Tal's Todo List

649 active pages.

Items complete: 100% of critical, 0% of Patreon, 28% of wiki, 0% of forums, 23% total

(we can clear out the old completed stuff once a month - I'll probably take care of that myself. ~tal)

  • figure out what the hell the Kavashdom Enclave is, why they had a war with Tartarus Inc, and why they lost, and then stick all of that somewhere on the wiki (("kavash" appears to be fysarian? In the fysar potential word list, it appears several times as "kavash", "kavasha", "okavash", "kavashi", "riikavash", and "vookikavash"))
  • rocket launcher changes
    • minimum explosive distance
    • emp rocket?
    • thermobaric rocket?
    • gas rocket?
    • napalm rocket?
  • Make a page that details changes that have taken place between each "season" of REKT (i.e. mission) - it would be good to have a log of this
  • Finish writing out different types of anomalous materials and such
  • Merge species template for "personality" and "culture"
  • Perhaps add something to species template for common stereotypes/slurs? may be able to fit somewhere else
  • Probably just lump all the megacorporations onto the same page for now. would keep us from having super-short article stubs everywhere
  • Page for GM-related things, things that GMs need to know, would go in a corebook/GM manual
    • Resurrection tech
    • Custom species
    • Story stuff
    • Rule zero
    • Making players comfortable
    • Currencies and conversion
  • Finish filling out the species pages (you know what, I'm just going to split this up because there are so many)
  • Make page for Psijack which is listed as tool but doesn't have a page
  • Make page for "Filter" or whatever I decide to call it
  • Add a couple more things to the Anecdotes/stories page; encourage players to add stuff so I have a better idea of what players find as their favorite moments and how they perceive those moments (( well, actually making it findable might help, so I added it to the front page ))
  • Perhaps add page for "Galactic History: The Way It's Taught in Schools"
  • Give serious thought to mechanics regarding player character origin and overpowered backstories/universe gaming intended to have significant impacts on story development
  • Much more clearly define differences in outworld/outer-midworld/inner-midworld/coreworld technology and culture (working on it)
  • The wiki art page is YEARS outdated ((problem with this. the page already loads pretty slowly. need to figure out different solution. it horrifies me but I might have to build something on my site if nothing else makes sense ~t))
  • Hunt down and rewrite anything that may have descriptions that stemmed from ER
  • Fix psyamp/psi unit and all that stuff to make it more clear/obvious. ships can be amp units (sounds bigger), infantry parts can be "psi modules". makes more sense, and explains that the modules are supposed to be modular. works like a charm ((amp unit or psi amp unit?)) ((just "amp" so it's harder to confuse ~t))
  • Rework warp psyamp a bit as per convo in irc (accelerates things to 'fast enough to smash things together very very hard' but not 'faster than light, universe and lore breakingly fast')
  • Add missing rules:
    • Rules for runspeed
    • Rules for using melee against ranged enemies and vice versa
    • Rules for non-lethal weaponry (should ideally be in those weapon's statblocks)
    • Rules for weapons that attack multiple enemies
    • Concrete rules for weapon ranges (what are the ranges and what do they mean mathematically)
    • Actions in combat including less obvious ones (e.g. hunker down)



  • Patreon stuff
    • min 500 words per month to wiki (page desc. fixes)
    • min 500 words per month to wiki (added a bunch to the story page (but also removed a bunch, but I mean, it was outdated and needs its own page anyway)
    • min 500 words per month to wiki (courtesy Victor) (Anomalous materials)
    • min 1000 words per month to wiki (courtesy Victor) (added a bunch to the new earth page)
    • $10 patreon post
    • $10 patreon post
    • $20 patreon post


To use the python code, start selecting at the "__Wiki" line, and stop selecting above the first —- line.

Things to do at some point in the story:

  • Ishmael is waiting for some custom weapons for his CASKET, ready in the future (not specified when, I think) RIP Ishmael
  • Saoirse ordered a modified version of the MUSE which would be finished 'a few weeks' after the end of mission 1

Need to figure out "secrets" page, for knowledge that new player characters are not necessarily allowed to possess. may include…

