Tips for New Players

Are you new to the game, and aren't sure how to get started? Perhaps you want to avoid common mistakes, or maybe you just want to make sure the game is as fun for you as possible. If you answered yes to any of those questions, this page is for you.

Generalized roleplay tips

  • You will never find a more boring character to play than one that is supposed to be perfect or super powered. Make them realistic and well-rounded.
  • Give your character internal flaws. Make them have weaknesses as well as strengths. Make them really think about their decisions. Give them something they struggle with.
  • Round your character out. They have likes and dislikes, hopes and fears, dreams and nightmares. They need flaws - both in terms of ability and personality. This makes them realistic and fun.
  • When writing, make longer posts instead of shorter ones. If you don't like writing at all, REKT is not for you. Short posts keep anything interesting from happening to your character.
  • Do not write one or two lines of actions and a single spoken sentence and expect to have fun. When this happens, your character is essentially a robot, and the GM has nothing to work with.
  • Let the GM see what your character is thinking. This gives him a lot more to work with, and makes it more fun for you.
  • Remember that the GM isn't the only one writing the story - you are too. The story is what makes the game fun.
  • Make your character fun to write for. If it's fun to write for, the GM will (obviously) have more fun writing for them, which means you'll have more fun too.
  • Have a catchphrase, or something else easy to remember about your character. Running gags exist for a reason: They amuse the GM and they're easy to remember. The GM likes to be amused.
  • Plan for your character to undergo character development of some kind while the story progresses. This helps ensure they aren't "flat characters".
  • A example of a flat character is Bob: "This is Bob. He grew up killing things. He's super cool, and will always be super cool." Don't be like Bob.
  • Have grand plans and lay them out where the GM can see. This lets him take them into account, and if he likes the idea, he may be able to tweak things to make something epic happen.
  • Put your character in situations that have the potential to be epic. The GM can do nothing more than set the stage - you are ultimately the one that decides whether you have fun.
  • Take risks. Playing it safe ends with you playing it safe. Don't put yourself in places where you're likely to die, but don't spend the whole mission hiding behind cover or it'll be boring.
  • Above all, do NOT go Rambo. You will die, plain and simple. Taking risks is not equal to being stupid. Trying to be diehard cool is boring and stupid too.

Tips and tricks written by older players

Generalized Tips and Tricks

  • Don't spend all your credits on one item. Not only will it make you mostly useless, it'll be very easy to lose everything.
  • Trying to go full ground combat will make you completely useless for the CASKET-based half of each mission.
  • Be careful when stacking similar actions (doing the same action more than once). The more you do this, the more likely you are to fail.
  • In fact, don't do that at all unless you're very very high level.
  • When choosing your loadout, read each individual weapon's page and check which stats and skills it rolls - different weapons roll different things, even when they're from the same category.
  • When in CASKET-based combat, use every weapon you have available each turn.
  • Tactics rule the day. While gear and skills are important, a good tactician (or someone that follows the advice of a good tactician) can take on enemies twice their level.
  • Read every part of the update thread, not just yours. You will do much better when you know what's going on.
  • Also read the conversation posts during the mission so you see when someone asks you to do something - squad leaders generally bolden names when they're talking to specific people.
  • If you have questions, need some help or just want to chat; some of the REKT players (among others, the squad leaders and the GM) can be found in the IRC, see the "chat" link in the sidebar or this link.

Tips for while off-mission

  • Everything that doesn't need intervention from Tal you can do on your own without needing to underline it - this includes going to places and talking to other player characters.
  • You can ask CHIARA (the ship computer) things in rooms that aren't too noisy. If you want to find an other teammate or ask questions about them she'll be able to help.
  • Tal gives out sidequests on the Tartarus.
  • He doesn't give them out if you specifically go looking for them. It's supposed to be a natural thing.
  • Rather, they happen when you're actually going to do something else - but you might have to pay attention to spot them.
  • Overhearing a conversation between NPC's is generally not just background noise - it's generally a sidequest. Or at least an opportunity to get to know the NPC's better, even if you didn't really interact with them before.
  • The Tartarus has the following rooms you can visit:
    • Mess hall: this is where you get food, and where most players and NPC's hang out between missions if they have nothing else to do. If you want to talk to someone, this is the place.
    • Armory: here you can switch out your gear and ask questions about Tartarus' equipment catalog.
    • Quarters: here is your room and bed. You might find some other people here trying to sleep…or not.
    • VR Combat Simulator: here you can embark on small combat scenario's and simulated missions. Very useful to learn the ropes or to finally decide who's the best at shooting people.
    • Memorial Hall: here you can pray to whatever gods you worship, mourn your fallen comrades, or find some peace and quiet.
    • Recreation Rooms: filled with games; this is where you play Holotetris, Mortal Pong and stuff like that.
    • Research Labs: look at what Tartarus is developing, suggest new equipment, or partake in equipment testing for creds (warning: this might get you severely injured)
    • Infirmary: go here if you're wounded. You can also partake in Neural Enhancement Research and Development (warning: this might result in stat/skill loss)
    • Briefing room: go here when the mission briefing has been announced.

