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Sybnials are essentially sentient, mobile slimes. Due to their hyperintelligence, they have often been the subject of hushed-up government experiments - although, unlike lab rats, they've often broken free. Completely boneless, they can change their shape (although not their appearance) at will, easily slushing through the tightest of places, although grates still stop them; disconnected parts of themselves are still considered dreadful wounds. While wielding weapons - especially guns - is very difficult for them, they can do so by flash-drying sections of their bodies, which is the same technique they use to achieve one of the highest WPM counts in the galaxy at human computer consoles. They tend to greatly value friendships, even with other species, but unfortunately, their sickly appearance, shapeshifting, nearly unintelligible accents, and bizarre eating habits often leads them to being shunned and neglected by most others, if not outright ostracized.

Sybnials achieved spaceflight purely because they discovered technology some other species (likely the Bhez) had abandoned on their world centuries before. After reverse-engineering it, it wasn't long before they sent out their first expeditions, hoping to meet new friends in the greater galaxy. Unfortunately, the only species that truly treats them with respect are plodii, but they have nevertheless managed to carve themselves out a large niche in the galaxy - at least, prior to the Great Cleansing. Today, they are wanderers without a home, never truly being welcome no matter where they go.


Physical appearance

Sybnials are pale-colored slimes. The exact color and translucency varies widely based on habitat, genetics, and diet. The most common colors are variants and shades of brown, white, yellow, and orange. Magenta, blue, and purple specimens also exist, although they tend to be much rarer and located farthest from the galactic core. Green and red specimens do not exist. They typically look fairly moist and often shiny, but don't actually leave a trail behind them when they move, contrary to popular belief. Also contrary to popular belief, most specimens are incapable of enveloping and consuming similarly-sized creatures - sentient or otherwise.

Their eyes are not true "eyes" by most sentient definitions; they are clusters of small "orbs" that are held together with bundled nerves and can be spread or manipulated across the body at will, or even withdrawn into themselves for protection - as can most of their organs. They have no noses, but are able to "sense" smells via absorption of air particles over specially designed patches on their skin. These need to be regularly rinsed in order to stay properly functional, and have a tendency to accumulate dust (and especially mammalian fur, if any is about). The rinsing process is autonomic; sybnials do not need to think about it for it to happen.

Their mouths, arguably the most unsettling portion of their bodies, can be retracted entirely within themselves at will. This has the appearance of the mouth parts "sinking into" their bodies. They are quite wet and have a feeling "tentacle" inside of them, useful for cleaning themselves out in the same manner as a tongue; this organ can change its size and shape on the sybnial's whim. The mouth is typically extremely moist internally, and may "leak" fluid, especially prior to feeding sybnalian "babies", who need their food pre-digested until they can properly develop a digestive system.

Lifespan and reproduction

This particular species is one of the strangest in terms of reproduction. Like the krolum, sybnials (usually) mate only once in their lives, although they are capable of doing so more than once, and quite easily live beyond their age of reproduction. Their life cycle is hampered by (or assisted by?) the fact that they become capable of reproduction as early as 4.5 years old (although they typically wait until they are 8-15 years old to reproduce). Their lifespan averages out at about 30 years of age - for those that only try to reproduce once. If they try to reproduce twice, it tends to be much shorter.

Sybnials reproduce by "blending" with one another. (This is going to use a lot of quotation marks because there's not really much analogy to species that have evolved on Earth.) They "break" their "envelope" surrounding their "slime" "interiors" and "flow" "into each other", and recombine their DNA to form 2-3 (usually 3) sybnial children. Interestingly, some of the knowledge of the older ones - especially subconscious-accessible knowledge - transfers to the offspring, meaning they are intelligent and can speak even from birth. Following the blending, the two sybnials separate. They will have significantly less mass than previously, and in some rare instances their minds may be somewhat "damaged" compared to how they were before - it's a very good idea to have consumed large quantities of food and water in the months prior to reproduction. (Incidentally, "fat" sybnials are considered more sexually attractive.) The most promising children are sometimes collected to become young emperors - a very rare occurrence in itself - but usually children simply rejoin the group as functioning members, and learn what they need to as they go along. It takes about three years before they're considered functioning adults.

