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The following is Forbidden Knowledge: Almost no one within the REKT universe knows these things.
Player characters do not know any of it unless specifically told about it ingame.
"Quote" —Qyrax

The oldest well-known sentient species in the galaxy - and also one that has since become extinct. They took to the stars entirely without the help of veloxium and expanded their empire in this manner for nearly half a million years. Their technology was beyond anything most other species could ever hope to achieve.


Physical appearance

Qyrax were of modest height, standing roughly 185cm tall on average. Their heads were bulbous and elongated, bearing two pairs of deeply-recessed eyes - one frontwards, and another pair sideways.Their cheeks themselves were split into two parts - an upper and a lower - that interlocked, and yet could "telescope" outwards to let them open their jaws particularly far. Rather than having a nose, they sported a number of wide, hyper-sensitive "whiskers" of flesh that fell from their upper cheeks; these were capable of detecting smells, sounds, and other vibrations. On their necks, they had a set of "nostrils" to breathe through, if they didn't want to use their mouths, and at the base of the rear of the neck, two "horns" or "spikes" sprouted at a diagonal angle, thought to be remnants of vestigial wings.

Their shoulders were particularly wide and strong, and their arms split at an offset "elbow joint" into two distinct arms that could be controlled separately, and their three fingers + thumb were tipped with claw-like nails. They usually kept these trimmed short, to avoid snagging on or damaging things. The fingers themselves were very dexterous and agile - surviving video shows them to be almost disturbingly so, and capable of bending in what, to humans, would be rather unusual angles. Their ribcage was wide front-to-back, permitting a large internal cavity with large lungs and lots of room for storing food.

Their complexion was usually white, off-white, or a very pale pink. They were capable of lasting a long time without food, and could quickly consume large amounts in a short period of time when it was available. Their legs were strong, multi-jointed, and adapted for high-G environments.

All in all, they were notoriously good at adaptation, and notoriously difficult to kill. This almost certainly contributed to their unprecedented longevity. Much of this was due to the fact that they actually cracked the secrets of genetic engineering.


Qyrax characters would have had the following characteristics:

  • +1 strength
  • +1 endurance
  • +1 general knowledge
  • Extra set of fully-usable hands: Qyraxians had an extra set of hands and lower arms that sprouted from near their elbows. They would've had their dual-wielding penalties halved: dual wielding would've only given dual-wield penalties if doing three or more actions with their arms at once.
  • 360 degree vision: The qyrax had a second set of eyes on the sides of their head, making it difficult to sneak around them because they saw everything. Rolls against stealth would've had a 1d6+2 chance of being treated as though the Qyraxian was facing in the enemy's direction. While they could've worn normal helmets (unless otherwise specified), those helmets would've disrupted this ability.
    • Claws: While most qyrax kept them trimmed, some had sharp claws which could be used similarly to kicking/punching. The claws would break skin for bleeding damage and could mutilate and disable limbs on epic rolls.
    • Hyperdextrous fingers: A qyrax's fingers could bend in unusual directions and they had excellent hand-eye coordination. Any non-combat rolls involving usage of their fingers would have gained a +1 bonus.
  • Low metabolism: Qyraxians rarely needed to eat because of their low metabolism and high stomach capacity.
  • Gravity resistance: Higher gravity that might've impaired or harmed humans is taken in stride.
  • -1 exotics
  • -1 runspeed
  • -1 charisma
  • Sensitive nose: Whenever very strong smells were present, they would do a (1d6+endurance) roll each turn to see if it affected them. If it did, they had -1 to all actions that turn. It would've been avoidable by using a helmet.

((there are other negatives. WIP))



Qyraxans had a very "zen" culture. They believed that balance and open-mindedness was important in all things, and that revenge as a means to an end would only end in sorrow. Even more central to their beliefs was that learning more about the universe would bring them closer to "God". They treated science almost as a "holy" concept. To them, their scientists and researchers were revered and expected much like clergy would be to human churchgoers, and the scientists in turn conducted themselves with great responsibility.

They weren't without serious flaws, though. Through their love of science, almost anything was justified, short of the annihilation of the species. As an example, experimentation on their own kind was permitted, so long as the subjects would agree to it… and they often would. This perspective ultimately brought about their downfall.




Qyraxans had an almost ludicrously advanced level of technology - in some ways, more advanced than Quantum tech, but only in fields that did not require anomalous materials. They alone were capable of harnessing sentient AI as a tool for their civilization without it either turning against them or being turned against them - they and their robots lived in perfect harmony and treated each other as equals, even down to rights and spending. Robots would often "choose" a "family" to associate with, and then (given ample justification, either through payment or closeness) remain with that family through the entirety of their functional lives.

Bhezians and Qyraxans didn't get along well together due to their differences in approaching science and society, but the Qyraxans liked the Plodii a lot and ended up selling them some of their technology in exchange for biological knowledge. The Qyraxans adored Plodii art and architecture and ended up getting sidetracked spending decades analyzing it down to a unified formula, but they never shared all of their technology to anyone, feeling that the "younger" species were not yet advanced enough to handle it. For the most part, the Qyraxan robots would intentionally destroy themselves and the Qyraxan ships when their Qyraxan counterparts died, purely to prevent the technology from being salvaged. They were not always successful, however, and some few groups of robots felt differently about this form of suicide, instead fleeing to isolated portions of the galaxy where they could live in peace.




The language (or languages) of the Qyraxans is a mystery that has never been fully unraveled. A few select phrases are known, but even these are not even correct, as they would only make sense in the context that they were originally spoken. Even the words themselves seem to vary widely on factors that are not entirely clear. Only a very select few linguists of other species were ever able to speak Qyraxan, and none were ever able to speak it fluently. Part of this is the very unusual way that their mouths were formed, but most of it is simply that their language had evolved to a point where there were few common "rules" between any two parts of speech. Linguists often remarked that they felt as though they were learning many languages at once, instead of just one. More puzzling is that although the Qyraxans themselves claimed they had multiple "languages", any Qyraxan could understand any other without hesitation - even if they had been separated by light-years for many millennia and spoke using completely different wording and rules of grammar. This continues to baffle linguists even to this day.

As the Qyraxans died out, their languages did as well, disappearing one after the next until only what they referred to as "Home Qyraxan" remained. Gradually, this died out as well, and the last of the Qyraxans didn't even speak their own language, instead speaking hiltorel and plodii respectively.


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