Various mechanics

This is basically how I've always done REKT damage rolls. IT IS NOT EXACT. This is essentially me translating how I've always "played it by ear" into actual mechanics. They fit. Mostly. Or, Mostly-ish.

Each REKT character has a total of 16 bodyparts. Bodyparts have varying amount of hitpoints ranging from 2 to 8. I'm not really 100% sure about these values.
Head + neck 4 HP
Chest 8 HP
Upper arm 4 HP
Lower arm 4 HP
Hand 2 HP
Stomach 6 HP
Abdomen 6 HP
Upper leg 6 HP
Lower leg 4 HP
Foot 2 HP

Weapons deal mostly fixed amounts of damage.

Type Graze, if applicable Normal hit Epic hit
Unarmed 0 HP 1d2-1 HP (essentially .5 damage points) 1 HP
Light infantry 0 or 1 HP depending on type 2 HP 3 HP
Heavy infantry 0 or 2 HP depending on type 4 HP 6 HP

For ship weaponry, it depends on the type of weapon, but is generally twice as damaging as heavy infantry. It is unwise to get hit with a ship weapon. You generally won't survive.

It is important to note that these are not straight HP like you might see in dungeons and dragons. When half the HP for a bodypart are gone, the bodypart is "injured" and everything that involves that bodypart has a -1 penalty. At 0 HP, the bodypart is "broken" and cannot be used. (Max HP * -0.5) means that the bodypart is simply gone. In other words, getting shot twice in the upper leg (6HP -> 4 HP -> 2 HP) and then getting hit with a critical heavy weapon blast (2HP -> -4HP) means your leg is gone. Updated; now works the same way probability-wise but has less randomness and is simpler.

The value of various bodyparts has changed throughout the course of the past five years, so it's difficult to pin down exactly, but I'd say this is a good approximation.

One thing has always remained the same: You DO NOT gain additional hitpoints over the course of the campaign. In DnD, leveling up means you get more hitpoints. In REKT, it just means you get more gear and higher stats. Endurance/durability is good for staying conscious, but not an excuse to tank bullets. Bullets hurt, no matter how tough you are. End of story.

NOTE: None of the takes the bleedout mechanics into account. Still need to write that out. have now done so

Your REKT character has 18 points of blood. These points generate at X per day, if out of combat and resting. (Maybe should be based on something? Do all people regenerate health equally? Should I reward people that put more points in endurance? Leaning towards yes, just because endurance feels a little underpowered compared to the things around it, and I like the idea of some people regenerating health stronger than others. Endurance is a good place to bump that quietly)

Each point of damage you take to a limb causes your blood to bleed out at an identical rate per round from that particular bodypart - but halved and rounded down. E.g.: If you take an epic assault rifle hit to the left leg (3 points of damage), you will bleed out at a rate of ceil(3 / 2) (or 1) blood points per round. HOWEVER, if you have coagulants working in your system from a coagulant booster, then at the end of each round, before factoring bleedout, your blood clots 1 point on each bodypart: If you are bleeding out at a rate of -3 on your right arm and -2 on your chest, at the end of the turn you change those to -2 and -1, meaning you lose only three points of blood instead of five. A successful medical roll on a round can patch X points of damage (on a single bodypart) with a standard medical kit, and XX points of damage (on a single bodypart) with an advanced medical kit. Medical kits can only be used X times. A medical kit takes X actions to use (somewhere between 2 and 4 probably - perhaps 3)

When your REKT character's blood reaches 0, that's it: you're dead. Game over, roll a new character. Blood packs can restore 2 (1 or 2?) points of blood, BUT counteract the effects of coagulants, making them mostly useful after someone has stopped bleeding (like in real life). (Blood packs should probably be an item. That's pretty grisly. I like it. Very REKT.)

Coagulants should only last X turns. Might want a place to note that on the sheet I guess. Not sure how long they should last. They also probably ought to be more expensive, because right now they're a catch-all for bleeding, and that makes it trivial

Might perhaps make it so that there is a small chance of wounds stopping bleeding on their own. Don't know how I'll handle that. Probably viciously

Pain is tricky and has always been tricky. A lot of the time I kind of ignore it unless someone does something stupid or is obviously in pain all over their body.

When you have 12 points of blood remaining, you have a -1 to all actions. At 6 points of blood remaining, you have -2 to all actions.

Depending on how many points of blood you have, probability of cause of death differs
1. Chance of dying to bloodloss if on full coags 2. chance of dying to bloodloss if only 50% chance of taking coags 3. chance of dying to bloodloss if not taking coags
18 BLOOD POINTS: 2%, 50%, 77%
15 BLOOD POINTS: 5%, 60%, 81%
12 BLOOD POINTS: 12%, 69%, 83%
9 BLOOD POINTS: 27%, 77%, 86%

naturally, we use 18, as that gets us closest. It only works if we make it so coags aren't just a "pop one whenever" deal

random: by hunkering down you should be able to protect your head.

Armor exists in a number of categories. Each category has a different chance of deflecting different weapon types.
No armor
Light armor
Heavy armor
Corvette armor
Cruiser armor
Capital armor
Plot armor

Redoing the above so that there are fewer total bodyparts:
HP: 4
-1 TO ALL: 2

HP: 8
-1: 5

HP: 10
-1: 7

HP: 19

Completely random idea: why not just use a 1d12 or 1d20 or something similar to roll HP instead of the huge 1d100 lookup table? we could custom-produce dice to be used with the system, labeled with bodyparts. Vampire: The Masquerade does that. It'd be a lot faster than using a lookup table.

~Because your probabilities don't map onto a d12 or a d20 (~d)

~Actually, it maybe could be done. As written, the hit locations are
head: 1/12
leg: 1/3 total (2/12 each)
arm: 12% (1/17 each)
torso: 48 percent (5.76/12)

If you change arms to 1/12 each, and torso to 5/12 (and adjust their HP and penalty tressholds for that ) you could map it on a d12.
e.g this one if you use 'target' as torso:
or these if you interpret neck and arms as torso: