Running Gags

On this page, you can find a list of running gags that have sprung up in the REKT game.
Note that none of this is an encouragement to Tal to keep doing this. NO BAD TAL, BAD
Can I keep old running gags going in new campaigns? :3 ~Tal
No. If we have to make new characters, you have to make new gags :p ~Dino

BTE Gags

GTD Gags

Dinosawer loses a leg at the end of the mission

  • In Mission 1, he gets shot in the same leg twice by the quantum minidrones, causing severe bloodloss and requiring him to get a new leg back on the Tartarus. Immortalised in the description of the Quantum Minidrone.
  • In Mission 2, Tal kicks it up a notch: first he gets shot on the leg with a plasma bomb, then a mech-suited Mimir mercenary throws a giant sharp piece of scrap metal on it, fracturing and cutting it, and then for good measure his entire lower body gets sliced off with a plasma stream, losing him his other (still intact leg) together with the damaged one. Immortalised in the description of the Plasma Streamer.

Dr. Cha0zz vomits in his helmet

  • In Mission 1, he does this after amputating Francis' hand with his blowtorch due to the gore.
  • In Mission 2, he does this after waking up after stabbing himself with a tranq dart, due to the effect the tranquiliser had on his system. Immortalised in the description of all helmets.

Dinosawer rushes the boss room

  • In Mission 1, this happened due to Dinosawer not wording his post very clear, which made Tal turn what was supposed to be a cautious approach into a solo zerg rush. Dino then gave it a roleplay spin and it became a thing.
  • In Mission 2, he rushes into the lab where a lot of Mimir mercs are holding position instead of standing in the doorway, to great success.
  • Also in Mission 2, he rushes into the final hangar after saving other people from a grenade, to (eventually slightly fatal) great success too.

Foreigner gets his ship into a spin

  • In Mission 1, he does this to evade Goatman firing a laser at him. However, he overdid it and spun so fast he blacked out.
  • In Mission 2, he turned off and exited his ship while it had an RCS fluid leak, causing it to start spinning.

Fawkes loses his life support

  • In the VR dogfight, he loses it after getting shot.
  • In Mission 2, he also loses it after getting shot.

Squidhead loses tentacles

  • In Mission 1, a couple get sliced off by plasma from the turretlet at the Chilendorn Megaturret. After that, he loses parts of them to the button panels too.
  • In Mission 2, some of them get damaged by Chavez, other get damaged when the Shieldmaiden gets hit by railgun rounds from the Mimir Gunship.
  • In Mission 3, one of them gets bent when he accidentally makes a downed drone explode.

Francis takes off his helmet in space

  • In Mission 1, he does this so he can play the horn. The results are about what you'd expect, although he manages to get it back on before passing out.
  • In Mission 2, he opens his cockpit while his helmet is off, to let Rikke leave his ship. Luckily, it closes quickly enough for him not to pass out this time.

Francis naps

  • He does this at some point in mission 1 while his squadmates are trying to complete the mission.
  • He does this for about half of mission 2, because he had nothing else to do. He keeps getting interrupted, though.
  • He does it on the Tartarus too. Francis really needs his sleep.
  • In true Francis fashion, he starts off mission 3 by having a nap.

Squidhead gets Dino out of trouble

  • In Mission 1 he drags him out of the Chilendorn Megaturret Dino made accidentally collapse
  • In Mission 1, he patches Dino up after he nearly died due to bloodloss
  • In Mission 2, he kills every enemy Dino missed or simply didn't see in the Shieldmaiden (which was every last enemy in there)
  • Also in Mission 2, he fetches Dino's corpse out of the science vessel.

Unit 4965 builds a pinwheel

  • In Mission 2, he disassembled part of Dinosawer's cockpit to build a truly magnificent one. Dino was mean and made him take it apart. No one appreciates true genius.
  • In Mission 3, he got distracted and built a shoddy pinwheel out of crossbow bolts while utterly failing to create infinite matter.

Silverware's character dies

Dinosawer blows up gigantic buildings using only infantry weaponry

  • In Mission 1 he makes a Chilendorn Megaturret collapse by shooting the generator wires at the moment the sphere was moving towards the base.
  • In Mission 3 he makes a Sitatha AA Megaturret blow up by shooting a vulnerable bunch of cables.