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"Quote" —Daxx

The Daxx hail from the dry, barren planet of Daxidas-il, and you'll never hear of one being thirsty. While incredibly strong, they do not sweat, and, in fact, can store enormous amounts of liquid and/or fat in special sacks around their waists. They have four arms, all of which are of equal strength, which makes them particularly good at wielding ranged weapons or heavy bashing weapons. They are typically quite an emotional species - typically ranging from anger to, more frequently, blind rage. Daxx, in their mother tongue, do not possess a word for "happy"; their equivalent means "content that things are going as they should". Likewise, they also fail to possess words for things like "sad", "depressed", or "anxious". It goes without saying that they have a difficult time conversing with many other species. A less well-known fact about the daxx is that although they breathe oxygen, they require O2 concentrations much higher than most other species.

Much like humans, the daxx have always been considered a menace to galactic society, expanding quickly into their neighbor's territory whenever they sight something that looks particularly valuable. However, their ships are little more than cargo freighters, and their ability to bluff (or call the bluffs of other species) is minimal, making them far less of a galactic threat. Despite this, they have nevertheless managed to become recognized universally as a major species.


Physical appearance

Daxx are large, stocky and wide; they are usually described as shaped like a bloated pear. This is rather apt; they are very bottom-heavy. Their faces share much the same structure - wider at the bottom, near the jutting jaw, than at the top, near the cranium. They possess two pairs of small, beady eyes (typically yellow and black), spaced diagonally in a pattern vaguely reminiscent of the letter "V" - with a gap for the bridge of their underdeveloped nose. Their ears are rather underdeveloped as well and are located towards the top of their head; a pair of small, vertical, concave cartilaginous structures that look rather silly. Many daxx have these surgically removed.

A lot of the reason daxx are as "pear-shaped" as they are is the fact that they possess inflatable elastic water "sacks" around their waists, very vaguely similar to a camel. They can store a watery sort of fat for long journeys and times of drought; a daxx dying of thirst is virtually never heard of. Their pouches are heavily segmented on the inside, and if some are punctured in combat, they're still perfectly fine; they will later heal and grow new ones if necessary. It does, however, make it extraordinarily difficult for them to wear belts; their size is constantly changing. Even their suits are wide, bulky, and baggy, to take this into account.

Daxx legs are rather short and stubby, and quite wide to account for their mass. As short as they are, their feet are quite strong and fast - if not agile. In fact, daxx are exceptionally clumsy in situations where they need to be agile. You will never see a daxx tightrope, for instance; they simply aren't capable of it.

The most immediately obvious feature of a daxxian is, of course, the fact that they possess four arms - all equal in size. They are usually fully ambidexterous; they don't really favor any of their arms over others. This is however the result of cultural training, and not a physiological feature: fastidious training in early childhood teaches them to use all their arms equally. Their hands are also quite large, and their fingers sometimes have trouble fitting into the triggers of weapons from creatures with more slender hands, such as fysar or hiltorel.

Daxx skin is very rough, and usually a dark, mottled brown, with patches vaguely reminiscent of large scales. These can in fact dry out, "die", and "flake". Their stomachs are often a lighter brown to yellow-white, although this isn't universal. Coloration seems to be, to a large degree, tribal; most daxx are capable of recognizing a daxx's ancestry simply by looking at the coloration and roughness of their skin. In the years since the Galactic Cleansing, however, this is becoming significantly less common, as daxx are oftentimes forced to interbreed between tribes - something they have been culturally averse to for millennia.

Lifespan and reproduction

Daxx use human-like sexual reproduction - although pig-like would be a more accurate representation. Daxx males and females are very sexually aggressive and the cultural norm is to "win" your sexual partner, either by force or by strong-arming all the other potential candidates out of the way or to early graves (so, really, force in either case - and as frequently by females as males). They place little importance on family, and much more importance on strength and endurance. Children are typically raised by whoever "won" their mate, with or without the mate's help, although the mate may play an active role in the child's life. Almost half of all daxx have multiple mates over the course of their lifetimes, and average as many as 5 children if there are no population restrictions in place.

Daxxian mothers are generally fertile between the ages of 18 and 68. Birthing is very simple and generally painless/risk-free. Risk to the mother is low enough that C-sections are unheard of. It's also worth noting that most species find daxx babies inexplicably ugly. The daxx themselves find the babies adorable.