Tips for suggesting equipment in the armory thread

  • Make sure your item doesn't clash with how the game actually works - something that can't miss, wouldn't work in practice, doesn't fit in the existing categories, or has an extra ruleset that makes Tal's head explode probably won't get accepted.
  • Make sure your item is useful - you want things that people would actually buy. Something that might only be useful in certain mission types is ok, something that is only useful in certain situations of which you don't know from before whether or not they will arise is generally not.
  • Make sure your item is worth its cost - the cred price isn't that important (Tal changes those anyway) but its requirements are. Picking a certain infantry item means not using a weapon slot for something else, picking a suit extension means not getting an energy shield, etc.
  • Make sure your item is not overpowered - its power or impact should be comparable to other items of the same price and category. If you add positive points, also add drawbacks or increase price accordingly.
  • Look at other items and also fill in properties they have for your item. Examples are range, cooldown, ammo, stat requirements, etc. Not only does it make your proposal better, it also makes you think better about your item, making it more probable that it's properly balanced.
  • Make up a cool or funny acronym for your item. It has been scientifically proven that this makes it 50% more probable that your item gets accepted. ;)

The Ways of Combat, written by Corporals and higher

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that much of this may be intended to be funny, and is not necessarily the best idea for any particular character.

Dino and the way of the BONSAAAAIII

  • Battlecries are good for your morale and bad for the enemy's
  • If the enemy is not in range, move towards the enemy
  • If the enemy is in range, move towards the enemy
  • If the enemy is in cover, move towards the enemy so he is no longer
  • If you moved sufficiently towards the enemy, kick him in the face
  • If the enemy is in cover, kick him out of cover
  • If you can't kick him out of cover, jump over his cover and shoot him in the face
  • Use every weapon you have every turn
  • Everything is weaponisable
  • If something seems not weaponisable, you just haven't found out how to weaponise it yet
  • The best way of not getting hit is being fast
  • Cover is for the start and end of the turn
  • Enemies can have grenades too
  • If you're up against superior firepower, steal their guns
  • Every surface can be used to run on and jump off or over, except for maybe the ceiling
  • Shooting generators is bad (but fun if you can get away fast enough)
  • Be good friends with your medic

Dino is not responsible for wounds and death gained from following the way of the bonsai
Please consult your doctor to determine if the way of the bonsai is good for you
The way of the bonsai is not recommended for characters with bad dodge stats

Cha0zz and the way of the mind

  • Everything can teach you something, keep your eyes open
  • All enemies are idiots and idiots need to be exterminated
    • Many enemy idiots have knowledge, delay extermination until after knowledge extraction
  • You don't help an idiot unless he can help you
  • Protect/help your squadmates and they will protect/help you (even if they're idiots)
  • Always find cover
  • Knowledge and science are collectables, collect them
  • If the enemy is in range, shoot him
  • If the enemy is in cover, trick him out of it (or flank him or throw a grenade behind him)
  • Always use your brain, think before you do (but think quickly)
    • Try to have a plan of action
  • If everything should fail, die with dignity, take as many idiots with you as possible

Foreigner and the way of caution

  • Heroism, blind luck, enemy's stupidity and even overwhelming advantage in technology, discipline or numbers are NOT substitutes for a good battle plan
  • No plan survives a contact with reality; learn to adjust it as you go along
    • Adhering blindly to the failing strategy will get you killed
  • Never go into battle where the enemy wants you to - it's a recipe for a disaster
    • All fighting should be done on your terms, not theirs
  • One soldier, no matter how good, doesn't constitute an army. Learn how to work as a team, for Oðin's sake
  • Know your capabilities and avoid doing something you are bad at.
    • Most definitely don't make something you are not good at crucial for the plan
  • Surprising the enemy doesn't guarantee victory, but it most certainly gives you a very good chance to achieve it
  • Scout before attacking, but stay hidden. If you can't stay hidden, disguise your intentions - the enemy shouldn't know where the attack is going to come from
  • Always strive to out-think, out-guess, out-flank and out-manoeuvre your enemy
  • Attack where least expected; attack in the way least expected; leave them guessing your intentions and stretching thin their defence lines
  • Full-scale frontal assault on an enemy who's waiting for you to come is probably the most stupid thing you can do
  • Coordinate the attack with your squadmates and other squads
    • There is nothing quite like well-coordinated and well-concentrated firepower
  • Destroying certain number of enemy fighters is infinitely better than merely damaging twice that number
  • Divide and conquer - separating enemy into smaller groups and destroying them one by one with LOCAL superiority in firepower allows you to win when outnumbered and out-gunned
  • Battle of attrition with no tactics involved is the worst thing a battle can degrade into, try to avoid such situations
  • If the battle is devolving into a brainless slug-fest, think about repositioning, or a tactical retreat, or concentrating the firepower
    • Anything, really, as long as it changes the way the battle is fought
  • Don't rush into the battle. Take your time to prepare and co-ordinate with others
    • You'll have much more time for looting and exploring if you quickly destroy the enemy in a well-organised attack
  • Have initiative. Any rule can be bent if it contributes to our victory. Never be afraid to come up with a plan or suggestion - your superiors aren't all-knowing, help them in their work
  • If you have to die, make your death count. There's nothing more miserable than a senseless, inglorious death
  • But if you die fighting, you'll go to Valhalla
  • Read this. If you still can't figure out a smart way to fight, go kill yourself