Ship Gear

Conventional Weapons

Weapons that make use of projectiles or light to deal damage to a target. This category also includes self-propelling weapons such as rockets.

Unconventional Weapons

This category includes melee weapons, explosives and field manipulators

Exotic Weapons

This category includes alien weapons and alien-tech based weapons. It also contains weapons that are connected to your PSI-Unit.

Auxiliary Systems

This category includes upgrades for the casket, repair equipment and a range of drones and bots.

Handiwork Kits

These mount onto one of your ship's auxiliary hardpoints and can then be rolled around on flat, solid terrain after your ship has landed. They unfold to reveal a number of solidly-attached tools and/or a large mass of parts. The parts you get depend on the kit you purchase. When returning to the Tartarus, you get to choose whether or not we confiscate your creations when you arrive back at base and restock the kit.


This category includes everything that is operated with the robotic arms of your ship, including a range of robotic weapons. The category also includes a couple of upgrades for the robotic arms and pincers.

Infantry Tech

This category contains stuff that you take with you when you leave your ship. It includes weapons, medical supplies and additional equipment.

Sometimes called "Squishy Tech" because it's meant for you, and you specifically, squishies. The flesh is weak, and this stuff is meant to make it a little tougher – but you often have to actually get out of your ship for it to be of any use. Don't worry, I'm sure they'll politely stop shooting while you blowtorch your way through that door over there. The weapons are free – we wouldn't want you to go in empty-handed, would we? Of course not – that would look bad on us. However, the rest of it takes hard cash. You are, after all, expendable.

Food is free - you get whatever you want to take with you, within reason - asking for something expensive will probably get you cooked. There's no need to add it to your list of purchases. (Simply roleplay it in. I don't expect missions to last long enough for you to need to ration food.)


Stuff that doesn't fit in any other category, mostly equipment, gear and clothing that inmates smuggled in.

If you have any suggestions for additional gear, please post them here