Standard Gear

This equipment is standard. You don't need to get it yourself, and it does not take suit or weapon slots.
Most of this gear can be found inside the backpack.

0 creds - Backpack

A standard backpack. Holds your pda and stuff. One per inmate.

0 creds - Normal Helmet

It's a helmet. You wear it on your head. I apologize if this is a difficult concept for you to understand. It is not a receptacle designed to contain vomit. If you use it as such, just remember: you're on my list.

0 creds - PDA

Also known as a Data Pad, this is likely the most expensive piece of equipment you'll be carrying on foot. Losing it is not advised. Used for scanning and hacks.

0 creds - Sampling gear

To take samples, you have:

  • 1 large glass jar
  • An assortment of small glass vials, with vacuum-tight rubber stoppers
  • A variety of zippered plastic bags, from our unique and revolutionary brand ZipLok

0 creds - Space Pen

A Space Pen, for drawing in space. If you ever need to write anything anywhere, this is how to do it.

0 creds - Standard Suit

This is your standard spacesuit. Flimsy, skinny, and unimpressive, it's actually a hell of a lot more expensive than you asswipes seem to think. You typically go through them like toilet paper. If you damage this thing, you typically damage yourself. Nothing is free, shitbag. Keep that in mind.

0 creds - TheRMOS

You're stranded on a semi-molten desert planet. Half your squad is dead. You're dying from the heat, and all around you, you see nothing but more rock, sand and lava. You whine and complain - you say you hope someone rescues you. But nobody knows you're here. Nobody even cares. Your squadmates hate you, and I hate you even more. It's times like this that I hope you thoughtlessly reach for your TheRMOS and drink the lava you sampled earlier. Powered by a highly unstable fission battery, the TheRMOS is your best bet for keeping samples stable at whatever temperature you want - within reason.

0 creds - The Rubber Ducky

The manual itself is incredibly obfuscated almost past the point of usefulness - you glance through it quickly, somewhat dismayed to find that it's mostly pointless garbage… and then you find something that does indeed look unusual. You pore through the pages, turning them quickly as your head lowers to the leaves, focused on the task at hand… …and moments later, you sit back, shaking your head in disbelief. You never would've imagined that they would've included such a feature in the CASKET.
Setting the manual aside, you lean forwards, careful not to harm your back, and press a few buttons on the base of the chair like the manual described, pull on a little hatch, open a drawer… and lift the object within, leaning back in your chair to examine it incredulously.
The manual wasn't lying: You hold in your hand a little rubber ducky.

What breed of idiot would put this there?
~ Mission 1 Transcript: the Discovery of the Rubber Duck

1 cred - Credit

Outside, you use the currency of whatever world you happen to be stranded on. The same goes for here. We put five credits in your account when you join REKT. You can use these to buy gear, weapons, and generally keep yourself from splattering on the side of a rocket fuselage somewhere. Normally we keep these in your electronic account, but if you ask nicely and our armory staff is in a good mood, we'll trade you the creds in your account for physical tokens you can use to trade with other inmates. Don't try to forge them. You won't manage.