Technological Idiosyncrasies


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The following is Forbidden Knowledge: Almost no one within the REKT universe knows these things.
Player characters do not know any of it unless specifically told about it ingame.


Main article: Chilendorn Megaturret

This is one of four ancient turrets that guarded the Quantum base at Chilendorn. Standing at a colossal 300 meters in height from base to tip, it was apparently not designed to repel humans or aliens, but rather to deter the enigmatic Dark Space that threatened the region.

Although the base of the turret was pentagonal, there were only two entrances or exits, and one metallic walkway through the middle suspended over a deep shaft that delved deep into the asteroid. It housed many thousands of diamond-like crystalline structures, assumed to generate power for the turret proper.

The gun itself was composed primarily of Quantum Glass, an anomalous, multi-purpose material capable of absorbing, concentrating, focusing and expelling energy. The exact count of the sides varies by account, but is estimated to be between 20 and 40. It was capable of generating guided balls of plasma with warp capability, large enough to consume an entire Tartarus dropship. It unfortunately used a heat-based guidance system, and the Tartarus crew was able to redirect its fire long enough to make it inside and shut it down.



Main article: Chilendorn Miniturret

There were multiple varieties of mini-turret in Childendorn. Most were either affixed to walls or ceilings, and could typically retract themselves to remain hidden until needed. YUptBux.png


Main article: Quantum Drone

A large pyramid, about a meter wide, composed of purple crystals. Sports a large plasma cannon and thrusters to maneuver. az5jElJ.png


Main article: Quantum Minidrone

A small pyramid made of purple crystal, with a plasma blaster and thrusters for maneuvering. EapPAuF.png

Quantum Metal

The "shifting metal" was originally identified by Dr Cha0zz's XRD scan as a borderline anomalous material that was constantly shifting composition. Further observation of the Chilendorn base suggests that the metal was potentially not anomalous at all, but rather that Platoon 56 was simply seeing the version from several universes at once. The metal is, in itself, not particularly strong, but together with the patterns from other universes it is practically indestructible. 7ojkynn.png


The power generators in Chilendorn were not well examined by members of platoon 56. Their exact method of operation is unknown. It should be noted that they drew power from "power capsules", which, being small, were easy to hold and transport. Inserting one into a dead generator was enough to start it running again, without requiring any other work. question-mark.jpg

Quantum Glass

Main article: Quantum Glass

Quantum Glass is one of the anomalous materials.
It is capable of absorbing, concentrating, focussing and expelling energy.
These properties make it a very useful material in energy weapons as well as defence to energy weapons.

Quantum Orb

Main article: Quantum Orb

Its original purpose is uncertain; it perhaps served as a gateway between universes, as noted by Kai'isha in Mission 2. While active, it draws biological life towards it; it seems to have no difficulty with telepathic persuasion regardless of whether or not it has encountered a particular species. Upon initial physical interaction, the affected individual loses consciousness, and the Orb implants a multidimensional device in the user's brain. How this does not impair normal brain function is as yet unknown. dMU1IIX.gif

Quantum Pillar

Main article: Quantum Pillar

The Quantum Pillar, as discovered by Platoon 56 on Sitatha, appears to be capable of controlling minds. AGcH4BV.png

Sitatha AA Megaturret

Main article: Sitatha AA Megaturret

This is the ancient turret that guarded the Quantum Dome on Sitatha. Standing at an impressive 200 meters in height from base to tip, it was apparently designed only to destroy ships orbiting the planet, and unable to differentiate between small craft and debris.

Although the base of the turret was pentagonal, there was only one known entrance which led to a metallic pentagonal walkway that ringed a deep shaft that delved deep into the earth. It housed many thousands of diamond-like crystalline structures, assumed to generate power for the turret proper.

The gun itself was composed of a non-anomalous alloy, seemingly reinforced with plating to keep enemies from damaging it either from orbit or from the ground. The exact count of the sides varies by account, but is estimated to be between 20 and 40. It was capable of firing much smaller blasts than the Chilendorn megaturret, but with a much greater initial velocity and much, much higher accuracy. Its guidance system is unknown.