  • Quantums
  • The history/explanation/whatever of the Northern Exclusion Zone
  • Alts
  • Secrets of the Qyrax (technological advances no one came close to)
  • Hiltorel Queen, Hsilkorian Rebirth Movement
  • Humanity's experiments on aliens and attempted genocide of multiple species (and actual genocide of at least one)
  • Robert Haseley, Tartarus in general
  • Secrets of the Plodii (ancient history/tech)
  • Secrets of the Bhezians (the Shadow Council) (need to find a better name, now that I know both Marvel and World of Warcraft took the name first) (Umbral Conclave? Shadow Senate? Twilight Council? Something. No idea)
  • Secrets of sybnalian society (considering going with sybnal/sybna/sybnalian instead of sybnian, sounds too close to sybian) - specifically the Emperor
  • Secrets of the Wralk: their mysterious origins
  • What really happened that made the hiltorel enslave humanity
  • Why the Wralk nearly went extinct
  • History of human alien-slavers
  • Mimir Corporation
  • Auraxicorp secrets (likes producing consumer goods and ships, likes shiny things, "Better and Brighter Tomorrow" etc, Dark underside: poor working conditions, backworld slave farms, unethical tech, etc)
  • Opitek secrets (Less bold and bright, more "If you have money, we have your solution." Less about public opinion and more about delivering solid, heavy goods right where they're needed. More up-front and less under-the-table than Auraxicorp, but doesn't shy away from a dark buyer. A deal's a deal. They are quiet, almost reclusive, and spread not by marketing and mass ad campaigns but by word of mouth/deed. Almost psychopathic undertones)
  • Coreworld underbelly
  • Dustwalkers
  • What actually happened in the human galactic civil war
  • The old bhezian attempt at sentient robotics and the subsequent destruction of the same
  • What caused humanity to be afraid of true AI
  • The true history of New Earth
  • The hidden secrets of the FSM religion and what those in power have done
  • Human cryotech and its origins
  • Quantum/alt technology cultists
  • The secret underground of New Earth and other nearby planets

There are actually a great many more secrets in the REKT universe than I realized.

The Great Rule Redo Todo

  • Stat redo
    • List out all primary stats and what they roughly do
    • Write character creation and levelling mechanics
    • Update equipment
    • Write non-exhaustive list of 'secondary' stats (combinations of other stats like Dodge)
  • The d12
    • Update core rules to use a d12 (different target numbers for skill checks)
    • Rewrite combat mechanics (graze ratings, crit ranges, cover etc)
    • Actually describe melee vs ranged combat rules (bonus and negative to hit in melee/ranged combat, ranges, speed, parry GR etc)
    • Update equipment where needed
  • Rule updates
    • Parry GR
    • Hacking
    • Actual mechanics for damage and bleeding
    • Weapon statblocks
    • Possibly saving throws instead of attack rolls for some weapons
    • Split medical and mechanical, crafting rules for the latter
    • Martial arts
    • The Great Ship Combat redo
  • Update player character sheets
    • New stats
    • Add GR's probably
    • Figure out how to convert XP
  • Infantry equipment
  • Ship equipment
    • Throw out half of the exotic weapons
    • Move field manipulators to exotic
    • Move robotics to unconventional
    • Do something with auxiliary?

season 6 random notes

[12:10:49] <Taiya> dad, Dinosawer wanted me to tell you: "tal, system idea: when rolling two stats, rolling 1d12 + stats, turn halving and rounding up would give a minor benefit to uneven stats while keeping the current behaviour otherwise, doing away with the current "make sure to matching stats add up to an even number" thing " ~~ added on Jul 07 2020
[12:10:52] <Taiya> dad, Dinosawer wanted me to tell you: "tal, turn->then " ~~ added on Jul 07 2020
[12:10:55] <Taiya> dad, Dinosawer wanted me to tell you: "tal, other system idea: instead of making attack rolls roll + (stat + stat + stat + stat)/2, have player roll against a type of 'ac' depending on weapon type. for example, ballistic ac = 4 + (int + man)/2. rolling equal to ac is a glancing hit, rolling higher is a hit, rolling more than one higher but not a natural 6 is an epic hit. doesn't change anything
[12:10:58] <Taiya> mechanically but splits gm/player " ~~ added on Jul 07 2020
[12:11:01] <Taiya> dad, Dinosawer wanted me to tell you: "tal, *info and rolls easily if stats are precondensed as noted yesterday " ~~ added on Jul 07 2020
[12:11:04] <Taiya> dad, Dinosawer wanted me to tell you: "tal, can also be adapted to 1d12 as per previous idea if wanted " ~~ added on Jul 07 2020
[12:11:07] <Taiya> dad, Dinosawer wanted me to tell you: "tal, also I found a small exploit " ~~ added on Jul 07 2020