In daxx culture, grandparents and other elders have very little importance; elders are typically looked down on and put in nursing homes whenever possible (if not killed outright in "friendly" combat, in some of the more violent tribes). Daxx life expectancy would doubtlessly be much higher if elders didn't seek death in combat well before they died of age - even higher than the 90-104 average years that they're known for. Presently, 90 is the average, with 104 having been the average when their civilization was more organized and had better medical equipment.


Daxx characters have the following characteristics:

  • +1 strength
  • +1 willpower
  • +1 conventional
  • Four upper limbs: Daxx have four pairs of fully-usable limbs. They can hold things with them, and fire weapons with them. Each arm is just as useful as any other. Daxx also get their dual-wielding penalties halved: dual wielding only gives dual-wield penalties if doing three or more actions with their arms at once.
  • Doesn't need water: The Daxx have almost no need for water because they can store it like a camel. A mostly roleplaying-oriented ability.
  • -1 agility
  • -1 speed
  • -1 charisma
  • Unusual lungs: Their unusual lungs, developed to fit their homeworld, find normal air both too thin for breathing and toxic. When not in a specifically Daxx-friendly atmosphere, they must either wear a facemask or a spacesuit.
  • Can't wear belts: Due to the large expandable sacks about their torso that store water for extended periods, Daxx find belts uncomfortable (or in extreme situations, dangerous). They cannot wear any of the belts provided by Tartarus Inc.
  • Emotionally stunted: Daxx have disadvantage on all charisma rolls in emotional situations, when the emotion at hand is anything other than "I'm going to kill you in the face."
  • Clumsy under fire: Does an extra roll prior to dodging. Rolling a 1 or 2 immediately causes the dodge to fail. Light cover can reduce the penalty to a 1 only, while full cover removes this penalty entirely.





The Daxx homeworld, Zetraxx (pronounced zeh-TRACKS-k, but more commonly pronounced in Standard without the trailing "k"), is a hot, dry desert world with a little under 1.5 Gs and a little over 3 atmospheres of pressure. It is covered in mountain ranges and completely lacks oceans. The only bodies of water it has are a number of extremely deep lakes in the center of a few dozen distant mountain ranges. Rain is rare; most plants evolved to "expect" rain only once every decade - or less - and instead collect moisture from the atmosphere, typically storing it inside a multitude of juice-filled sacs often protected by some form of defense, such as for example a poison-coated "wall" around the structure. Most plants have quite thick, woody trunks with natural scales and spines. In fact, many of them are are little more than tall trunks covered in green equidistant chlorophyll "spots".






Daxxian language is very heavy on phraseology, but avoids using short words where possible.

  • Rarulavut. Ex grotritat abugix'ka jozetar oskot. - "If you want something, you'll have to wait. I kinda have my hands full right now."
  • Krurstat! Uvihra annugit derrochta! - "Get out of here! You're intruding on private property!"
  • Xeshkeva! Smaxa derbrak razir'ka uvihra vaza! - "This is unacceptable! You can't act like this on these premises."
  • Mya ermushag. Rashora rankroras pazorat grema gashakit. - "I'm regretting that my brothers didn't take your planet when they had the chance."
  • Ik'luta goshitik. Etprura ennushka dagat zavitgo skahilla. - "Your kind's legacy is to scramble in the mud like a skahilla."
  • Mya razvabat. Duvochka varrekut zavano! - "Where's the food? I haven't eaten in ages!"
  • Votringa, ex bomibik tetravo bedgit jeshadush uvammad smaxa. - "You're a filthy animal. I wear this mask so I don't have to smell you."


The daxx evolved from smaller dog-monkey-insect animals, staying at the top of a rather brutal food chain. They at one point possessed a form of chitin that formed an exoskeletal "shell", mostly on their backs, but this gradually gave way to the form they are today; protection proved to be less evolutionary valuable than superior size and strength. Thanks to the traits shared by most species on their planets, water was always easy to store. Food, however, was not: the daxx never evolved the means to eat the poisonous plants surrounding their mountain-bound lakes. Instead, they became carnivores, quickly hunting many of the other species to extinction. In times of extreme famine, the daxx would even cannibalize each other. They raided distant colonies if they could, and if they couldn't, they killed and consumed the weakest or most unwilling members of their own clan. This went on for many millennia before they learned to domesticate and breed animals, which around roughly 27000 BCE became their primary food source, permitting them to form loose-knit mob-ruled societies. They still frequently waged war against each other for land, food, and resources, and gradually increased their technological level through constant planet-wide warfare.

((to be continued))


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