Stats & Skills


Your MK 1 CASKET (Contained Active Service Killer Escort Tool) has a number of upgrades that could be made to it - which is important, as you're more or less flying around in a pop-up toaster otherwise. These upgrades are permanent and can be replaced as long as your pilot still draws breath (or ammonia soup, depending on where you're from). If you get your ship blown up, we'll just build you a new one after you get back home.


Most people are good at something - most, mind you. You lot are probably the worst bunch of misfits and cowards I've ever seen, so here's your chance to prove you're better than a mildly sentient doorjamb. Simply mark down what you're good at and we'll get you processed - unless you're not good at anything, in which case you were really stupid to let us catch you. Actually, you all ought to get a low mark on intuition to begin with.

Character Creation Rules

Everyone starts with zero levels in all stats and skills. Then, you add positive levels on top of this foundation, but must take a greater penalty each time you do so. In other words, having a total of +1 positive initial levels means you must take a total of -1 levels elsewhere, i.e. you can add one to Energy (Energy +1) but must subtract one from something else, like Durability (Durability -1)
The amount of negative levels you take increases with your total positive levels:

  • +1 levels means you take -1 levels elsewhere
  • +2 levels means you take -3 levels elsewhere
  • +3 levels means you take -6 levels elsewhere
  • +4 levels means you take -10 levels elsewhere
  • you cannot add more than four levels total.
  • initial levels cannot be less than -2.
  • initial levels cannot be more than 2.

To give a further example, let's say I want to put two points into Durability. That means I must take three points from something else, so I set Energy to -1 and Computer Systems to -2. Then, let's say I also want to add a point to Engines. That's a total of +3 (2 for durability and 1 for Engines), so I therefore must subtract a total of six. I already have -3 between Computers and Energy, so I subtract another one from Energy, subtract another from Hacking Systems, and then subtract another from PSI Unit. I now have a total of +3 against -6.
Stats are separate for both Stats and Skills - you can't put +3 into Stats and then try to subtract six from Skills - it doesn't work that way. You could technically keep all your stats at zero and just mess with your skills even if you wanted, or have +2 in stats and +1 in skills.

Starting late

If you start late, you'll get extra stat/skill points depending on how late you start. In addition, you'll also be able to be "mentored" by other player characters following each mission, permitting them to give you a small quantity of stat/skill points until you're caught up with the rest of the group. The exact value you get at the start varies by GM, but at my table you get ((M-1) * 750), where M = the number of the current or upcoming mission. To keep things balanced, there is also a penalty applied if you join late.

  • If you join at mission 2 or later, you are no longer allowed to choose +1, -1 for your starting skills/stats, prior to adding the extra bonuses. NOTE: This is temporary until I have time to work out lots of related math.


For every successful mission, you get 1000 points to put in any of your skills, and 1000 points to put in any of your stats. Levelling stats/skills costs as follows:

  • lvl -2 to lvl -1: 1000 points
  • lvl -1 to lvl 0: 500 points
  • lvl 0 to lvl 1: 500 points
  • lvl 1 to lvl 2: 1000 points
  • lvl 2 to lvl 3: 1500 points
  • lvl 3 to lvl 4: 2000 points
  • lvl 4 to lvl 5: 2500 points

Points last between missions, so if you can't spend them all you can use them after the next mission.