Instead of rolling 1d6 + stat - stat or 1d6 + (stat + stat - stat - stat)/2 rounded down, roll
1d12 + 2*stat - 2*stat or 1d12 + stat + stat - stat - stat
(normally player rolls first part, dm subtracts enemy 'defense' stat - upon further thought I no longer think the AC thing is a good idea, since the result depends on the difference, not your rolled number, unlike dnd)
This way having 'uneven' stats is still a minor boost instead of equivalent to a full +1 half the time and equivalent to nothing the other half)
To account for this, the success range becomes
<=2: epic fail
3-6: fail
7-8: partial succes
9-14: succes
15+: epic succes

When accounting the 'shift' (everything starts at 0 instead of -2) that becomes
1-6: epic fail
7-10: fail
11-12: partial succes
13-18: succes
19+: epic succes

For ease of rolling, character sheet would have the often used defense stat summed in a separate section (such as agility+intuition)
Similarly, player sheets would have the bonuses per weapon listed - e.g. Saoirse's sheet would be gravity amp +4 electro amp +4 stasis amp +6 battlestaff +3 or whatever it is for the special attacks
This would also be a good moment to put all the secret bonuses on the wiki - for example you mentioned at some point robotics get a +1 which is mentioned absolutely nowhere)

Other suggestion: change roughly half of the weapons to 'roll to evade' instead of 'roll to hit'. Logical candidates would be weapon that target an area (some psi amps, explosives, maybe lasers? etc).
This keeps the dice action spread between parties on the tabletop and makes narrative sense.
Mathematically, the Treshold to hit is 1-2 + attack stat
Rolling equal to one of those numbers is a glance, rolling lower is a hit, rolling higher is an evade.
e.g. if you have 3 unconventional and throw a grenade, your attack stat is +6, so the enemies roll d12 + 2*intuition vs 7-8. If they roll 7 or 8 they get partly hit, if they roll higher they manage to jump out of the way, f they roll lower they take a full hit.
Then, rolling attack stat -6 or lower would be an epic hit. So if you have +3 conventional the enemy would need to roll 0 or lower (which isn't possible).
Probably written down as DC: 0/7-8
For 4 unconventional that then becomes DC: 2/9-10 etc

Name compound skills for easy reference on statblocks: we already have stealth (agility + speed) and athletics (agility + strength)
Other suggestions by Dino:
Dodge (agility + intuition, most common infantry defense)
Evasion (speed + intuition, infantry defense against e.g. grav/stasis amp)
Stealth is also used as defense stat a couple times but the name seems odd in that context
Ballistics (con + strength) though offensive stats are less important to name, because you'd just write your modifier on your character sheet per weapon

Also TODO: ship combat stuff - make it more interesting. Maybe differentiate PSI and unconventional more because as it there's a fair share of weapons that are just the same thing but using a brain instead of a computer

TODO: get rid of dreams. they're dumb and the idea of doing them in tabletop is asinine

TODO: redo stims.

  • coags shouldn't be a catch-all for bleeding. given their ludicrously low price, it's more about stemming the tide.
  • anti-shock should maybe be able to wake you up - or give you a bonus on a roll to wake up. probably a +2 (or +4 now)
  • painkillers should be able to lessen pain but shouldn't get rid of it entirely. maybe halve the pain stack so that taking additional damage doesn't make passing out so likely.

TODO: redo willpower rolls to wake up. I want players to get one willpower roll per tabletop layer. I'll want to adjust the chances so it still roughly fits.

IDEA: (see discord) split roll table and crit values
roll table becomes (for attack roll - defense)
1-6: miss
7-8: graze
9+: hit

saving throws become as above, but no epic hit rubbish

crit table becomes:

attack modifier crit fail range crit succes range
+0 1-6 /
+1 1-5 /
+2 1-4 /
+3 1-3 /
+4 1-2 /
+5 1 /
+6 / /
+7 / 12
+8 / 11-12
+9 / 10-12
+10 / 9-12
+11 / 8-12
+12 / 7-12
+13 / 6-12
+14 / 5-12
+15 / 4-12
+16 / 3-12
+17 / 2-12
+18 / 1-12

for saving throws, same amount of fail/success, just at the other end of the d12 range, since the enemy rolls to evade

7-8 = graze
9+ with a nat > (12-(playerSkill-7)) = epic hit ; else, hit

Grenade Pack needs to roll something more standardized, like man + unc vs int + spd
Fix the Bubble Blower so it's not the Bubble Blower. Need a new page with a nicer description. low damage, high armor strip