Sitatha "Bug"

Main article: Sitatha "Bug"

A strange creature - or machine. Its identity and origins are as yet unknown. mFbXJCR.png

Mimir Corporation


Main article: MIMIR Shieldmaiden

The Mimir Shieldmaiden-class corvette is a small utility ship, designed to project extremely powerful shields over its allies to defend them either from access or direct assault. Unfortunately, due to power limitations, it struggles when enveloping both itself and a distant target; this typically makes it the focus of attacks. em88EGn.png


Main article: MIMIR HAMMER

A strongly armoured fighter, standard model of Mimir corp. Designed primarily for atmospheric use with a secondary focus on flight in a vacuum. Overall better than Tartarus's CASKET in all cases except agility in space; also more expensive and less expendable. One HAMMER can cost as much as five CASKETs to produce in many cases, through more durable frames, add-ons, better weaponry and armor, and their focus on safety and comfort. 0sH032G.png

Science Vessel

Main article: MIMIR Science Vessel

This particular class of vessel has a crew size ranging from 50 to 300. There are three decks, each packed with laboratories and cargo bays. The two engines are warp capable, but the ship itself is mostly unarmed, save for a handful of turrets protecting the three small hangar bays, which makes it a useless addition to combat. In fact, due to its complete lack of shield generators, it generally needs to be protected by other ships if enemies approach; the warp engines, while powerful, take some time to spool up even when functioning in top shape.

This ship is dual-purpose: it serves as both a collector of resources and a mobile research lab. Rare, delicate, or particularly unusual specimens are taken back to Valhalla to be processed and studied.



Main article: MIMIR Gunship

Mimir's Karve-class destroyer is built around its gigantic spinal railcannon. This cannon is capable of easily piercing anything but forcefields in a single shot, which is fortunate; its rounds are heavy, difficult to load, and in limited supply. This destroyer doesn't have a shield generator of its own, and typically relies on other craft to protect it. When swarmed by enemy fighters, it goes down quickly, despite the many smaller turrets it boasts. It is armed with one major dual-barrel turret on the top near the back; this is typically used to take down other destroyers. Even when the turrets are destroyed, the destroyer itself and the spinal cannon are usually left intact. It boasts a great deal of thick armor that can generally deflect all but the most powerful kinetic weaponry. In combat it generally stays in the rear, picking off larger ships from afar or taking out strategic targets. S9OJbYZ.png


Main article: MIMIR Carrier

The Mimir standard Sormer-class Carrier design consists of two main hangar areas and two flight decks for temporary landing and docking. Due to the placement and shape of the upper docking area, the Sormer-class Carrier is often said to resemble a striking cobra. It sports six primary warp engine nacelles and a large number of missile turrets, primarily guided. This keeps it well-defended while the smaller craft it carries are able to launch and attack their targets. While it may be formidable at close range, this particular class of carrier has extreme difficulty turning; this makes it unsuited for front-line use in most cases, despite having its own personal shield. This shield is fairly weak and only suited to repelling small groups of fighters. zO85xfr.png


Main article: Boarbear

A huge, furry, gnarled, ugly-ass bipedal monster with four bent tusks, small, beady black eyes, and gigantic muscular arms with sharp claws. Has a strong chitinic armour underneath its fur. tGj3s22.png

Tartarus Incorporated

Please see the Armory

Other technologies


Main article: Shields

There is a large assortiment of shields but their main goal is the same, keep you safe. Be it from bullets, lasers or fists, there is a shield to protect you from it.
They come in different forms and sizes to fit every situation, every person and every ship!

Warp Drive

Main article: Warp Drive

A warp drive is a device used to initiate and control a sustained warp reaction. Warp drives are primarily used in the propulsion of ships. A phased electromagnetic field is applied to the Veloxium core, which generates a physics bubble capable of producing and maintaining superluminal velocities when coupled with standard ship propulsion. Today the vast majority of starships use some form of warp drive, even for passage within the same system, and mankind continues to develop faster, more efficient methods of interstellar travel. question-mark.jpg

Anomalous Materials

Main article: Anomalous Materials

An anomalous material is the name given to a group of solid elements that do not act according to the previously determined laws of the universe. There are over 125 anomalous materials that have been identified and catalogued; roughly 100 of these were found naturally and the rest were synthetically produced. Roughly two thirds of anomalous materials yet discovered are proven stable; the remaining third tend to decay over time or may suddenly disappear under appropriate conditions.

While anomalous materials are occasionally termed "elements", this is a misnomer; anomalous materials do not always contain atoms, and may contain other structures which do not appear to follow the laws of the universe. It is understood that they exist in their own physics "bubble" - they follow the laws that exist within their bubble and ignore those of the universe around them. Learning to manufacture such a bubble and properly design the laws contained therein was proved to be the primary challenge in inventing the blink teleporter.

Nearly half of all anomalous materials are available for industrial use, and power things such as field generators, matter manipulators, and psionic sesnors. They tend to be extremely expensive due to manufacturing costs, but are available to the public. Some companies make their money through the mass manufacturing of anomalous materials, and others, such as Tartarus Incorporated earn their money by searching for and discovering new kinds of anomalous materials.