enable (Blue)