Mathematically, light armor should be worth about 3500, and heavy armor should be worth about 14000, according to what I'm seeing in tests. 14000 is a bit steep and kind of insane. Might make it so heavy armor is a modification purchaseable per-bodypart.
EDIT: Heavy armor, with -1 str and -1 agi taken into account, ought to still cost about 11000 creds. That's insane. Heavy armor isn't something to be trifled with, lol. I guess we can do it per-bodypart for 2000 pts each
Might also need to change the cost of all bodyparts, in light of this.
Wonder why I didn't figure this all out before
Ah, apparently because heavy armor originally only cost 3 creds, and I realized it was overpowered for the price after GTDM2 but didn't bother trying to actually do the math for it.
On another test, heavy armor should only be worth 4500, with light armor costing 1000. wat. did I do something wrong? now I'm really confused

Coags Cost 500 creds each 1-action usetime Applies -1 bloodloss on each bodypart at end of round - - lasts 4 rounds Not replaced post-mission
Blood Pack Costs 500 creds each 2-action usetime Gives you +2 blood points - - 4 uses Not replaced post-mission
Medkit Costs 1000 creds each 3-action usetime Applies -5 bloodloss and -1 wound to a bodypart Partial: -1 bloodloss and -1 wound Epic: -5bloodloss, -1d2 wound 5 uses Replaced post-mission
Advanced Medkit Costs 3000 creds each 3-action usetime Applies -5 bloodloss and -2 wound to a bodypart Partial: -3 bloodloss and -1 wound Epic: -5bl, -3w 5 uses Replaced post-mission
Superior Medkit Costs 5000 creds each 3-action usetime Applies -5 bloodloss and -3 wound to a bodypart Partial: -3 bloodloss and -1d2 wound Epic: -5bl, -3w, 20% chance of +1 blood 5 uses Replaced post-mission
inf repair kit 1000 creds 3-action usetime applies +1d2 repair partial: +1 repair to a bodypart epic: +2 repair 5 uses replaced post-mission
inf repair kit t2 3000 creds 3-action usetime applies +2 repair partial: +1d2 repair epic: +1d2+1 repair 5 uses replaced post-mission
inf repair kit t3 5000 creds 3-action usetime applies +1d2+1 repair partial: +1d2 repair epic: +4 repair 5 uses replaced post-mission
Name Head Torso Leg Arm Bleeds Armor Special Cost
Standard Robotics 4 hp 10 hp 5 hp 4 hp no no - free
Grown Bodyparts: 4 hp 20 hp 10 hp 8 hp yes can be worn - 250 per part
Reinforced Robotics 5 hp 25 hp 12 hp 10 hp no no - 500 per part
Armored Robotics 4 hp 15 hp 7 hp 6 hp no light - 1500 per part
Cyborg bodyparts 4 hp 20 hp 10 hp 8 hp yes light 1d2-1 coags per turn 2500 par part

For armor stuff: weapons have an armor penetration (AP) value which is 1 or higher (up to 6 probably)
Armor has an armor value (AV) which is -2 for unarmored, 1 for light armor, 2 for heavy armor, 3 for ship armor etc
For deflection, roll a d6, if it is higher than (AP - AV)*2 the shot is deflected

cyborg bodyparts may need to be even more expensive because of the potential to use augs. not sure about armor - I don't think I ever actually said anything about wearing armor. the page certainly doesn't say anything about it
~It does - the pages of the robotic and armored limb explicitly say you can't wear a suit over them, whereas the pages for grown and cyborg limbs don't say that (which is on purpose). (~D)

may want to take a closer look at the riot shield and drop shield. I've always suspected the riot shield might be tremendously overpowered, and suspected the drop shield might be underpowered

Compared to enemies: all REKT players have an average of 23.93 HP. 90% of all REKT player sims fall within the range of taking 6 to 54 HP of damage before death. Death varies wildly: you have no idea when it'll happen. You could end up tanking an absurd number of bullets, or you could get headshotted twice before you even get your second round.

  • THING TO DOOOOO: add drug system somewhere so that GMs/Storytellers can invent their own drugs


By stealthing and hiding from adversaries (said adversaries must be unaware of the unit's existence), you can set up an Ambush.

  • When players set up an ambush, involved enemies have to make a saving throw of (? perception? Awareness? -> perception + intuition?). If an enemy fails, it is not allowed to attack on that layer, cannot do Parting Shots, and players have a +4 chance to hit. Expires at the end of the layer.
  • When enemies set up an ambush, all involved players make the same saving throw of (? Awareness?). If they fail, enemies have a +4 chance to hit them on that layer, and they aren't allowed to attack on the initiating layer. If they succeed, they are allowed to move on their turn as normal.

