Advanced Rules: Energy

This page is for advanced rules related to the Energy stat.



Carrying infantry weapons

By default, at level 0, you are able to carry a maximum of three guns at a time without penalty. This value can change depending on how high your strength is. Higher Energy enables you to carry more infantry items at a time. Infantry items that count towards this maximum are:

The following table shows how high your strength must be to carry different numbers of free infantry items. Note that heavy weapons take two slots.
(This also determines how many free infantry items you are allowed to get from the armoury.)

Innate Energy Max
free items
Max cred worth
of non-free
infantry items
Energy -2/-1 2 10000
Energy 0/1 3 15000
Energy 2/3 4 20000
Energy 4/5 5 25000
Energy 6 6 30000

You cannot fire while carrying more than this number of infantry weapons. However, you are allowed to store extra weapons and weapon-sized items in your backpack, up to twice the number of weapons you can fire on a turn. For example, if you have a strength of +1, giving you 3 shots per turn, you can carry 6 pieces of loot.

You are not allowed to have more than 7 amps + weapons total. Heavy weapons count as 2 (including the PSI Pack).