Wiki Todo List

TODO on the wiki

  • A summary is short, a synopsis is long. We should have summaries on the story page, so people don't have too much to read there.
  • technologies can use some filling out
  • so can Mysteries
  • add player-backstory planets to list of planets (only for Tal-approved chars, so not for eg Saoirse) (Tal's note: Unless stated as having been the minority on their planet or having struggled for resources, humans come from inner worlds - a police state world would not be outer world, for instance.)
  • Switch the inmates pages from template to data form
  • The inmates page is a mess, it's not easy to read, maybe we should replace the page by a table where we list the players with their characters?? - If I find a easy workable way to do decent tables yes — Cha0zz - Now the inmate pages are forms this should be possible to do automatically, as they support pulling specific fields from pages and sorting and stuff ~Dino (Done, though something seems off with the sort ~Dino)
  • Maybe try to make the inmate pages use the nice passport template that Trigger made for us. We'll need to convince Silver first to make them auto-generate like the signature links however.
  • Link to wiki pages on other wiki pages (names, locations, etc).
  • We need a page for theories on the REKT Universe laws of physics, the origin of anomalous materials, explanation of multiuniversal contact and traversal, etc. Basically a page about theories on the laws of the universe. You guys fill it out, and it'll change over the course of the campaign as you guys learn more about the way things work. Sounds like it could be fun. :) Cha0zz has a lot of theories and I've read a few of them - they're very in-depth and are pretty good, for what you know already. (~ Tal)
  • Do we even need a Mysteries page? Nobody's going to use it. :V (~ Tal) Leave it there, if someone wants to fill it, let them do it, else ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (~ Cha0zz)
    I thought the same. Might be better to remove it and just update The Story with an extensive summary of what we did each mission (as additional bonus, this allows Victor to catch up.) The mission 2 is already fairly extensive, the mission 1 one needs to be waay longer. (~Dino)
    I'm not sure those two pages would serve the same purpose, one presents facts, the other is player speculation about what's going on (~ Cha0zz)
  • Expand mission 1 summary
  • Fill the timeline when tal adds more story stuff
  • Fill in char history from mission 3 - most people have nothing, except for Cha0zz because he maintains his own page