Stealthed attacks

Stealthed attacks work basically the same way: units must not have been previously detected, and if the enemy fails an awareness saving throw, the attacker has a +4 chance to hit. The enemy does not lose their next turn, however.

Random tabletop ideas to make it more like PBP

Ability to do more than 2 attacks on a turn, but with a significant accuracy cost (something like an additional -4 per additional attack). Would let you use your attacks up more quickly if you really needed to.

Stopping the bleeding

The medic kind of got tied up helping with someone else on the other side of the room, and your wingman Dave is bleeding out. The medic had a tough choice to make - he could only help one or the other. At times like these, when your back is to the wall and you're desperate, anything is better than nothing. Even with a total lack of medical knowledge, you know one thing to be true: You have to stop the bleeding. You press your hands against Dave's wounds, holding them shut. You can only stop the bleeding on one bodypart at a time, but you get +2 to the medical roll, and you can have advantage if you use both your actions for it. If you succeed, Dave doesn't bleed out from that particular bodypart this turn - the blood still oozes between your fingers, but at least it's not gushing… not anymore, at least.

Aiming at particular bodyparts

You should be able to aim at particular bodyparts. Based on total enemy HP, you have X% chance of damaging and/or disabling that limb. Aiming at a particular bodypart gives a -4 chance to hit.
HP Chance to damage on hit
0-17 100%
18-29 1 in 2
30-41 1 in 4
42-53 1 in 8
54+ 1 in 12

((All of the above needs balanced, it's just thrown up there))

When damaged, it moves to -2 on the first hit, and disabled entirely on the second hit. For arms, this means attacks and parries are affected. For legs, this means dodges are affected and runspeed is halved. ((Needs properly balanced))

Unfamiliar weaponry

Do away with the complicated Exotics shenanigans. Exotics can clearly stand on its own now. Just give a difficulty modifier. Something like -2 or -4.

List of common difficulty modifiers

This is a thing I need to add. Just a sort of reference guide.

Melee combat moves:

everything uses athletics vs the higher of athletics/dodge (unless noted otherwise)
- Punch: normal accuracy, 1x damage.
- Kick: -3 accuracy, 2x damage.
- Evade: expend an action to add -2 to the enemy's attack on you on their next layer. free. can be used twice on a layer
- Block: make the enemy autofail an action. can only be used once per layer. normal accuracy
- Ram: charge at enemy from melee range, try to knock them over. if failed, you move 1.5m past them. if succeeded, they take 1.5m of knockback, 2x damage (chest only), and land on their ass. -4 accuracy.
- Disarm: you force the enemy to drop their weapon. -2 accuracy. (not balanced?) If applicable, weapon skitters across the ground 1d2x1.5m in a random direction (1d8 die roll) before stopping.
- Trip: knock the enemy down. deals 1x damage to random bodypart. -2 accuracy.
- Grab: try to grab the opponent. Opens up to a number of other moves. normal accuracy. While GRAB is active, both individuals are on the same tile. Any attack at one of them must be epic in quality or it risks hitting the other (33% chance) (not balanced?). Either may attempt to attack with held weapons, but have a -4 to accuracy.
- - - Immobilize: enemy is immobilized and has no actions until hold is released. can be used to slowly whittle away at an opponent's health. +4 accuracy.
- - - Choke: enemy takes 1x damage: 75% chance of chest, 25% chance of head. normal accuracy.
- - - Throw: enemy flies to a chosen adjacent tile. GRAB is released. deals 1x damage to two random bodyparts (can be targeted for additional -4 accuracy). innate +1 accuracy.
- - - Disarm: same as above
- - - Block: same as above
- Escape: enemy escapes GRAB action. normal accuracy. Can be used twice on a turn. Use your grabs wisely, kiddos.

FUN AND EXCITING FACT: Everything is roughly equally useful if you try to spam it. Mixing up your attacks can result in a 50% increase in your effectiveness! (By the numbers!)

Melee combat moves can be held. this can result in:
1. Alice holds an action: When Bob attacks, Alice will trip him.
2. Bob attempts to RAM Alice. Alice dodges, and Bob charges past.
3. As Bob charges past, Alice's held action triggers.
4. Bob ends up on the ground on the square past Alice: she successfully tripped him as she ran past.