Naturally, as a combination of all this and the fact that they are a very communal species, sybnials have no concept of gender, sex, parenting, elders, family, primary schooling, or privacy. It's small wonder nobody likes them - they don't know how to talk to anyone. They really want to learn, though, and they're getting there… slowly.


Sybnian characters have the following characteristics:

  • +1 computer
  • +1 exotics
  • +1 general knowledge
  • Boneless: Sybnials can fit through almost any size of entrance down to the size of 6-8 centimeters. Anything smaller is also possible, but they risk losing parts of themselves, which counts as a very serious injury and may be fatal. They may also give themselves more arms (if not within a spacesuit) up to a limit of six. Doing so will still incur multiroll and dual wield penalties as normal.
  • Brightly bioluminescent: At will, they can bioluminesce brightly enough for allies to be able to see up to 10 meters in complete darkness, with an additional 10 meters of dim light.
  • -1 speed
  • -1 charisma
  • -1 conventional
  • Cannot run: Due to the fact that they are slimes, and their usual method of mobility is contracting or flash-drying parts of themselves, fast mobility is not something they are accustomed to - or capable of - even when in a more humanoid shape.
  • Group dependent: While terrible at conversing with others, sybnials feel a strong anxiety when isolated, giving them disadvantage on all actions (or more, if applicable) when not in a group with two or more allies.
  • No unarmed combat: Flash-drying parts of their bodies unfortunately does not convey much in the way of physical force by itself, and as a result, they must be holding some form of weaponry when attacking or they'll deal no damage.
  • Always thirsty: Sybnials "shed" used water, and require a fair amount of moisture to keep from drying out. If not in a significantly moist environment or immobile, they must drink at least once every thirty minutes to avoid an extra -1 penalty to all rolls. (This is fairly easy to counter with roleplay: simply bring along a bottle of water or two.)



As a group, sybnials are rather selfless; the concepts of individuality and freedom don't mean nearly as much to sybnials as to most other species; after all, they (mostly) look the same already, and their bodies lack much in the way of ability to style them uniquely. Without speaking, even sybnials themselves have some difficulty telling each other apart.

Sybnials are also known for their friendliness - which honestly goes a bit beyond friendliness in galactic standards, becoming a bit awkwardly clingy. Things like saying "hello" to random passersby is a habit they pick up from their own culture, and sybnials trying to make their way in the galaxy need to unlearn this if they want to fit in.

Something else unique to sybnalian culture is that they don't really have much in the way of grander individual goals. They may have short-term goals such as "learn another language" or "become more proficient at piloting ships", but they don't naturally set goals for themselves that involve "wishful thinking". Grander goals are provided by "the collective" - the group of other individuals they reside with - and they typically work together to further such goals. This might be colonizing a particular world, or forming a friendship with some other species, to give a couple examples.


The Sybnian homeworld, Sybna (or in their own language, Syblpt), is a blackball. This is partially because of Bhezian intervention and coverup, and partially because the Sybnials themselves want their homeworld to remain a secret. It is said to be located near to the galactic bulge, and quite close to the Bhezians. This significantly narrows the search area - to roughly 40 million stars.

From what little is understood of their home planet, it was a forest world with very deep, moist caves - almost all of them linked into a single gigantic cave network. These caves are said to be the birthplace of the sybnials, and their cradle of evolution, full of rich plant life that they harvested like farmland. Unfortunately, if any actually know of their location, they are silent on the matter.


"Sybnial technology" is a bit of a misnomer. They have never been particularly interested in technology beyond its ability to convey them from point A to point B. Most of their spaceflight technology closely imitates that of the Bhezians, but beyond that, their technology is a mishmash of things from whatever sources they have come across. As they travel the galaxy, they soak up alien technology much like a sponge, adding it to a haphazard compilation of everything else they already have. The resulting mess is anything but aesthetic, powerful, or flashy… but it is at least durable, and works quite well.


Sybnials have a very unusual form of government by most standards. Roving, decentralized communities of Sybnials rarely seem to require an actual government and instead follow a sort of communal governmental philosophy, unless acted on by outside forces. These are presided over by an Emperor Sybnial, who serves as their "guide" or "oracle" and may be consulted in times of trial, and trusted to provide excellent advice - albeit not always in the manner that those asking may expect. The Emperor Sybnial also reserves the right to direct his people throughout the galaxy, instructing them on where to live and what they ought to do. The Emperor Sybnials seem to have a web of intel that keeps them up-to-date on galactic events, although in pressing time this web may become broken.


The sybnial language shows signs of recent creation, and represents a unique study opportunity for linguists. It is theorized that the sybnial language actually came to be sometime in the past few thousand years, and was created, likely, by a single source (most likely the Emperor Sybnial reigning at the time). The words follow a very sensible, logical pattern, and the pronunciation seems simple (at least on paper), as each character in their language has only a single sound. There are no real variations or dialects in existence. In addition, sybnials are born with the aptitude for learning their own language and typically do so before they are a year old. The language itself is easily picked up and learned by virtually any species, but many aren't able to pronounce it. It is a very "wet-sounding" language, and humans that try to speak it often find they must first accumulate a decent amount of saliva or water in their mouths; some of this may end up dribbling down their chins unless they are skilled speakers, but sybnials rarely take offense; watering at the mouth is, after all, a sign of affection.

Short list of phrases

  • Elode mun slalus alileis idedo. - "It is a pleasure to meet you."
  • Velis flipti biluame. Liptus idedo lalpunk ompf siapt. - Welcome to our home. I hope you find it comfortable.
  • Vuck idedo milun alorop leleti? - "Do you serve anything vegan, by any chance?"
  • Lomuasi odicir palin luptian? Slite maluros sloptin? - "Can't we all just get along? Why are you fighting?"
  • Soli Moeleto oleltip idedo mila slolpujm. - "May the Emperor guide you in your travels."
  • Lubus mun biptuda lilar vas ideris valti envock fopt. - "It's a tight fit, but I think I can manage it."
  • Vas slilibt spubos slabla. Vuck idedo sacuda malilum bume slilink? - "I'm extremely thirsty. Is there anything to drink?"


Their origin is an enigma, and their home planet blackballed. No one is entirely sure where they came from - or so it's said. In actuality, there are a number of Bhezian individuals scattered throughout the galaxy who actually know of their origin - members of the Bhezian Umbral Conclave. Their deepest archives hold the dark secret of the lost planet Sybna, although if you're clever, and know just where to look, you can find the secrets elsewhere.

Fk4Bqy8.png "….Well doc, you could say that, yes. No bloody clue what it's supposed to be."
The following is Forbidden Knowledge: Almost no one within the REKT universe knows these things.
Player characters do not know any of it unless specifically told about it ingame.

Somewhere roughly around the year 5750 BC, during a period that later became known as the Bhezian Stagnation, the Bhezians happened to chance across the planet Sybna. They almost completely overlooked it - and would have, too, it looking like a typical primordial world with primitive vegetation and an overabundance of water - if they hadn't chanced across one of the cave systems and discovered the early sybnalian slimes. These were unlike anything they'd previously encountered: mobile slimes with migratory patterns pre-configured into their primitive brains as instincts. They would travel about in migratory "herds", consume edible parts of cave moss, cave fungi, and cave ferns, and then disappear deep beneath the planet's surface through little cracks so small the Bhezians themselves could not follow. Anyone that knows Bhezians knows that this would've presented a research opportunity that they simply couldn't pass up - and of course, they didn't. That's about when the Umbral Conclave got involved.

The records are unclear what exactly the Bhezians did to the slimes, but it's clear that some very inhumane experiments were performed. Vivisection, organ and hormone implantation, and forced breeding were just a few of the atrocities committed - although, at the time, the sybnials themselves weren't sentient. The Conclave was simply seeking an advantage against their adversaries - also Bhezians, incidentally - and they hoped that these slimes could be the secret weapon they were looking for.

At some point, they seemed to decide they needed to leave. Their research laboratories were razed, their research subjects incinerated, and all signs of inhabitation thoroughly destroyed. Elsewhere, they planted false evidence of border skirmishes - crashed ships and debris - and they released terminator drones through the caverns. Immediately afterwards, they evacuated and never returned.

It's unclear why they retreated so quickly. Did they discover some dark secret? Were they at risk of something else? Unfortunately the records are lost, but two things remains abundantly clear: first, they believed the sybnials needed to be destroyed at all costs, and second… they never found the Emperor Sybnial himself.


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