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There are a great many shields you may come about in your travels. It can be confusing at first glance, we know! Fortunately, we've come up with this handy guide so that you never have to be in the dark again! Just read through and take note, and you'll soon be sitting with the pros!

Air Shields (The Keepers Of Life)

Air Shields are the easiest, cheapest type of shield. They don't hold out anything except gas particles, and typically need to be installed around a doorway so they can project from all angles! You can walk inside and outside with the greatest of ease, while all your buddies inside can keep smoking their cigars and playing poker! When it comes to bullets, though, they won't stop a thing!

Deflector Shields (Infantry Shields)

These handy shields can send incoming bullet fire away from you! It doesn't always work though, and sometimes it fails entirely! That's why ships don't tend to use them! They make great personal infantry shields in a pinch, and look pretty darn cool too!

One Way Shields (Private Shields)

These shields are just swell! We and our evil competitor, Mimir, like to use these shields on our vessels because they're easy to regenerate and hard to wipe out! They're also really great at stopping incoming projectile fire, like plasma or bullets! They don't do so well against lasers, though, and tend to go down in a hurry if overwhelmed with firepower. You can still shoot through them, though!

Solid Shields (Projected Shields)

Whoa there, buddy! Did you want a shield to make you match the might of Hercules? You're in luck! These handy shields require special equipment to be mounted on the outside of your ship, on top of the armor! It's best to keep these ships out of combat, because the components will get damaged in a jiffy. Even so, the shields can block absolutely everything except field manipulator fire, which they weaken considerably, and it takes a heck of a punch to knock them down!

Force Fields (Cool Sparkly Hexagons)

Need the ultimate in protection? Force Fields are exactly what you're looking for, brother! Surprisingly cheap to install, they provide the ultimate in protection, but also keep absolutely everything out - or in! If you need something sealed off, these are a great choice. You can't put them around your ship though, or you wouldn't be able to see!

That's all, folks! Hopefully by now you understand the ins and outs of cutting-edge shielding technology! It'll help keep you from being filled with holes! Fly safe out there, fellas!